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At the Crystal Castle. Swift Wind flies in.

Swift Wind: Hey, Light Hope, I got Adora's summons. What's goin' on? We're not fighting spiders again, are we?

She-Ra: Did someone say She-Ra?

Swift Wind: Ha ha. No one did. Why are you making a grand entrance?

She-Ra: Well, you've done so much to help me and others recently I thought it's time I helped you back.

Swift Wind: Aww.

Light Hope: Then it is good you are here. Before Swift Wind can fulfill his role as She-Ra's noble steed there are things he must do. Steps he must...

Swift Wind: She's right. There are so many things I must do before I can become a true hero like She-Ra. I need my own transformation sequence. I haven't eaten as many apples as I should have. And I need to let go of my past by showing all my old horse friends how cool I am now.

She-Ra: Great. I'll help you do all that stuff and then you'll be a hero, just like Light Hope said.

Light Hope: That isn't either correct or what I said.

Swift Wind: I stopped listening after "great". Come on!

In a field with baskets filled with apples.

She-Ra: Wow, that's a lot of apples. Swift Wind, are you sure?

Swift Wind: No regrets.

Swift Wind eats too many apples, lies down in the field.

Swift Wind: Oh no, why'd you let me eat so many apples? My stomach.

She-Ra: Nope, you said "no regrets".

Swift Wind: But I didn't have any then. But I do now.

She-Ra: Well, we can't go back in time. So, what's next?

Swift Wind: A transformation sequence. For the honor of Grayskull.

Music plays during Swift Wind's transformation sequence.

Swift Wind: More glitter! Brighter lights! Now, do the song.

She-Ra: Uh, (singing) It's a wonderful Swift Wind. (speaking) Hey, I don't get a song when I transform.

Swift Wind: Ha ha, good enough. Last but not least.

At horse stables, horses eating grass.

She-Ra: Oh, look, it's the Swift Wind of the Rebellion. (cough) He can fly and talk. Isn't that so cool? He's a noble steed now, with catch-phrases and everything.

Swift Wind: So, what do you guys think?

The horses continue to eat grass.

She-Ra: Oh, sorry Swifty, I tried but you know...

Swift Wind: I know. I can't believe how much they've changed.

Back at the Crystal Castle.

Swift Wind: I've finished with training thanks to She-Ra. I feel like a whole new horse, a hero horse. So, we done here?

Light Hope: No. Nothing you said or did has prepared you for your role as She-Ra's steed. As I tried to state earlier there are many steps you must take to complete your training.

She-Ra: Oh. Okay, well then, what's the first step?

Light Hope: Spiders.

Many spiders approach She-Ra and Swift Wind.

She-Ra: Great. I guess another day is saved thanks to...

Swift Wind: Less talking. More dodging spiders.

The pair attack the spiders together.

Credits roll.