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Leech is a minor antagonist, first appearing as a member of Admiral Scurvy's crew in "Boys' Night Out".




Before they appeared in the show, Leech became a pirate and joined Admiral Scurvy. It can also be assumed that Sea Hawk set their boat on fire at some point, possibly a reason why they decided to become apart of Admiral Scurvy's trio. Other than these details, nothing else is known about their past.

Season Four

In the Season Four episode "Boys' Night Out," Leech helps Scurvy kidnap Sea Hawk, Bow, and Swift Wind to turn them in to the Horde, as Sea Hawk set Admiral Scurvy's ship on fire prior to the episode.

Season Five

In "Perils of Peekablue," Leech sees Sea Hawk with Mermista at the soiree and almost blows their cover. He is subdued and tied up behind the bar with other people that have sworn revenge against Sea Hawk. Their relationship with him was not friendly, as Sea Hawk implied that he set their ships on fire.

Leech appears briefly in the episode "Heart Part 2" when they are shown being released from Horde Prime's control.