Jewelstar is one of the three Star Siblings. He has two younger sisters, Tallstar and Starla. All of the Star Siblings are survivors of Horde Prime's destructive conquests.


He has curly lavender blush hair and a goatee. He has a cybernetic implant for a left eye. He wears a purple shirt with a golden star on his chest. His shoulders are covered by red crystal pauldrons.


He is soft-spoken and serious, different from his bubbly sister Starla and the strong-willed Tallstar. He is more open when he plays along with his sisters, due to the strong connection they share.



Starla is presumably the youngest of the Star Siblings. Jewelstar has a playful but caring relationship with his younger sister.


Tallstar is Jewelstar's middle-sister, he cares for her a lot. 


Jewelstar had agreed to fight in the name of The Rebellion with his sisters after seeing Adora's will to to fight and her power as She ra.



His home was destroyed by Horde Prime. He lived by planet hopping, scavenging to live.

Season Five

Jewelstar and his family met Adora while mining thulite crystals which fuel their starship. He, along with his siblings helped gather the thulite crystals which they shared with the Rebels.


  • He appears in Season Five episode, "Stranded".
  • In the original show, Jewelstar was meant to be a woman and the "Star Siblings" was known as the "Star Sisters" so it is then theorized that Jewelstar could be a transgender man. This is then strengthened by the fact that he is voiced by trans actor Alex Blue Davis. This is later confirmed in a tumblr post by character designer Rae Geiger that Jewelstar is a Trans Man.


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