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Bow: What's going on? Is it the Horde?

Adora: Swift Wind, report.

Swift Wind: This morning while on patrol I saw the unimaginable. Princess Glimmer was taken.

Bow: Taken? What?

Adora: Glimmer was supposed to join our recon mission to Plumeria. She was intercepted in the throne room. It's time for operation "Free Glimmer".

Bow: Where did they take her? The Fright Zone?

Swift Wind: It's worse than that. We're going to... Glimmer's bedroom.

Bow: Wait a minute, what?

Adora: Queen Angella grounded Glimmer.

Bow: (laughing) Uh, you guys don't understand what being grounded is, do you?

Adora: Commence operation Free Glimmer.

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She-Ra rides Swift Wind toward Bright Moon Tower. She-Ra dives inside through a window, Swift Wind is stuck in the window.

Swift Wind: A little help here. I had too many apples for lunch.

Two Bright Moon guards walk by. Swift Wind and She-Ra fall from the window.

Swift Wind: Oh, wait, I can fly!

She-Ra and Swift Wind hide outside the Bright Moon stairs.

She-Ra: Be quiet and do what I do.

Both sneak through the castle as Bright Moon guards patrol the halls.

Swift Wind: Let me try that again. (crashes about) I'll just tip toe.

She-Ra kicks in the door to Glimmer's room.

She-Ra: Heeah!

Glimmer: (laughing) Oh, hi guys. What are you doing here?

She-Ra: We came to rescue you. We thought you were being held against your will, not drinking tea.

Glimmer: Well, yeah. I am grounded for trying to sneak away to hang out with Perfuma without telling anyone, but then my mom came in and we started talking and we're having a lot of fun.

Queen Angella: We don't get to spend much time together outside of the Rebellion. It's nice.

She-Ra: Oh. We are so sorry to barge in on your majesty. I guess we'll just go.

Queen Angella: Would you two like to be grounded and join us for tea?

She-Ra: (laughing)

Bow: Huah! The fact that that I didn't come to help you has been eating me up and I've been feeling like a bad friend. And I'm ready to rescue...

She-Ra: We're staying in and drinking tea.

Bow: Yea.

Swift Wind: Well, it looks like operation "everyone gets grounded" is a success. For the honor of, oh who-hoo, is that apple blossom? Pass it over. (drinks tea)

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