The Kingdom of Snows is the largest kingdom outside of Bright Moon. It is ruled by the 11- and- 3/4-year-old princess Frosta, also making it the kingdom ruled by the youngest princess. As its name suggests, it is comprised mainly out of snow and ice and therefore can be considered very cold. Due to the cold climate, most of its residents appear to dress in warm attire. Princess Frosta's guards, for example, are seen wearing mittens, long-- almost ankle-length- hooded, fur lined coats, obscure masks, and dark blue boots. They also seem to carry Ice spears as their weapons.  

Despite the cold weather, the princesses attending the Prom during its debut episode are seen wearing less warming clothes, sugesting that there might be a way by which the ambient is made less cool inside or near princess Frosta's castle, possibly aiding from the powers of the Fractal Flake or some weather conditioning system.  

The Fractal FlakeEdit

The Fractal Flake is one of the six known Runestones in Etheria. Located in Kingdom of Snows, The Fractal Flake belongs to the young Princess Frosta and acts as the source of her powers.