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It's time for us to take back our home. Together we will push out the Horde, once and for all!
— Glimmer, queen of Bright Moon

Glimmer is the tritagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and the current queen of Bright Moon. She is the daughter of Queen Angella and King Micah and one of Adora's best friends. During the final battle against Horde Prime, she entered into a romantic relationship with her childhood friend Bow. In addition to being queen, she is also one of the Elemental Princesses.


According to Castaspella, Glimmer looks just like her father, Micah.

Glimmer's appearance is that of a shorter stocky girl, sporting a messy chopped bob hairstyle that is pastel pink on top and sparkling purple underneath. She has thick, bushy hair, and bangs that curl up, which she wears parted down the left. Like her father, she also has thick sideburns and thick, curved eyebrows. Glimmer has tanned skin and brown (or pink) eyes with long eyelashes.

Two tiny pink wings are seen on her upper back, although it is unclear if they are real or simply tattoos/birthmarks. She wears a dark purple, sleeveless leotard, which stops at her mid-thigh, and lays underneath a light purple tunic with a blue diamond clasp. She also wears matching purple boots with white moons on the front and soles, light blue wings on each side, and multiple light blue points. She has light blue fingerless gloves and a long white glove on her left arm. Glimmer also wears a sparkling blue cape shaped like wings, attached to a circular plate on her left shoulder.

Glimmer's coronation

In Season Four, her hair is now in an asymmetric style bob, she wears a pink legless, sleeveless bodysuit/leotard with light blue stockings, taller boots, a long cape with a slightly darker shade of blue than the previous one and a new hairstyle.

Beneath fringe/bangs she also wears an old gold soft curved tiara with white crystal in tear shape/droplet, as well as a crystal white polished droplet as an earring, just as her mother did.

In "The Battle of Bright Moon" and "The Valley of the Lost", she dons an armor suit. In Adora's vision of the future, she is wearing a sparkling lavender dress, no gloves, a gold wrist band, and a long light blue cape.


Glimmer is shown to be short-tempered and often quite stubborn. She is also somewhat of a rebel, as she often disobeyed her mother, Angella. Even when grounded, she tended to act against her mother's wishes in secret. Her rebellious personality manifests itself in the form of impulsiveness, as she frequently acts without thinking. This landed her in trouble with her mother and on the battlefield.

Glimmer has shown to be a kind, enthusiastic, and supportive individual who is a very loyal friend. She is willing to accept the consequences of protecting others. An example of this is when Shadow Weaver attempted to erase Adora's memories. Glimmer forced herself to teleport in order to save Adora, despite her powers glitching and causing her great pain.

Glimmer sometimes doubts her impulsive actions and needs her friends to reassure her. She believed that others don't take her seriously, including her mother, when she was younger, calling herself "weak princess who needs to recharge her powers".

Her mother, Angela, described Glimmer as headstrong, temperamental, brash, stubborn, but also brave.

In Season Four, Glimmer's personality turned worse after her mother's disappearance and her subsequent coronation. She blamed Adora for Angela's death, becoming increasingly desperate to defeat the Horde, she became even more reckless putting her friends in danger and was not willing to listen to them. She willingly turned to Light Hope to use the Heart of Etheria to use its magic to fight the Horde. Glimmer showed a dark and devious side she never showed beforehand as she hired Double Trouble to have them double-cross the Horde. At the end of "Destiny Part 1", Double Trouble told Hordak the truth about Catra and Entrapta. Later, Double Trouble was seen sending a message on a tracker pad, and in her next scene, Glimmer was also seen with a tracker pad, receiving the message. When she felt the Heart's negative effects, she saw the error of her ways and tried to fix her mistake.

During the final season she was riddled with guilt about her actions, but afterward she tried hard to make amends with her best friends and then finally succeeding she became better than she was before the portal incident.

Powers and Abilities


  • Moonstone Connection: Glimmer possesses magical powers that she inherited from her mother. Glimmer is connected to the Moonstone, thus making her one of the Elemental Princesses. Originally, the Moonstone's elemental power had been balanced between her and her mother, Angella, since Glimmer was born.[3] Her connection grants her a variety of abilities, many of which revolve around light. After becoming queen, Glimmer completely connected with the Moonstone, which greatly increased her powers.
    • Teleportation: Glimmer is able to teleport, and can teleport objects and people as long as she is touching them. However, teleporting three people seems to take a toll on her, as she has passed out from the strain. It's unclear how many times or how far she can teleport , but she does appear to have a limit. However, after becoming queen, this limit has disappeared or greatly decreased.
      • Remote Teleportation: Glimmer is able to remotely teleport her staff to herself. According to Glimmer, this ability is applicable to the staff only.
    • Photokinesis: Referred to as "sparkle powers," Glimmer has power over light. She is able to produce spheres of pink light to act as a light source. She is also able to fire a blast of light at her opponents to temporarily blind them. These are forceful enough to cause several Horde bots to explode upon impact.
    • Aura Generation: When united with the other Princesses, Glimmer can generate an aura that greatly amplifies her powers. Her aura manifests in shocking pink.
  • Other Powers: Glimmer claimed that she'd never been sick before, and attributed this advantage to having an immortal mother.[4] After Shadow Weaver returned to Bright Moon, she helped Glimmer amplify her powers. Shadow Weaver also tells her that having a powerful sorcerer as a father has given her certain unknown powers/abilities.
  • Sorcery: After becoming queen, Glimmer began to learn magic under the tutelage of Shadow Weaver.[5] According to Shadow Weaver, Glimmer possesses great potential in sorcery as her father Micha was a great sorcerer himself.
    • Spellcasting: Although with several struggles, Glimmer has been able to effectively perform a location spell, levitation spells, and a truth spell.
    • Electrical Conduction: In Season Three, when Glimmer and Shadow Weaver fought Catra, Catra grabbed Glimmer's arm with her whip. Shadow Weaver then grabbed the whip and sent a bolt of red electricity down in. In the episode "Pulse", Glimmer effectively used a pink version on her own against Catra.


