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Glory is an alien owl-like pet and a close companion of Starla.

After having a treat or becoming startled, Glory's belly can light up a whole room or a cave if necessary.

Glory is able to smash through rocks much larger than their self.

All the Star Siblings and Glory joined the Rebellion after meeting Adora and witnessing her magical strength and her willingness to stand up and fight against Horde Prime.


Glory has an appearance similar to a typical barn owl. They have a little pale orange circle on their belly, within which is a pink 4-pointed star. Glory has maroon colored wings, with sharp talons the same shade gripping surfaces to stand. Their feathers are mainly white, with long tail feathers floating out at the end. A lighter orange neck leads up to the cream-colored face, with a darker orange ring around it.



Glory is Starla's companion and trusts Starla very much. Glory and Starla are always together. Glory typically sits on Starla's shoulder, or flies near her. She also is seen to defend Starla when her siblings were fighting with Adora upon first meeting her.

Glory lights up a cave after being startled by Adora