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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the Horned Goon Girl who was given the nickname "Kyle".

Kyle was one of the Horde soldiers alongside Adora and Catra. He was friends with Adora until she defected to The Rebellion. In the Season Four finale, he defected from the Horde with Rogelio and Lonnie.

He is a minor antagonist in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


Kyle is smaller and very slim compared to the other Horde soldiers. He's typically seen in uniform, wearing a plain white and red Horde shirt along with white and grey Horde pants. He also has white and red Horde shoes. Kyle has fluffy blonde hair and brown eyes. His expression is typically that of slightly frightened or startled.

By Season Two, Kyle has gained bags under his eyes from both the stress and the lack of sleep that came with watching Entrapta.


Kyle is a timid and clumsy character. Due to this uncoordinated and awkward nature, he would often be seen as the punching bag of the group, usually being the first one to be attacked and taken down. Kyle doesn't put up much of a fight, whether in a simulation or a real battle, and he is shown to give up easily. The others blamed him often, therefore. He is almost always with Rogelio, no matter if they are safe in the Horde or in the middle of battle. Kyle may also have been easily persuaded by The Rebellion. This is evident when he talks to Bow (a prisoner at the time) about his problems with never being taken seriously by anybody else in the Horde and just wanting a friend. Over time, due to circumstances he became very shy. For a moment it looked as though he might be asked to join The Rebellion until Sea Hawk grabs and throws him onto the pile of other Horde members. Despite his hapless attributes, he is brave and loyal, not being frightened of Catra when she lashes out.​​

At the end of Season Four, he deserted the Horde with his friends, Lonnie and Rogelio, who were also under Hordak's command.

Powers and Abilities

Kyle has no powers or magical abilities, however, he is an amateur mechanic, as seen in Season Four when he repairs a Horde tank that was damaged in the Whispering Woods from a Spore Storm.


The Horde

Kyle is not taken seriously in the Horde and often used as the meat shield and then blamed for being too easily taken out by the enemy. He ultimately defects from the Horde after Catra drives him and his team to edge. 


Adora and Kyle used to be friends in the Horde as far back as when they were kids. In the Season One episode "The Sword: Part 1", he congratulates Adora when she makes Force Captain. She became the enemy when she was officially announced to have defected. Kyle celebrated Adora's birthday in the fake reality, and has fought against her team various times due to their being in the Rebellion and the Horde.


Kyle and Rogelio are seen together throughout the series, so they are most likely close. Rogelio typically helps him out or makes sure he's okay. Rogelio is the only of the five main Horde soldiers who doesn't blame Kyle for being the first one taken down during the battle simulation in The Sword: Part 1. Rogelio is very kind to Kyle, and seemingly cares for him a lot. Rogelio has been seen tending to Kyle's wounds and even holding him in his arms.

Kyle and Rogelio as early teens in the Horde

In Season Four, they are sent out into battle again and again by Catra despite their exhaustion and injuries and Kyle is then seen holding Rogelio's hand. Along with Lonnie, they survive a spore storm in the Whispering Woods and manage to pilot their damaged transport and cargo safely back to the Fright Zone. Later they abandon the Fright Zone with Lonnie.

In Season Five, he only makes brief on-screen appearances. Scorpia reveals (after trying to prove to Swift Wind that she's good at keeping secrets) that Kyle told her that he had a crush on Rogelio at some point, officially proving Kyle's romantic interest in Rogelio. Noelle Stevenson confirmed that Kyle and Rogelio are in romantic relationship.


Kyle and Lonnie are seen together a few times in battle against The Rebellion and usually get taken out one after the other. She blames Kyle for being the first taken out during the battle simulations. In Season Four, however, Lonnie is shown to blame Kyle when they were stuck in their transport during a spore storm in the Whispering Woods..


Scorpia also disparages Kyle. After losing control over a tower she was in charge of, she said to him, "I don't know how you haven't been fired." Despite this, she does seem to view him as a friend and does genuinely care about him, as she did hug him (alongside Rogelio and Lonnie) when the trio was leaving the Horde. Obviously, he trusts Scorpia, as he told her about his crush on Rogelio which she implies in the episode "Stranded".


Kyle befriends Bow after he abducted and imprisoned him in the Fright Zone. Bow listens to Kyle complain about life in the Horde, and even compliments Bow's crop top. Kyle seems to need someone to talk to, mentioning that nobody ever listens to him and is clearly glad that Bow is there. Later Sea Hawk saves Bow and takes out Kyle in the process.