Glimmer Fighting in The Battle of Bright Moon

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Glimmer is a decent fighter. She punches, kicks, and stomps, in addition to her magical powers to overpower enemies and destroy robots. She is even able to fight Catra, one of the toughest characters in the series, of course with her powers.


  • Limited Magic: (formerly) As with all the Elemental Princesses, Glimmer had a limited amount of magic she could stockpile, and thus could only use a certain amount of magic in battle. After her magic was drained she needed to rest or re-charge with The Moonstone. But as of her ascension to queen, and completing her connection to The Moonstone, she no longer needs to re-charge. And she can teleport much greater distances.
  • Glitching: (formerly) When held captive, Glimmer was affected by the restrains the Black Garnet's contrasting magic that Shadow Weaver used to keep her from using magic. The connection with the Black Garnet damaged Glimmer's connection to the Moonstone. This caused Glimmer to experience red, electrical-like "glitching," especially when she attempted to teleport.[6] The Princesses and Queen later healed the glitching when they all were working as one in connection with the Sword of Protection.
  • Space: When away from Etheria, Glimmer is unable to use her powers, probably because the distance cut her connection to The Moonstone.
  • Crippling Self-Doubt and Overwhelming Hubris: According to Netossa, who keeps track of everyone's weaknesses, Glimmer's biggest weakness are her own personal problems. Glimmer has demonstrated a tendency to overestimate her own abilities and greatly dislikes having her authority questioned, leading her to make irrational decisions. This causes her to act recklessly and put strain on her relationships with others.
  • Inexperienced Monarch: Glimmer's mother never taught her how to lead or govern. As a consequence, when called upon to do so, Glimmer (despite having good intentions) has a tendency to make decisions that are for her own benefit, not for those she is responsible for. Her failings are most obvious when you compare her to Frosta in Season One, who consistently did the opposite. However, she learns from her mistakes and becomes a better Queen in Season Five.


  • King Micah's Staff: Glimmer owns a staff that previously belonged to her father, Micah. Queen Angella gave it to Glimmer prior to The Battle of Bright Moon. She is able to teleport her staff without touching it. His staff is the only thing she can teleport without making direct contact.



Glimmer and Angella had a very turbulent Mother-Daughter relationship. They often argued over their different paths on how best to approach the Horde and the princess Rebellion. Having differing ideologies, they both admitted that they did not spend enough time talking to each other and rather assumed things about the other. Angella compared Glimmer to her husband, Micah, often, and lamented over how similar they are in "The Portal".

Glimmer is a headstrong and impulsive woman, very different from Angella's cautious manner. As they are both stubborn, Glimmer frequently attempts to enter battles and fight with her position of power, something that was shown back as far as "The Sword: Part 1". This appears to have been the driving force behind their conflict, as according to Glimmer, Angella was 'paralyzed by fear' and held her back, not giving her real missions or respecting her title as Commander of Bright Moon.

Glimmer and Angella

Although not out of disrespect or low confidence in her abilities, Angella did stifle Glimmer's development quite a bit. Whether it be keeping important information from her, such as in Shadow Weaver being her father's teacher, forbidding her to fight on behalf of her kingdom, or belittling her in front of her colleagues in their first appearance together. Angella was an anxious mother, and, in "The Portal", acknowledged that her fear is what held not only Glimmer but The Rebellion back as well.

However, they worked through their problems, as in "The Frozen Forest", and Angella learned to respect her daughter's authority, exercising the trust in her skill. Even if they did bicker, they loved each other dearly, as Angella was driven to protect her daughter, "The Sword: Part 2", "The Beacon" and "The Portal", where she stopped chastising Glimmer and worriedly flew her to The Moonstone to recharge. Angella helped heal Glimmer's glitching after she put herself in danger so that Adora could go on and help Glimmer run both the Princess Alliance and the Rebellion. The feelings of love were mutual, as Glimmer's main motivations are to be strong like her mother and earn her respect, even if they disagree on certain things. During Glimmer’s fight with her mind-controlled father in Season Five, it was a vision of Angella that helped Glimmer overcome the battle and win.


Bow giving her motivation.

Although it is unclear when or how Bow and Glimmer met, they are very clearly best friends, finding comfort in each other as well as having similar interests and goals. With Adora, they form the "Best Friends Squad", as well as lead the Princess Alliance. Being so close, Glimmer likes to tease Bow's interests, such as his trick arrows in "System Failure", and his choice of the name Best Friends Squad/Quad.

Despite her teasing, she is shown to have great respect for Bow, complimenting his ideas and tinkering in "The Frozen Forest", and then supporting his endeavor of rewiring one of Entrapta's robots. Bow supports her just as much as she supports him, even being a bit of a moral rock, like in "Ties That Bind", when he reminded Glimmer constantly that they are the 'good guys,' so they shouldn't resort to the Horde's tactics when they took Catra hostage.

