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Krytis is the home planet of Melog and formerly home to many other magical creatures. Horde Prime invaded the planet on a mission to conquer and settle on Krytis for its magic. He fought with the First Ones to gain control, wiping out almost all life on the planet. He ultimately failed in this mission, and Melog was all that remained until the Best Friend Squad arrived on the planet and they left with them. Now the planet is known to be only an abandoned wreck.

The planet first appeared in "Shot in the Dark" in Season Five.


mineral growth

Krytis is a dark green-blue planet that, on the surface, has malachite looking mineral growths that corrode surfaces such as metal.


Krytis was once home to many magical beings before being converted to a First Ones colony like Etheria so they could harvest its natural magic. Horde Prime and the First Ones fought over the planet, and the First Ones eventually lost. However, before Horde Prime could completely conquer the planet, he was chased off by the sole survivor, Melog. It is an ongoing mystery why Horde Prime failed to eradicate all life on the planet.


  • Krytis has only appeared or been mentioned in "Taking Control" and "Shot in the Dark."
  • In the 80's series, Krytis was affiliated for the Horde to banish prisoners into mining Mondor for minerals which made them feel ill.