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Don't annoy me when I eat.

Huntara was a former soldier of the Horde before becoming one of the leaders of the Crimson Waste. She later joins The Rebellion.


Huntara has lilac-coloured skin with pointy ears, and white hair styled in a tight ponytail with a single strand flipping out in the front. She has greenish yellow eyes and a narrow pupil in the middle. She appears to have a spiral shaped marking on the top left side of her head, and two stripe markings on her right thigh. She has a very defined and muscular build. She wears two red bands with a tattered grayish-purple waistcoat with faded golden pieces, one on each side of her shoulders. Huntara has grayish-purple gloves with white bands, and some grayish-purple torn shorts with gold pieces on the sides, rusty from the dust of the Crimson Waste. She has a golden knee pad on the right side, and wears a pair of worn red Horde boots, a part of their uniform, as she is a former Horde soldier.

Huntara is a very tough and competitive person. She easily gets her way; she's not called the "Strongest In The Crimson Waste" for nothing. She can also be quite harsh on others at times.

She does seem to have kindness in her as she quit fighting for the Horde when she realized what they were really doing. She also decided to side with Adora and her friends after realizing what she was doing was wrong. She also seems to have joined The Rebellion.

Skills and Abilities


  • Battle staff: Huntara uses an extendable staff that is very similar to the kind of staff used by Horde soldiers, and she may have taken it with her when she left the Horde.
  • Her high tech staff can also be used as a compass. This is not something that we see with the Horde staff, meaning, she likely added that to the staff on her own.


  • She was trained in battle and hand to hand combat by the Horde. Huntara is skilled in battle, strategy, treachery and leadership. She's also good at tracking, as shown in Huntara (episode) when she used her sword as a navigational guide.
  • She also has knowledge of She-Ra from her travels in the Crimson Waste. She's studied what she could from Mara's ship and deduced that She-Ra was someone to be revered and honored.



Huntara first met Adora when the Best Friends Squad traveled to the Crimson Waste. Adora was about to be attacked, but Huntara stepped in for her. Huntara was annoyed with Adora at first, given that Adora had interrupted her hitting on a bar maid. Adora asks Huntara to be their guide in the Crimson Waste. Adora tries to talk up a conversation with Huntara about the Crimson Waste and her past, and it results in an annoyed Huntara pushing Adora against a wall and her yelling at her, saying she's Huntara of the Crimson Waste. Soon after, Huntara betrays Adora, Bow, and Glimmer and takes their weapons and throws them into a pit. In the end, she decides to join the Rebellion after she decides she believes in what Adora is fighting for.

Huntara makes an appearance with Adora and her friends later, as she guides them in the Crimson Waste. This time, Adora and Huntara talk more about their pasts with The Horde and even challenge each other to a race.


Huntara was at first unimpressed with Perfuma given that Perfuma's powers are 'Flowers and Plants'. When Perfuma tried to demonstrate her abilities, which then ended in Perfuma being smothered in goo from a cacti, Huntara asked Adora if Perfuma would even be able to handle herself in the Crimson Waste. Later, Huntara begins to understand Perfuma's determination and struggles with the cacti, and even helps comfort her. She meditates with Perfuma, and ends up helping Perfuma control the plants better. After this, Huntara is impressed with Perfuma and apologizes for underestimating her.


In the episode The Valley of the Lost, Huntara meets Grox again. The two appeared to have known and somewhat trusted each other for a while, enough for Huntara to think she could rely on Grox to hide with. Though, when Grox betrayed Huntara, and tried to hand her and the escaping Rebels over to the The Horde, Huntara was furious.



Huntara was previously a member of The Horde but defected when she saw Hordak's brutality. After leaving she made her way to The Crimson Waste where she fought her way to become their leader, defeating Tung Lashor and his rival band of miscreants.

Season Three

Huntara met the Best Friends Squad in a cantina in the Crimson Waste and pretended to befriend them. She later led them to a trap where she and her friends attacked and disarmed the heroes before dumping them in a pit. Later when confronted with her treachery by the now escaped heroes, Huntara joined the squad and led them to Mara's ship.

Huntara stayed with The Princess Alliance fighters and went with them to Bright Moon.

Season Four

Huntara went on a mission to the Crimson Waste with Perfuma, Bow and Adora. They liberated Mara's Ship from The Horde and returned it to Bright Moon. She fought the Horde alongside The Princess Alliance and the rebels before returning to the crimson waste fight to get her home back from the Horde.

Season Five

Huntara did not speak in Season Five, she was only seen in cameo appearance. Huntara was first shown in the Crimson Waste along with Kyle, Lonnie, and Rogelio. Later, after she was freed of her chip Huntara was seen fighting the robots in attempt to help liberate Etheria from Horde Prime.


"Look, if they didn't want things stolen, they should have bolted everything down better. Besides, no one comes here anymore."-Once Upon a Time in the Waste

"There's only two rules in the Crimson Waste. One, the strong make the rules. And two, [turns and glares] don't annoy me while I eat."-Huntara (episode)

"Oh, a Princess! Me too. I'm the Princess of the Crimson Waste. Can you tell? Or am I not sparkly enough for you?" -Huntara (episode)

"Outsiders are a risk to all of us. I did tell you not to trust anyone, Blondie."

"If I say no, you'll go out there and get yourselves killed, is that it?"-Huntara (episode)

"I was a Horde soldier. They told us we were heroes, freeing Etheria from the evil princesses. But when I saw what we were Hordak just...threw soldiers away...well."-Huntara (episode)

"What I saw in the Horde scared me, and I ran. [makes the sharp ends of the staff retract] But I'm not gonna run anymore. [puts the staff away and walks to She-Ra] I face my problems head-on. And if you're trying to stop the war, then... [pauses, then offers her hand] then I will do what I can to help you. [She-Ra smiles and clasps Huntara's hand and shakes]"-Huntara (episode)

Perfuma: "Aw, say no, Glimmer! I’ve gotten fond of this desert rose."
Huntara: "[picks up Perfuma and speaks threateningly] Let anyone hear you calling me that and I’ll throw you into another exploding cactus. [a moment passes before Huntara begins to laugh, the others slowly joining in, except for Glimmer, who crosses her arms]"
The Valley of the Lost, minute

"Queen Glimmer, I need to stay, and take the waste back for the rebellion and for my people. I won’t abandon my home again."-The Valley of the Lost (episode)

"Cocky. Heh, I like that. Give it some time, you'll do well here."-Huntara (episode)

"I left. Now I'm back. [averts gaze] No need to make a big thing out of it."-The Valley of the Lost (episode)

"You're afraid to fight, Flower Girl?" The Valley of the Lost (episode)

"I don’t like not fighting."-The Valley of the Lost (episode)

"No, you’re not. [Perfuma’s head lifts a little] I’ve been wrong about a lot. I was wrong to leave my home, I was wrong about Grox, and I hope I’m wrong about you, because we need your help."-The Valley of the Lost (episode)


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