However, Glimmer is not always confident in their relationship. She was moved to tears in "Reunion" after learning that Bow lied to his parents about his true self. She was also stunned by the extent of his lie and urged him to tell them the truth. In "Princess Prom", she was jealous of his relationship with Perfuma, fearing that she might lose Bow if he made potentially cooler friends. She later became vocally depressed over it, needing reassurance from Bow that they will always be best friends.

we always go to events together. We have our whole routine. We wear matching outfits, share inside jokes and eat ice cream afterwards. It's our thing. [...] It used to be just us. And now, everything's changing. I don't want you to leave me behind.
— Princess Prom

Glimmer and Bow hugging

In Princess Prom, Glimmer was shown to be jealous when Bow went as Perfuma's plus one, and with Adora joining the Rebellion, and more friends being recruited for the Princess Alliance. However, she seemed to get used to the idea of Bow having other friends, and has since become less clingy.

Glimmer often worries about Bow in a comical and irrational matter, such as in "Reunion". When Bow left calm and precise notes about his whereabouts, Glimmer doubted all of them and enlisted Adora's help to find him. In Season Five, it's clear Bow is reasonably upset and mad at Glimmer for what she had done in Season Four, ignoring everything he told her. It took him longer to forgive her than Adora but he eventually did. Bow and Glimmer's relationship turned romantic, when in the finale she said, "Bow, I love you. I love you". After Horde Prime was defeated the new couple and Catra agreed to Adora's idea of a "Best Friends Squad road trip" returning magic the rest of the universe.


Adora and Glimmer become friends.

They had a rocky start after meeting in "The Sword: Part 1", as she and Bow end up capturing Adora. Although Bow is quick to accept her, Glimmer wasn't so easily convinced, assuming that she had ulterior motives as a Horde soldier. Slowly, she realized that Adora wasn't aware of the Horde's intentions, and accepted her into the new Rebellion. Later, she and Bow accepted her as another best friend, forming the Best Friends Squad. They rebuilt the Princess Alliance to fight against the ongoing attacks by the Horde.

Glimmer and Adora relaxing at Mystacor.

Glimmer appeared to become very close with Adora, such as in "In the Shadows of Mystacor". When Adora awoke from a nightmare, she quickly turned to Glimmer to calm her down. Earlier, when she and Bow sensed Adora's anxiety, they sat together in a hot spring and held hands. Later they woke up and lay cuddling together, showing how close they had grown.


They are both shown to be protective of each other, such as Adora worrying over Glimmer's health when she began glitching. Adora, visibly upset, then went out of her way to try and fix Glimmer. Likewise, in "Princess Prom", Adora attempted to comfort a jealous Glimmer and helped her have fun after Bow walked by with Perfuma. Similarly, Glimmer did her best to protect Adora. When she was captured by Shadow Weaver, Glimmer was able to free herself from the Black Garnet's hold when it began erasing Adora's memories, even shedding tears for her.

In "Ties That Bind", Catra joked that Glimmer and Adora are perfect for each other, as they're both naïve and easy to manipulate. Although she was teasing them, they do have much in common. They are both reckless and headstrong, putting what they believe in above all else. They also teased Bow together, such as in "System Failure", when they ridiculed his trick arrows and initially did not accept the name 'Best Friends Squad.'

Glimmer, cares deeply about Adora, refusing to let Entrapta examine Adora after she became infected by the data disk. She helped Adora, taking care of her, and watched over her safety. Adora would be infected again In White Out, and while she was infected, she stopped her attack, recognized Glimmer, said "I know you!" and hugged a relieved Glimmer.

Glimmer vs Adora.

In Season Four, their relationship became strained because of certain decisions Glimmer made as queen, ranging from using Adora as bait to their disagreement on whether or not to make use of the Heart of Etheria. She also subconsciously blamed Adora for the loss of her mother (which Glimmer regretted) and continued to trust Adora's abuser, Shadow Weaver. It was only after Light Hope activated the ancient super-weapon did she realize that Adora was right.

When they were reunited In Season Five, Glimmer was extremely apologetic; fortunately, she and Adora have made amends and renewed their friendship. After vanquishing Prime they decided to return magic to the rest of the universe along with with Bow and Catra.

Shadow Weaver

Glimmer punches Shadow Weaver after she captured her.

Glimmer first meets Shadow Weaver as her prisoner in "No Princess Left Behind", when Shadow Weaver is attempting to wipe Adora's memories while holding Glimmer captive in magical restraints, which damaged her connection to the Moonstone and caused her to glitch. Shadow Weaver is shown early on to abuse Glimmer as well, using her father's presumed death as a taunt in the same episode. Glimmer is aware of Shadow Weaver's abusive relationship with Adora, which in addition to her own experience, causes her to dislike and distrust her immensely.

Although she doesn't initially trust her, she seeks Shadow Weaver's help when Adora is taken hostage by Catra and her band of Desert Dwellers in "Once Upon a Time in the Waste" and "Moment of Truth". Their relationship is tense, as Glimmer is often reluctant to interact with her without some form of gain or protection. Glimmer does not know a lot about Shadow Weaver or her past, as she was surprised to learn that she was King Micah's old teacher. However, come Season Three, Shadow Weaver, whose allegiance has changed, establishes herself as useful to Glimmer and trustworthy to a certain degree, offering her power and information on how to best defeat the Horde.

