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[Camera points to life in background and shows Glimmer teleporting in front of the camera, Bow filming her.]

[Location: Bright Moon, inside Glimmer’s room.]

Bow: Action.

Glimmer: People of Etheria! I am Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon. Commander in the Great Rebellion, and best friend of the legendary warrior She-Ra!

[Glimmer teleports out of the shot. The camera falters gray like an old TV and shows clips of She-Ra episodes from Season One: "The Sword: Part 2", "Razz", "The Sea Gate", and "The Battle of Bright Moon".]

[Then the camera returns its view back to Glimmer then turns left as Glimmer presents She-Ra beside her.]

Glimmer: She-Ra!

[No one is beside Glimmer. The camera moves again, and now She-Ra stands next to Glimmer.]

[Glimmer winks and elbows She-Ra in the side to signal her to speak.]

She-Ra: Oh right. [Clears throat] Join the Rebellion.

[Glimmer then looks at She-Ra and waits.]

She-Ra: (Gasps) Wait no, I’m suppose to say that last.

Glimmer: But we cannot win back Etheria alone.

[Angella interrupts Glimmer and enters the room through the door behind Glimmer and She-Ra.]

Angella: Glimmer!

[As Angella enters Glimmer groans  and She-Ra transforms back to Adora.]

Glimmer: MOM!

[Bow's hand comes into the shot as he waves to Angella.]

Bow: Hey, Your Majesty!

Adora: Join the Rebellion. Wait, I mean, hi.

[The camera zooms in on Adora as she sighs.]

Adora: Oh, I'm bad at talking to queens.

[The camera shows clips of the Season One episode "Flowers For She-Ra", of her in a badly bungled attempt to make conversation with Angella.]

Angella: Are you filming something? How cute.

[Glimmer groans.]

Glimmer: Ugh, it’s not cute.

[Glimmer grabs the Camera and statics out.]

[The camera statics back and Glimmer and Angella’s legs are in the shot.]

Glimmer: It’s for the Rebellion. We’re trying to recruit people to defeat the Horde.

[The Camera moves upward and now Glimmer and Angella are in the shot.]

Angella: Wonderful! We need brave, young and inspiring voices like yours if we hope to end this war once and for all.

[Angella looks and touches Glimmer’s hair.]

Angella: And, that’s how you want your hair to look for this video?

[Glimmer grabs her hair.]

Glimmer: What? What’s wrong with my hair?

[Adora stands beside Bow but the side of her face in still in the shot facing Glimmer and Angella.]

Angella: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. Perhaps you could comb...

Glimmer: Could we please not argue about this, like we always do?

Angella: Oh, that is an exaggeration.

[The camera statics and shows clips of "The Sword: Part 1" and “Razz”]

[Angella looks at the camera and says.]

Angella: Sorry, Glimmer can be a tad temperamental in the morning. Always growling and groaning.

Glimmer: I do not growl and groan!

[Both Adora and Bow look away and nod slightly in agreement with Angella.]

Adora: Um...

Bow: Well…

[The camera shows clips of almost all episodes of Season One, a montage of Glimmer growling and groaning.]

[The Camera goes back to Glimmer, Adora and Angella with Glimmer groaning and teleporting out of the shot.]

[As Angella laughs at Glimmer’s tantrum, Bow turns the camera to himself.]

Bow: And… cut.

[Adora comes into the shot and says quickly.]

Adora: Join the Rebellion. [exhales in relief] I did it.

[Adora and Bow Smiles as the vlog ends.]

[She-Ra and The Princesses of Power logo comes in.]

[As for credits place, clips of Glimmer fighting from almost all of Season One's episodes.]

[The camera goes to Bow with She-Ra beside him.]

Bow: And we even have our own nickname.

[The camera statics to a close up of She-Ra and Bow.]

Bow: The Best Friends Squad.

[The camera statics and shows clips of the Season One episode "Flowers For She-Ra".]