Imp is a little creature of the Horde and apparently is Hordak's pet. He appears to be skilled in stealth and spying, mostly on fellow Horde members. He has the ability to record and repeat what other people say. Lord Hordak uses this often as to his advantage.


Imp is subservient to Hordak but also resists and mocks him as well. At one point, when Hordak is raging, Imp pulls Entrapta away from his master, showing that Imp has empathy and may have befriended Entrapta.


Imp looks like a mixture of a toddler and a bat with teal-gray wings and hair, yellow eyes and a teal skin. He has pale red fangs, long elf-like ears and a long devil-like tail. He looks quite similar to the failed clone experiments of Hordak, hinting that he may be a failed clone himself. His design is similar to a gargoyle.

Powers and abilities

Flight: Thanks to his wings, Imp can fly.

Recording: Imp has the ability to record anything he hears and what other people say.

Stealth: Imp is very good in stealth, always managing to spy on others undetected, unseen and unnoticed.

Spying: Imp is extremely good at spying on other people in the Fright Zone.



Imp's past and origins remains unknown, although a popular theory is that he is a failed clone.

Season 1

Season 2

Hordak S2 Still

Season 3

Season 4

In Season 4, when Hordak was speculating to himself, he asked, "Was that you, Entrapta?" Upon hearing this, Imp repeated his master's voice, seemingly understanding Hordak's emotions.

In another episode, Double Trouble shapeshifts their tail to look like Imp's devil tail, and Imp seems pleased.

Season 5

Imp is seen in Heart II with Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie in a baby harness worn by Rogelio. It is to be assumed that when the beta trio deserted The Horde, they took Imp with them.

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