Glimmer in Shadow Weaver's garden.

In Season Four, Shadow Weaver becomes her mentor in sorcery, as well as a tactical adviser in their war against the Horde. Glimmer appears to have forgotten or chosen to ignore, Shadow Weaver's past abuse of both her and Adora. She gives Shadow Weaver limited freedom to go around Bright Moon, while she teaches Glimmer to use her powers. Shadow Weaver seems to be the first guidance figure who has affirmed Glimmer's potential and power, gaining her trust somewhat—though she may just be taking advantage of Glimmer's lack of an attachment figure following the absence of Queen Angella.

In season five the pair work together after Glimmer escaped Prime's ship and returned to Etheria. Glimmer continued to consider Shadow Weaver's counsel and guidance, which saved Etheria as Shadow Weaver found the way to the fail-safe. We never saw Glimmer's reaction to the sorcerer's death.


Glimmer and Catra's relationship is largely non-existent throughout the show as, beyond meeting as enemies, they have no real interaction. Although they do not interact much until Season Two, in a meta sense, Glimmer and Catra have much in common. Specifically, they heavily parallel each other (although to many different degrees) when it comes to their personalities, relationships with other characters, and motivations.

Personality-wise, both Glimmer and Catra are determined, hot-headed, and sensitive young girls, striving for the approval of their respective mother figures. While Glimmer is shown to receive validation through healthier methods, Catra is underhanded, manipulative, and conniving, both being products of their environments. Likewise, both are under extreme psychological stress in Season Four because of the war.

Catra saves Glimmer from Horde Prime.

In "Destiny Part 2", Catra protects Glimmer from being destroyed by Horde Prime. They exchange glances, which seems to show that they've struck an uneasy alliance in order to survive on Velvet Glove.

Catra and Glimmer hugging in Season 5.

She begins to bond with Catra during her time on Horde Prime's ship. Having discovered Catra's interaction with Glimmer, Horde Prime intimidates her into compliance, and after questioning Glimmer, Catra tells Prime about Adora's rescue mission. However, her memories of her childhood friendship with Adora finally inspire Catra to free Glimmer and send her to Adora via teleporter before she is captured.

Glimmer hugs Catra

Glimmer was completely supportive of Adora's desire to save Catra. Soon enough, Glimmer had forgiven Catra for all her previous actions and had become really good friends with her. During the final battle, she trusted Catra completely by taking care of Adora while she and Bow went off to save the rest of their friends. With Horde Prime destroyed and peace restored to Etheria at long last. She, Adora, Bow, and Catra decide to go on a new adventure and reintroduce magic to the rest of the universe.


Castaspella is her overbearing Aunt from Mystacor. Glimmer tries to fend off any verbal guilt trips that she attempts to throw at her. Glimmer describes her to Bow and Adora as 'a bit intense.' In Season Three, Castaspella is very protective, demanding that Glimmer not even talks to the imprisoned Shadow Weaver.

When Glimmer returned to Etheria after Prime abducted her, she reunited with her aunt. Casta joined Glimmer in fighting the chipped Micah and saved their homeworld by destroying Prime with the help of the Rebellion.

George and Lance

Glimmer met both George and Lance in "Reunion". She found out that Bow has lied to them, and had been telling them that Glimmer is one of his school peers. To keep the peace, Glimmer attempted to lie for Bow. George and Lance are very anti-war and they are also anti-princess, equating princesses with war. While under the false identity of Bow's schoolmate, George and Lance are shown to like Glimmer very much, finding her charming, even complimenting Bow on his choice of friends. Even after learning that she is a princess, they are reluctant to change their views on princesses but accept her.

George and Lance attended Glimmer's coronation, and they were visibly emotional with Lance coming to tears.

She and Bow went to check up on his dads after Prime's invasion of the planet. Together, they helped plan a way to deactivate the Heart of Etheria. Evidence has supported that they approve of her dating his son.

The Princess Alliance

After the failure of the original Princess Alliance, of which her mother was once a member, Glimmer enlists Adora and Bow's help in recruiting. Although at times they hang out as friends, such as in "Roll With It" and at the end of the Battle of Bright Moon, their relationship is strained, often with infighting. She successfully recruited many of the Princesses, but there appear to be others she has yet to contact. With the Princess Alliance reformed they defeated Hordak and then went on to defeat Horde Prime.


Glimmer and Frosta

Probably her most developed relationship with another princess, Frosta, and Glimmer have a sister-like bond, though having started off rather rocky. Although it's implied that Glimmer has known Frosta for a while in "Princess Prom", they appear to have no real relationship before then. Frosta is shown to idolize Glimmer and seek her approval, specifically in "The Frozen Forest". Although she looks up to Glimmer, she pegs her as her 'sidekick' in "Roll With It". Conversely, Frosta is hurt when Glimmer doesn't initially want to hang around Frosta, mentioning how she makes her sound like her mother by scolding her. Even so, Glimmer is still protective of Frosta, such as brushing her hair after a battle and teleporting her away from one of Entrapta's robots in "The Frozen Forest".

In season four Frosta worked with Glimmer on the attempt to liberate Dryl and the later search for the spy, Double Trouble. Frosta defied the Queen's orders and allowed Bow, Adora, and Swift Wind to rescue Entrapta. And in season five the princess helped Micah get reacquainted with talking to kids.


