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Currently there are seven kingdoms of Etheria; there were eight in the distant past, an unnamed kingdom was lost to time.

Kingdoms of Etheria

The kingdoms, rulers, and respective runestones of Etheria:

Kingdom Ruler Runestone
Bright Moon Queen Angella (formerly)
Queen Glimmer

The Moonstone

Mystacor Castaspella

Kingdom of Snows

Princess Frosta The Fractal Flake
Plumeria Princess Perfuma The Heart-Blossom
Salineas Mermista's father (formerly)
Princess Mermista
The Pearl
Dryl Princess Entrapta
Known as the Fright Zone
(Kingdom unknown)
Scorpia's family (formerly)
Lord Hordak (formerly)


The Black Garnet
(Kingdom unknown) (Ruler unknown) (The Spirit Ember)


The Kingdom of Snows, Plumeria, Salineas, and Dryl are each ruled by a princess. There are no queens or kings who make an appearance except for Micah,Angella and Glimmer of Bright Moon. At one point in the show it is mentioned that the former king of Salineas, Mermista's father, is retired. There is also at least one princess in lore who presided over an unknown kingdom.

Five of the kingdoms have runestones, but Mystacor and Dryl are the ones shown to be without one. Mystacor is a kingdom of magic ruled by Sorceress Castaspella of Bright Moon, and Dryl is ruled by princess Entrapta with no known connection to a runestone.

Long ago, there was an unnamed kingdom with its own runestone, to the west of Bright Moon. Its name and its princess have been lost to time. It was connected to the Spirit Ember, the Fire Runestone, which was corrupted by the destructive actions of its respective princess [1].