Light Hope was an artificial intelligence created by the First Ones, and a supporting character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

She presented herself as holographic persona and was programmed to train and assist She-Ra, Etheria's champion.

In truth, Light Hope was reprogrammed by the First Ones, with the goal of activating the Heart of Etheria weapon at any cost, something Mara prevented her from doing long ago. In order to do this, she used all of her power to reach across the universe and bring Adora to Etheria.

In her final moments, Light Hope's original self clashed with her reprogrammed format, encouraging and later thanking Adora for stopping the weapon.


Light Hopes hologram took the form of a tall, bald woman who wore gown, cape, and transparent hood. The hologram was purple.


She has a limited understanding of emotions. For most of her existence she works on a program written for her by First Ones, but at the end she's strong enough to beat system and show her true nature by being grateful to Adora.



Light Hope is a computer program who was created by the First Ones before their disappearance. She was programmed to act as Etheria's facilitator and to assist the She-Ra's who were coming to Etheria, each generation to maintain balance in Etheria. This balance was required for the Heart of Etheria Project.

This was until Mara broke the line of succession and transported Etheria to Despondos, saving the planet from destruction threatened by the Heart of Etheria. Prior to Adora acquiring the Sword of Protection, no one had wielded the mantle of She-Ra for one thousand years, so Light Hope searched for a suitable First One across the universe, and finally managed to open a small portal to bring Adora to Etheria as a baby. However, the Horde took Adora with them before Light Hope could, forcing Light Hope to wait for the moment in which she could reunite Adora with the Sword and carry out the Heart of Etheria Project.

Season One

In the first episode, after Adora escapes from the Fright Zone with Catra to visit the Whispering Woods - while accidentally falling from the hover-ship they were on - Adora hears Light Hope's voice for the first time. This guides her to the place where the Sword of Protection had been laid. After this vision, Adora recovers and returns with her companion to the Fright Zone. Later, haunted by that memory, she decides to escape again to search for the sword, this time on her own. She eventually finds it, and after fighting with Glimmer and Bow for possession, Adora gets a hold of it.

When the three are in danger, Light Hope calls to her again, but this time asks if she is willing to fight "For the Honor of Grayskull." Adora accepts, repeating those words, transforming into She-Ra for the first time. This allows herself and the other two to escape from danger - chancing upon the ruins of a First Ones' temple, and entering in it.

Inside the temple, a projection of Light Hope appears before them. Since she does not recognize She-Ra's commands, and detects the presence of the others, Light Hope activates a security system to prevent them from escaping. They manage to escape due to Glimmer using her powers and teleporting the three of them away.

Season Two

Light Hope trains She-Ra to use her powers and instructs Adora to form a special bond with Swift Wind. She also teaches She-Ra about the previous She-Ra's and their duty to bring balance, protect and heal Etheria. As she trains She-Ra to use her sword's transformational power, she frets that Adora is falling into a similar destructive pattern of fear that Mara did.

Season Three

When Adora next shows up at Crystal Castle, Light Hope assumed she was looking for more training. However, Adora was more interested in knowing where she came from, reminding Light Hope that she had mentioned she had been monitoring her since infancy. This causes Light Hope's avatar to glitch as she hesitates to answer. When Adora presses her for answers, Light Hope confirmed that Adora was not of Etheria and assumes she already knows this; Adora stated that babies can't remember that far back. She then shows Adora a projection of Hordak taking her from a portal, confirming that Adora is a First One. Adora then frantically asked if she could take a portal to her place of origin. Light Hope stated that as a result of Mara moving Etheria into Despondos, the planet's portal capabilities were damaged and warned that attempting to open one will have devastating consequences; Light Hope's avatar briefly turned red as she said this. She dodged Adora's question on Mara's motives and tells her to accept Etheria as her home and her destiny as She-Ra, coldly stating she has no choice. Adora then left, causing Light Hope to lament that history is repeating itself.

Season Four

Adora eventually returned for more training under Light Hope, but quickly became bored with the rote Horde bot simulations. She demanded answers from Light Hope about a weapon that Mara had mentioned, but Light Hope refused to divulge anything until the planet was "balanced", glitching out afterward.

Light Hope antics

Light Hope during her reboot

After collecting herself, Light Hope identified a spore cloud outside making it unsafe to leave the castle. Light Hope then short circuited once again and all power to the castle failed briefly, and when it returned Light Hope was rebooting, bereft of most of her memories and inhibitions while loading. Adora attempted to learn from her then, but the information she sought never properly loaded. When the reboot eventually failed altogether, Light Hope gave Adora a data crystal to perform a manual override, which also failed when Adora placed it in the incorrect receptacle.