Glimmer recruited Mermista to the new Princess Alliance in "The Sea Gate" with the help of Sea Hawk and She-Ra. Even though Mermista believed in the Princess Alliance's mission she was the first to withdraw after Entrapta was lost to the Horde while they rescued Glimmer and Bow.

The mermaid princess is friendly towards Glimmer and helps her and the other rebels through the series. However, in "Roll With It", Glimmer quickly loses her temper with Mermista when she doesn't take her guarding duties seriously.

Glimmer worked with Mermista to discover who was the spy passing info to the Horde. And later coordinated the evacuation of Salineas. She let Mermista stay at Bright Moon while recovering from the loss of her kingdom.

After Glimmer returned to Etheria after Prime abducted her, the Queen worked together with the Rebels to un-chip Mermista.


Glimmer is excited to recruit Perfuma in "Flowers for She-Ra", and attempts to impress her with fabricated tales of She-Ra's power. Although she is initially jealous of Perfuma in "Princess Prom", it appears that she holds no resentment towards her afterward. Other than that, Glimmer and Perfuma aren't particularly close.

Later they teamed up from time to time, Perfuma went to the Crimson Waste on the queen's orders with some trepidation and they worked in concert to root out Double Trouble. The worked together extensively after Prime's invasion of the planet.

Spinnerella and Netossa

It's implied that Spinnerella and Netossa have known Glimmer since she was younger. They seem to have similar goals, as before the restart of the Princess Alliance they were the only other princesses in The Rebellion. They join forces with Glimmer and the others to reform the Princess Alliance. They fought together to defend Etheria during the Battle of Bright Moon. They teamed up again to defeat the Horde in season four. And again in season five to repel Horde Prime from Etheria.


She felt an extraordinary amount of guilt when she thought Entrapta died during their rescue mission. When she learned she was alive Glimmer went hysterical to rescue her, only to find out Entapta sided with the Horde. Despite Entrapta's betrayal she still wanted to save her from Beast Island, but only after they defeated the Horde and wasn't willing to risk the Princess Alliance.

In season five Entrapata did the science to save Glimmer and Catra from Prime. She even flew in Mara's ship to Prime's headquarters with Bow and Adora. Upon returning to Etheria with her rescued friends she worked with the Queen to repel Prime's invasion.


Glimmer and Scorpia relate to each other.

Scorpia started out as an enemy; after she switched sides she was reluctant to trust her and ordered she be guarded at the time. Glimmer went to Scoripia for help by connecting to her family Runestone, the Black Garnet so the Princesses could use the Heart of Etheria. After clearing Scoripa's doubts and Glimmer sharing her feelings the two began to build a bond, Glimmer even hugged Scorpia.

After Prime invaded Etheria she worked with Queen Glimmer to free their planet and people from Prime's bots, clones, and spires.

Sea Hawk

Glimmer helped recruit Sea Hawk for the Princess Alliance. She was thankful to the sailor when he asked Mermista to join the Alliance. She fought alongside him against the Horde, helped him set his ship on fire and save Salineas, and to save the Sea-Gate. In Season Two, Glimmer convinced Sea Hawk to sail some of the Princess Alliance to scout and stop the Horde in the Northern Reach of Etheria. Later Sea Hawk helped the Queen evacuate Salineas during The Horde attack. But she ended up having to rescue him from the Horde. Upon Glimmer's return to Etheria the two of them fought Prime's bots and clones together.

Light Hope

Desperate to save Etheria from the Horde Glimmer ignored her friends' warnings, she went to the Crystal Castle to get Light Hope to tell her how to use the Heart of Etheria. She did as Light Hope instructed, but when Glimmer felt the Heart affecting her she realized that Light Hope deceived her and tried to shut the super-weapon down by attacking the Black Garnet.

Horde Prime

Horde Prime and Glimmer meet for the first time.

Horde Prime introducing himself to Glimmer and Catra on The Velvet Glove.

She shows great fear of Horde Prime. When she learned that from Double Trouble that he was coming to her planet she was horrified and increasingly more desperate to defeat the Horde before he arrived to be better prepared to defend form his wrath. When she finally met Horde Prime she briefly hoped he would leave them alone after she saw Prime erasing Hordak's memories and personality, then apologizing for his clone's actions, but that all changed when he said: "This whole mess must be wiped away, starting with you". Horde Prime-only spared her because Catra told him about Glimmer's connection to the Heart of Etheria; Horde Prime then thanked Glimmer for her "allegiance" showing her that she has no choice whatsoever.

When having dinner with him she became petrified when he revealed that the dish she was eating was extremely rare because the world it came from was destroyed by him. He then used her emotions against her by showing a video feed of her friends being attacked, revealing that her dad was still alive, making her tell him crucial information about the Heart of Etheria. Glimmer knows the only reason Prime found Etheria is because she ignored Adora and Bow's warnings and activated the heart witch greatly fills her with guilt. After being rescued she seemed sightly traumatized by her time with the galactic tyrant as when the team returned to his ship to recuse Catra, she became nervous and spaced out, luckily Bow was there to comfort her.


Father and daughter happily reunited

Glimmer believed that her father had died in battle when she was little. She was unable to reunite with him after his escape from Beast Island since Prime beamed her aboard his ship. Later, Prime revealed to Glimmer that her father was alive. After Glimmer escaped the Velvet Glove and returned to Etheria, she found her father chipped and under Prime's command.

