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Glimmer excited chating with Adora and Bow
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Glimmer is one of the main characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is the princess and commander of Bright Moon as well as a leader in the Rebellion. Later on, she and Adora succeed in reestablishing the Princess Alliance, in which they are both avid members. She is also the best friend of Bow.


Glimmer is a short and stocky girl, sporting a chopped bob hairstyle that shifts from pastel pink on top to a sparkling purple underneath, she has a bushy hair. Two tiny, pink wings are seen on her upper back (although it is unknown if they are real or just some sort of tattoo/birthmark). She wears a dark purple, sleeveless leotard that stops at her mid-thigh under a light purple tunic with a blue diamond clasp. She also wears matching purple boots with white moons on the fronts and soles, light blue wings on each side, with multiple light blue points. Besides this are her light blue fingerless gloves, with a long white glove on her left arm. She also wears a sparkling blue cape shaped like wings, attached to a circular plate on her left shoulder.


She is short tempered and often quite stubborn. Glimmer is also shown to be quite the rebel as she often disobeys her mother Angella, and even when grounded she tends to act against her mother's wishes. Her rebellious personality has manifested itself in the form of impulsiveness as she often acts without thinking, which lands her in trouble with her mother or on the battlefield.

Glimmer in general has shown to be a kind, enthusiastic and supportive individual who is a very loyal friend to the people she befriends, and is willing to accept consequence to protect others. An example is when Shadow Weaver attempted to erase Adora's memories, Glimmer forced herself to teleport to save Adora, which lead her powers to glitch and cause her pain.

Glimmer has shown to doubt herself when she realizes what her impulsive approach gets her and needs others to reassure her as she admits she feels that others don't take her seriously.

Described by her mother; Glimmer is headstrong, temperamental and stubborn, but also brave, as she is willing to stand by her friends and fight despite what her circumstances are.


Angella Edit

Glimmer and Angella have a very up and down Mother-Daughter relationship as Glimmer often argues with her mother over their different approaches on how to fight The Horde. Where as Glimmer suggests they fight The Horde; her mother suggests they protect themselves, which often leads to conflict between the two. Nevertheless, Glimmer does love her mother and does want her mother to trust her.

Bow Edit

Glimmer and Bow are best friends and often accompany each other on missions. The two seem to have a close relationship and find a source of comfort with one another.

Adora Edit

Her and Bow captured Adora when she was a Horde soldier, but slowly realized that she wasn't aware of what The Horde was truly doing. Later, they all become best friends and form the Princess Alliance to fight against the ongoing attacks by The Horde.

Castaspella Edit

Castaspella is her overbearing Aunt from Mystacor. Glimmer tries to fend off any verbal guilt trips that she attempts to throw at her. Glimmer describes her to Bow and Adora as 'a bit intense'.

Netossa and Spinnerella Edit

The two were the only other princesses in the Rebellion during the beginning of Season 1. They join forces with Glimmer and the others to reform the Princess Alliance.

The Rebellion Edit

As the princess of Bright Moon, Glimmer has felt the effects of the Horde's destruction her entire life; from her father King Micah's untimely death, to the isolation of her kingdom as a result of the failure of the original Princess Alliance. In a stand against their tyranny, she and her mother continue to fight in The Rebellion in hopes of protecting their kingdom, and the rest of Etheria.

The Princess Alliance Edit

After the failure of the original Princess Alliance, of which her mother was once a member, Glimmer enlists Adora and Bow's help in recruiting.

Powers and Abilities

Teleportation: Glimmer is able to teleport for one place to another and is able to teleport other people with her. However, teleporting three people seems to take a toll on her as she has passed out from the strain it put on her.

Energy Blasts: Glimmer is able to shoot blasts of energy at her opponents.

Sparkle Powers: Glimmer's sparkle power seems to revolve around light. She is able to produce spheres of light to act as a torch to light up a cave and even increases its size to make it shine brighter. She is also able to fire a blast of sparkles at her opponents to temporarily blind them.


Past Edit

Not known.

Season 1 Edit



Since the conclusion of season 1, the She-Ra community has unearthed a multitude of theories about the direction and future of this character. While they cannot be confirmed nor denied, these theories and ideas are integral to the design of this character and how they are perceived in the series.

Do not mistake this information as correct information, this is primarily theoretical based on observations viewers have made and deduced throughout the season. This information has been gathered from various sources and can vary on their plausibility.

Season 1 Edit

  • Glimmer's Father is connected to the Black Garnet. It is shown in episode 4, that Adora almost sat in king Micah's chair. On the chair is a depiction of a runestone that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Black Garnet. However, his staff shows a blue/ turquoise stone with a pinkish hilt, similar to that of Queen Angella's Moonstone, which uses the same colors. Additionally, Entrapta mentions that Scorpia has no connection to the Black Garnet. Scorpia also tells Catra that her family 'gave' the stone to Hordak, implying that it didn't hold any sort of value to her family. If the Black Garnet belonged to Scorpia's family, as she said it had, she would've-- in theory-- maintained some sort of bond with it. But, because she hasn't, and because her family gave it away like it meant nothing to them, it can be surmised that this runestone didn't belong to Scorpia's family at all. We know from Light Hope that Scorpia is indeed a Princess, as she is depicted in the Beacon, and therefore she has a runestone that corresponds to her lineage but perhaps her family managed to acquire a different family's runestone and hid their own to protect it from Hordac's corruption, this could then explain why her family isn't accepted by the other princesses. Her family betrayed one of their fellow families to save that of their own. The family they betrayed is none other than King Micah's. After the Garnet fell into Hordac's possession, he defiled it and broke it into pieces to give to whom he saw fit. It can be said that after discovering what had happened to the Runestone, King Micah was afraid that attempting to use it would cause his family harm, and therefore elected to work under that of his wife's, the Moonstone. This could then explain his persistence in wanting to defeat the Horde, as he is fighting for his daughter's future and his families legacy. His sister, Castaspella, without the runestone, then chose to become a sorceress in hopes of one day learning how to remove the darkness from their family stone and restore it to its rightful heir, Glimmer. In the Beacon, both Glimmer and Angella are depicted, which wouldn't make logical sense if they both worked with the same stone. It would make more sense if Glimmer's truest potential lies in that of the Garnet, her father's runestone, and the stone she is charged with protecting. While it is tarnished, she cannot access it's power and uses the Moonstone to 'recharge' her abilities. The act of recharging seems exclusive to Glimmer, and it could be explained in that the Moonstone is only half her power and therefore only gives her half of what she needs, causing her to overexert herself when she uses too much. Also, this would explain why Glimmer was glitching so terribly after Shadow Weaver used the garnet's magic on her. As it was tarnished, the magic had an adverse reaction to the royal, as it recognized her as its true leader but was overpowered by that of the Moonstone, the runestone she'd been using to supplement her power for as long as she'd been alive. The Glitching was then spurred on by the new bond she'd inadvertently formed with her familial stone, the dark power of the stone trying to take over her Moonstone given powers. In the end, her mother heals her connection to the Moonstone Rune and the Glitching ends, which brings me to believe that her mother used the Moonstone to suppress the bond the garnet has on her, using so much power that her mother is physically weakened by the action.


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