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The Kingdom of Snows is one of the seven Kingdoms of Etheria. This domain is currently ruled by Princess Frosta and its runestone is the Fractal Flake.


The Kingdom of Snows is the second-most vast Etherian realm besides Bright Moon[1], according to Adora's studies to prepare for the Princess Prom. As its name suggests, this kingdom is within a frigid arctic climate of snow and ice. It appears to be located in a mountainous biome, which can be described as an alpine tundra.

The climate necessitates the citizens of the kingdom to wear long, almost ankle-length, hooded, fur-lined coats, mittens, and boots, commonly dark blue. They also wear obscure jeweled masks. In the episode "Princess Prom", several of the attendees are seen in much less climate-appropriate attire such as dresses in short sleeves. This suggests that the castle is heated. This is contradicted by Bow stating that he wants to, "get [his] cummerbund," because of the cold, so it is uncertain as to what temperature the inside of the castle actually is.

The kingdom is far away from the Horde, a comfortable enough distance between them to feel safe, the reason as to why it had remained neutral in the war. Princess Frosta's guards are seen carrying ice spears as weapons.



Princess Frosta took over the kingdom at the young age of eight [2]. In "Princess Prom", she states that, "the Kingdom of Snows has been defended by its people perfectly well for a thousand years," remaining neutral during the war. For this reason, Frosta refused to join the Princess Alliance until Bright Moon required her aid.

Season One

In the eighth episode of Season One, "Princess Prom", the Kingdom of Snows hosts the Princess Prom, an event that takes place once every ten years, where all the princesses of Etheria are invited to attend.

Adora sees the event as a prime opportunity for making an alliance with the kingdom, remarking to Frosta, "Your kingdom is the largest and most powerful. Your alliance could be the key to defeating the Horde." Frosta disagrees, noting that, "The Kingdom of Snows has defended itself perfectly well for thousands of years. We do not need your help or your Rebellion."

During the event, the castle is attacked by the Horde, proving Frosta's reason for neutrality wrong, and the castle was almost destroyed by heat bombs. Frosta managed to repair her castle by activating the power of the Fractal Flake, which restores the broken-off blocks of ice into the structure of the castle.

During the Season One episode, "The Beacon", the Kingdom of Snows is seen for a few moments when Frosta puts up a massive ice barrier to protect the castle, reassuming the state of neutrality.

The Kingdom of Snows and Princess Frosta join the Princess Alliance at the end of the Battle of Bright Moon.

Swift Wind Adventures Shorts

The Kingdom of Snows appeared during Frosta's birthday[3], and its ballroom was used to host the party.


Frosta Current ruler and Princess of the kingdom
Former Ruler Former Ruler, presumably an ancestor of Frosta
Frosta's guards Guards


  • It is possible that the Kingdom of Snows takes its inspiration from Inuit people.
  • The Kingdom of Snows is the most protected, sheltered kingdom of Etheria.
  • Currently, the Kingdom has the youngest leader of all the Princesses known, Frosta having been eleven years of age at the start of the series and around fourteen at the end.


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