While Micah was chipped, he and Glimmer battled each other on more than one occasion. During these fights, he said very hurtful things to her due to the Prime chip influence. But once Prime's connection to the Etherians was severed, they were properly united as a family.



Glimmer was born to Queen Angella and King Micah, and sometime before the start of the series King Micah falls in an unnamed battle. Although it is unexplained why Glimmer mentions having a nearly friendless background in "Princess Prom". Bow was Glimmer's only friend growing up.

Season One

Glimmer and her friends.

Glimmer and Bow find the Sword of Protection at the same time as Adora, and Glimmer takes Adora into custody with the help of Bow. She shows Adora that princesses are not evil and that the Horde is destroying civilian villages and convinces Adora to join The Rebellion. Glimmer convinced her mother and the Rebellion, after several tries, to accept that Adora has defected.

Glimmer nudges She-Ra

At a morning war council, Glimmer leads the relief effort and the assault on the Horde soldiers attacking Plumeria. After returning to Bright Moon Queen Angella grounds Glimmer but later allows Glimmer to reform the Princess Alliance. Glimmer becomes part of the Best Friends Squad along with Bow and Adora.

She, along with Bow, was captured and imprisoned by the Horde during Princess Prom. She was rescued by the hero's but not after Shadow Weaver tortured her and damaged her connection to the Moonstone. After recruiting several Princesses to the Alliance she helped defend Bright Moon from an assault by the Horde.

Season Two

While searching for an intact robot for Bow's uses, Glimmer and Bow learn that Entrapta is still alive. In "Ties That Bind", Glimmer and Bow take Catra hostage after failing to rescue Princess Entraptra from the Horde. After several mishaps, the duo returns Catra to her squadron with new information on Entrapta's defection, no longer needing her as a hostage.

Glimmer holding a ball of magic.

In White Out, Glimmer leads the heroes to the northern reaches of Etheria. There, they find Catra, Scorpia and Entrapta looking for First Ones' tech.

She, along with Adora, met Bow's parents and the library he grew up in. And there they discovered secrets about She-Ra, Mara, and Etheria.

Season Three

The Price of Power.jpg

Glimmer is initially distrusting of Shadow Weaver, who arrived in Bright Moon, and for once agrees with her mother that Adora should not go see her lest she is manipulated. Glimmer even goes so far as to prevent Adora from going, teleporting her away from Shadow Weaver each time Adora goes near until Adora convinces her to be trusting and allow it. Despite this, Glimmer is massively skeptical of what Shadow Weaver says, disbelieving her every word, even though Adora flees to ascertain the truth.

Shadow Weaver waiting for Glimmer.

Adora returns, confirming Shadow Weaver to have been truthful, and Glimmer heads out with the group to investigate a message from Mara in the Crimson Waste. Despite considerable obstacles, they make it to the center to find Mara's ship, where Glimmer gets knocked out by darts and evacuated by Huntara, Adora left behind and captured. Back in Bright Moon, Glimmer struggles in vain to convince her mother to act quickly to free Adora from the Fright Zone in order to prevent Hordak from using Adora's sword. The argument falls apart when Glimmer calls her mother a coward and she responds by ordering Glimmer to desist. Without help from her mother, Glimmer then decides to go to Shadow Weaver for aid in saving Adora, who agrees.

Glimmer after teleporting to the Fright Zone.

Glimmer, Bow, Shadow Weaver, Frosta, Perfuma, and Mermista go beneath The Moonstone for Shadow Weaver to draw enough power from it to allow Glimmer to teleport their entire group all the way to the Fright Zone. Just as she is about to teleport she hears her mother, who was about to interrupt them, and looks back at her, but teleports anyway, that being the last time Glimmer would see her mother again.

Arriving in the Fright Zone, Glimmer, and Shadow Weaver team up, Glimmer providing power to Shadow Weaver to fuel her masterful spells. Frosta, Perfuma, and Mermista peel off to deal with numerous encountered threats until they confront Catra, who incapacitates Bow but cannot reach Shadow Weaver or Glimmer, as they flicker around the room, dodging Catra's every attack. Eventually, Catra lands a whip around Glimmer, but Shadow Weaver sends damaging magic along its length to incapacitate Catra.

As Shadow Weaver begins torturing Catra through the whip, Glimmer begins to run out of strength and Bow has Shadow Weaver stop, allowing Catra to escape. They continue on to Hordak's chamber, where Shadow Weaver uses yet more of Glimmer's power to deflect incoming projectiles until Catra opens a portal and shatters reality. Adora then stabilizes the world and closes the portal, trapping Queen Angella in between dimensions. Catra and Hordak flee while Glimmer and Shadow Weaver teleport everyone back to Bright Moon. There, Glimmer prepares to explain the situation to her mother until Adora tells her of Angella's sacrifice, and Glimmer begins to grieve along with the entire Rebellion.

Season Four

Glimmer gets the full power of the Moonstone

Glimmer, sporting a new outfit and hairstyle ascended the throne of Bright Moon after a disastrous pre-ceremony planning session and

the Quest of Queens, a journey into the tunnels below Bright Moon with Bow and Adora. Glimmer continued to grieve for her mother, but accepted the loss and fully embraced the full power of the Moonstone. Previously the Moonstone's power was split between Queen Angella and Glimmer.

