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Horde ships are one of the many transportation devices created by the Horde, used to traverse the seas.


The Horde has several seafaring ships used for transport and battle. They are built with heavy armor and several decks for troops and crew. On the bow of the deck mounts a twin-barreled heavy cannon for combat purposes. While the ship is a seafaring vessel, it does not appear to actually sail in the water; instead, four large turbofans lift the craft in a VTOL manner, with the large sail directing the craft via wind-power.


Season One

The first Horde ship appears in the Season One episode "The Sea Gate", in which Catra is sent on a mission to retrieve Adora, who unknowingly leads her to Salineas. Because of its location in the ocean, Catra, along with Scorpia and the Horde trio, are forced to take a ship.