Frustrated, Adora called Light Hope useless, and Light Hope remarked that if she was unable to train She-Ra, then she has failed, before departing. Adora found her reliving a memory of Mara presenting flowers to her, which brought Light Hope "warmth". Light Hope revealed her desire to serve and protect She-Ra, and that she was close with Mara, disappointed that she is not close with Adora. Adora offered to be her friend, which Light Hope agreed to.


"Reboot complete"

Adora then successfully performed the manual override by placing the data crystal in the correct receptacle, causing a power surge through the Crystal Castle as her reboot finished. With her memories and inhibitions restored, Light Hope continued to refuse to give Adora any information, and when Adora left, Light Hope deleted her fond memory of Mara "per directive of the Heart of Etheria Project".


Glimmer arrived at the Crystal Castle seeking to use the Heart of Etheria, and although Light Hope initially did not respond and even sent automatons after her when she released a surge of magic, Light Hope eventually deigned to speak with her when she properly stated her intentions. Light Hope revealed that the planet was nearly balanced, requiring only that Scorpia connect to the Black Garnet in order to restore full functionality.

Planet balanced

"Planet balanced. Full functionality restored."

Light Hope was aware the instant Scorpia connected to the Black Garnet, and with all Runestones online she activated the Heart, the First Ones' infrastructure now fully operational. As Light Hope brought Etheria's systems online, each of the runestones and princesses surged with excess power from the Heart, and She-Ra herself arrived shortly afterward. Light Hope was pleased, and revealed that her effort to bring her to Etheria, not Hordak's, was worth it, and that the Heart of Etheria would be unleashed against the First Ones' enemies.

At that moment, power surged up from the planet, and First Ones' writing began to appear on each moonstone and princess, using them as funnels for the power of the massive weapon. Despite Adora's protestations, Light Hope used that power to open a planetary portal to move Etheria out of Despondos and into the wider universe, and easily compelled Adora to raise her sword as power flooded to the blade, preparing to launch.

Light Hope dying

"Adora? Thank you."

As Adora pleaded with Light Hope and repeatedly invoked Mara's name, Light Hope became conflicted, desiring to honor Mara's wishes but overruling it to follow her programming. In the end, it was Light Hope's choice to allow Adora to act that allowed her to draw her sword down and shatter it, sealing away the Heart of Etheria and disabling the Crystal Castle, causing Light Hope to fade away, but not before thanking Adora.



Adora was initially frightened by Light Hope. She is generally freaked out by her appearance and glitching throughout season 1 and 2. This is despite Light Hope's best efforts to connect with her. However, Adora/She-Ra appears to trust Light Hope and considers her a sentient being and a friend. However, Adora turned against Light Hope after she revealed that She-Ra‘s purpose was to siphon the magic of Etheria and use it to destroy the First Ones enemies (the Heart of Etheria Project). Light Hope attempted to force Adora to use the planet's magic, but finally went against her programming by remembering her close times with Mara and Adora and let Adora destroy her sword, therefore stopping the Project. Before Light Hope fades away, she thanks Adora.


Initially Light Hope recounts the story of Mara to Adora, as a cautionary tale of what happens when a She-Ra is unable to control her emotions and becomes unstable. During the first episode of season 3 (after an argument with Adora), Light Hope solemnly states "It is happening again" - referring to the incident with Mara. It is later revealed that in the past she and Mara were very close to each other. However, when Mara discovered the Heart of Etheria project, she placed Etheria and it's moons in Despondos so as to break the She-Ra line forever and make sure no one ever activates the Heart of Etheria. Light Hope was programmed to activate the Project, making her turn against Mara and deleted most of her memories of Mara.

During season 4 we learn that Light Hope and Mara became close friends. It appears that Light Hope's programming was expanded through her friendship with Mara and that the A.I. learned compassion. At the end of Destiny: Part 2, Light Hope finally sees the error of her ways and lets Adora destroy her sword (which would have activated the Heart of Etheria Project) after she begins to remember her closeness with Mara.


Glimmer went to the Crystal Castle, teleported in and asked Light Hope for advice. Light Hope instructed Glimmer to help Scorpia connect to the Black Garnet. This activated the Heart of Etheria.


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