Glimmer deployed Adora, Perfuma, Bow, and Huntara to the Crimson Waste to recover Mara's ship. After hearing Bow's report from The Valley of the Lost and their dire situation, Glimmer eagerly began to teleport to their location. After getting lost a few times, Glimmer showed up after the fighting was over and was greatly disappointed.

When Bow, Swift Wind and Adora reported to Queen Glimmer about how they liberated Elberon from the Horde, Glimmer said she wished she was there. And when Glimmer learned that the heroes were going to a party in their honor she became a bit jealous and felt left out.

At their war camp, Glimmer became distraught over the Horde's newfound ability to predict their every move. She bumped into Flutterina and explained some of her tactics. Shadow Weaver attempted to gain Glimmer's ear but initially failed until Adora returned with a gravely injured Bow. Still uneasy about her friends constantly running into ambushes, Glimmer reconsidered Shadow Weaver's counsel and requested her help. Shadow Weaver taught Glimmer to use a location spell, identifying Catra's location, and advised her to strike while Catra's forces were distracted by attacking Adora. Glimmer teleported to Catra's base and used her newfound power and newly learned spells from Shadow Weaver to handily defeat her. Catra activated a powerful pulse bot strong enough to level half the Woods. Catra then attempted to flee, saying Glimmer would have to choose between the bot and her, but a collapsing strut fell on top of Catra and trapped her. Satisfied that she can deal with Catra and the bot, Glimmer teleported the bot into the sky where it detonated harmlessly, but Double Trouble arrived and rescued Catra before Glimmer could return for her. Glimmer then teleported to Adora's location, where they were beleaguered by numerous pulse bots and protected only by a weakening Netossa.

Glimmer's new tactics do not sit well with her friends.

Glimmer quickly dispatched the majority of the bots, with Spinnerella destroying one that nearly detonated in front of them, becoming injured in the process. After Glimmer destroyed the final bot, everyone returned to Bright Moon, where Bow and Adora weren't happy that Glimmer used Adora as a decoy.

Adora, Bow, Glimmer, and Flutterina continue to attack The Horde's northern perimeter, taking outpost after outpost. Glimmer became frustrated due to Bow and Adora acting as her bodyguards, defeating every enemy around her before she can properly engage, and Flutterina rubbed it in, angering Glimmer further. At yet another outpost, Glimmer and Adora had a mid-battle talk coached by Bow, where they both seemed to settle their differences until Flutterina intervened again. Getting herself "caught" by two remaining Horde soldiers, Glimmer was forced to use yet more magic from Shadow Weaver to extricate Flutterina safely, and then interrogated one soldier on the threat of torture. She learned that Catra pulled her forces back, but Adora and Bow question her methods, saying she went "too far". Angry again, Glimmer left.

Glimmer protests against Adora and Bow's plan.

Later, after Hordak completes his new cannon for his Exo-suit and begins taking massive amounts of territory, Glimmer begins to turn desperate and angry. She lashes out at Adora, saying that Adora wasn't a very good She-Ra and that the Rebellion was in a worse position since she showed up, as well as blaming her for the death of Angela (tough she tries apologizing for the last one only to interrupted by Mermestia). Furthermore, she contemplates the use of the Heart of Etheria, even given its possible consequences. When Scorpia arrives and tells of Entrapta being on Beast Island, Glimmer is against saving her, on the grounds of having more pressing issues. When Bow, her first and oldest friend finally tells her she is wrong about using the Heart, she finally snaps and orders them, as Queen, not to save Entrapta. When they leave anyway, she chooses not to stop them, and in turn, goes to meet Light Hope and gain control of the Heart anyway.

Glimmer goes to Light Hope to learn how to use the Heart.

After taking some time to bond with Scorpia, they go to the Fright Zone, where Scorpia bonds with the Black Garnet. After this, Glimmer sees the end of Catra and Hordak's fight, and, seeing the Catra moves to kill her, but hesitates seeing how despondent Catra is. At this point, the Heart of Etheria activates and begins to drain Glimmer and the other Princesses. It was then she realized Adora was right all along.

Glimmer and Catra with Horde Prime.

Despite this, Glimmer is able to return to the Black Garnet's chamber and attempts to destroy it, but no avail. She and everyone is only saved when Adora destroys the Sword of Protection. Hordak, though wounded from his own fight with Catra, attempts to kill her with a piece of rubble, but is interrupted by Bow's arrival. It was then she Hordak and Catra were beamed up to Horde Prime's ship. Later, when Horde Prime contemplates killing Glimmer, Catra, who was also brought up with some rubble, intervenes on her behalf. The scene ends with the two girls exchanging glances, coming to an at least momentary understanding.

Season Five

On Horde Prime's ship Glimmer struggles to use her powers while imprisoned. She and Catra had dinner with Horde Prime, where he revealed how his plan to conquer Etheria would play out. He played some video of his attack on the planet which distressed both women.

A clone went to Glimmer's cell and escorted the Queen to Prime's trophy room. There he bragged about destroying countless worlds in order to create his own twisted sense of order. Glimmer desperately explains that activating the Heart of Etheria would destroy "everything". But Prime is pleased by this, he liked the idea of destroying the universe to eliminate pain and war so that there could be a new beginning for the universe. He offered to spare Micah if Glimmer would deliver She-Ra to him. Glimmer rejected his offer emphatically, smashing one of his prized trophies. Sometime after Glimmer was sent back to her cell Catra visited Glimmer, after initially yelling at Catra she apologized and asked her to stay. And the pair shared a moment, separated by the force barrier.