Catra is quite bossy towards Kyle and treats him as the other cadets treat him: poorly and disrespectfully. He defected from the Horde with his team because of Catra’s cruel disregard for their friendship and safety. Before he defected, there were several times Kyle was clearly scared of Catra. However, Kyle eventually stands up against her to protect Lonnie.


Kyle helped abduct Glimmer and Bow from the Princess Prom.



Nothing is known of his past - we don't know how he came to be in the Horde or where in Etheria he is from, though it is implied that the children of the Horde are all orphans.

Season One

We see Kyle training with the other recruits, where he performs poorly. Leading up to the battle at Salineas, Shadow Weaver sent Catra, Scorpia, Kyle, Lonnie and Rogelio to intercept the heroes. Kyle and company infiltrated The Kingdom of Snows where they took Glimmer and Bow captive during Princess Prom. Kyle kind of befriended the imprisoned Bow, giving him a compliment before Sea Hawk threw Kyle over the edge during their escape.

Season Two

During their attempt to rescue Entrapta from the Horde, after entering Dryl they overheard Entrapta and Kyle struggling with a bot prototype and assumed that she was being tortured, so they attacked Catra and Scorpia. Later Catra orders Kyle to take care of Entrapta, not knowing that Kyle had been knocked unconscious by the bot.

Later in "Roll With It", we see Scorpia ordering Kyle around, being told to "man the parapets" and "find Catra's favorite color". After The Horde loses the tower to the heroes, everyone agreed to blame the situation on Kyle.

Season Three

In the alternate reality of the episode Remember Catra takes Adora to the locker rooms where her squadmates have taken enough of Kyle's rations to build a cake out of it for her, Catra's idea, which Adora appreciates. The group begin rough-housing until Kyle drops the cake.

Season Four

In the episode “Protocol”, Kyle, Lonnie, and Rogelio are en route back to the Fright Zone in a Horde transport bringing a special armor plating for Catra. As they pass through the Whispering Woods, a spore storm eats through the metal of their transport and damages the wiring, bringing it to a halt. Out in the spore storm, the Horde initiates attempt to repair their transport until wind beings to send the spores swirling into their skin, burning them and forcing them to retreat inside their transport.

Lonnie and company fail to decide who to send into the spore storm to fix the transport, and tensions rise to a boiling point until Lonnie yells at Kyle that Catra doesn't care about them and that it's everyone for themselves. Despondent about not having the friendships he thought he had, Kyle goes out into the storm alone, and soon succumbs to the corrosive spores. Lonnie and Rogelio use the armor plating as an umbrella to rescue Kyle. Lonnie carries him to safety while Rogelio sees that Kyle has already fixed the transport. They then flee the forest, in friendship.

In the Fright Zone, Catra is still fairly unstable, lashing out at Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle. During this exchange Catra, attacked Lonnie but Kyle stood up to Catra, defying authority for the first time. Catra denied them rest and sleep, instead demanded that they get back to the fight despite Kyle's serious injuries. The Trio later abandoned their posts and The Horde.

Season Five

Kyle is only seen once in season 5 during the final episode alongside with Lonnie, Rogelio and Imp, who may have been adopted by Rogelio and himself.


"Mhm, was that my job?"-Roll With It

"I don't know what those are."-Roll With It

"The woods are attacking us with very painfull snow!" Protocol

"You came for me. You do care" Protocol

Kyle: "No one's ever, ever asked for my help before. People here don't think I can do anything right."
Bow: "Um-hm. That seems tough. (clanging and thudding in background)"
Kyle: "Why am I telling you this? I shouldn't even be here. I'm going to get into so much trouble if I get caught."
Bow: "No! Wait, I mean (laughs) we're just talking. How much trouble could you get in for talking?"
Kyle: "(scoffs): Oh, you'd be surprised. I get in trouble for everything around here."
That doesn't seem fair.: "That doesn't seem fair."
Kyle: "I know! But then I thought how brave you are for wanting to save your friend. And maybe, if I helped you, you could be my friend too."
—Kyle talking to Bow in his Horde prison cell No Princess Left Behind, minute 4:30


  • The show creator, Noelle Stevenson, joked with fellow staff that in the She-Ra universe Kyle is actually He-Man but will never discover his powers. This was a running joke during the show's production. Noelle said that their real concept of Kyle was "What if he's just... Kyle?"
  • While not directly stated early in the show, the show's writers did tease a romantic relationship between Kyle and Rogelio[1].
    • He once told Scorpia that he had a crush on Rogelio.[2]
  • When asked by a fan, Stevenson confirmed that Kyle and Rogelio were in fact a thing and added that in her head, Lonnie's part of it too.[3]
    • Kyle has a sticky-note on his locker that says "R 💖 K".


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