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Horde Soldiers are a group of soldiers that are part of the Horde. They appear at almost every battle, fighting steadfast for the Horde.


They must pass difficult and brutal military school in order to become soldiers. Cadets in the Horde are trained with simulation glasses. They are also taught how to track, and force captains learn Force Captain Orientation.

They have dorms, lockers, and are served ration bars for food.

According to Huntara and Adora, the leaders of the Horde manipulated their soldiers into believing that the princesses are evil and manage heavily armed fortresses, and that they are the ones saving Etheria. However, in actual battle, the Horde just threw in their soldiers, not caring about how they might end up.


Some are equipped with spy-bots, as shown in the Season Two episode "Roll With It". Horde robots are used to aid in battles and claiming territory.

Horde soldiers use tanks, ships, and skiffs for transportation.

They are typically armed with a stun baton. Some are also equipped with small shields and electrified lassoes. In Princess Prom, a Horde fighter was seen using a heat bomb.

Every Horde camp is laid out the same. Guard duty's in half-hour shifts. One of the soldiers mentioned that boring shifts go by slower. In Flowers for She-Ra, it was revealed that the security clearance password was once 5-echo-niner.

They do not like flowers. When Perfuma throws flowers at them, they made sounds of pure disgust, clearly showing that they didn't like the colourful attack. When they got suspicious with the wrong password, they immediately recognized the Rebellion fighters in disguise.

Horde Amour

Horde armour consists of a curass, greaves, bracers, pauldrons, a gorget, and a wide visored helmet. The curass features the horde insignia. The suit is made out of the same armour plating featured in most horde vehicles and buildings, all made of tough metal.


  • Lonnie references "R and R" in Fractures, which could stand for "rest and recuperation."
  • In No Princess Left Behind, Kyle mentions that they have latrines.
  • The Horde is organized in quadrants.