Glimmer thanks Catra for the cake

Catra visited Glimmer in her cell again and the two began talking and shared a laugh and some fond memories of Adora. A while later Catra returned to Glimmer's cell and told her what Prime knew. Glimmer begged Catra to resist Prime, pointing out that Adora was on her way and if Prime used the Heart of Etheria he will destroy the universe. Frightened, Catra fled, leaving Glimmer in tears. Later Catra returned to Glimmer's cell, attacked and paralyzed Hordak who was serving the Queen her dinner. She freed Glimmer from her cell and led her to the transport pad, told her to escape with Adora, and not return. She then contacted Adora and told her where she was going to send Glimmer and demanded that Adora not go to Prime's ship, to leave her behind and beamed the Queen off Prime's ship. Entrapta piloted Darla to Glimmer's coordinates while Adora and Bow did a spacewalk rescue of the Queen who was shielded from space with some sort of force field.

Glimmer makes it to the crystals

Aboard Darla, Adora is surprised that Catra saved Glimmer's life. Glimmer told her that Catra wanted to do one good thing in her life. She apologized to Adora for activating the Heart of Etheria and for being so cruel to Bow and Adora. Adora forgave Glimmer right away, but Bow couldn't hear because he left to check on Entrapta while the ship was malfunctioning due to the lack of fuel. After landing on the alien planet the team learns that it was a victim of Prime's army after finding one of his spires there. Bow lashed out at Glimmer for activating the Heart of Etheria. Entrapta stayed on board Darla while Bow, Glimmer, and Adora looked for the crystals. The ground collapsed under Adora and she fell into a crystalline cavern replete with blue crystals. The Star Siblings then attacked Adora without warning but they finally figured out that they were all on the same side and stopped hitting each other. Starla shared her food with Adora and introduced her sister, Tallstar, her brother, Jewelstar, and her owl, Glory. The Siblings revealed that they are after the same thulite crystals that Adora is looking for but the constant earthquakes have blocked the way. When Bow, Glimmer, and Entrapta joined up the whole gang pressed on to get the thulite. Everyone worked together, learned to trust a bit more, and got the thulite.

Then Glimmer apologized to Bow, showing how to say sorry to someone you've wronged. She owned her mistakes, accepted the consequences of her mistakes, promised to keep working at their friendship, and gave Bow all the time he needed to forgive her. Adora then asked to go back and save the Catra; Bow and Glimmer agreed to save Catra "Best Friends Style".

Adora piloted Darla to Prime's space station with Glimmer, Bow, and Entrapta hidden outside the ship in space suits. She surrendered herself for capture upon touchdown. While the clones took Adora to Prime the other three split up, communicating with radio-enabled earpieces. Glimmer went to free Catra but found her cell empty. She then went to Prime's trophy room where she attacked some clones, she then went to the server room, incapacitated more clones, and stabbed the computer with a lance. Entrapta summoned Darla when she and the others were surrounded by more clones. She-Ra showed up with an unconscious Catra. They boarded Darla and escaped. She-Ra used her powers to heal Catra's injuries.

Bow skeptic about Glimmer's cooking

While escaping from Prime Glimmer tried to keep everyone's spirits up by baking with Wrong Hordak. She helped Bow pilot Darla when the sensors went down and cheered She-Ra's victory over Prime's bots from inside the ship. She and Wrong Hordak brought the dumplings they baked to everyone for dinner and made Catra feel welcome.

When Darla's crew was a day from Etheria. Glimmer, Bow, and Catra mess with Adora as she tries to summon She-Ra. She was ecstatic about finally meeting her father. Then Entrapta contacted the rebels and Perfuma responded, warning them of Prime's blockade and told her that the rebellion had been compromised.

After learning from Wrong Hordak and Catra that there is a planet called Krytis with a secret about Prime they decide to visit it. Once on the planet, the crew disembarked with everyone in space suits except Wrong Hordak. They entered a spire abandoned by Prime. And when Entrapta found a clone recharging chamber she plugged Wrong Hordak in, without asking his permission. She declared the atmosphere safe and removed her helmet, as did the rest. She detected a life form and everyone barged into the rickety spire to contact an unknown person in the vague hope they can help defeat Prime. Catra, Bow, Glimmer, and Adora began searching the abandoned spire, growing more and more wary as the pressed on. She also found out from Wrong Hordak that the planet was once a First One's colony, just like Etheria. And that something on the planet drove Prime away after he defeated the First Ones. The then found out that someone, who sounded like Entrapta, sent them to an ever-lengthening corridor. Then the native of the planet revealed themself. Everyone freaked out and Catra tackled the stranger and fell through the floor with them. Bow, Glimmer, and Adora got trapped by the defense systems as they rushed to save Catra. Glimmer found out the spikes were illusions and she dispensed with them using her magic. Glimmer used a location spell and joined Catra who learned that the stranger, who had taken a cat form, responds to emotions. The stranger began talking to Catra and told her that their name is Melog.

Group Hug

Melog told Catra that the First Ones stole the planet's magic leaving them helpless before Prime, who destroyed the planet. While Prime did destroy the planet he could not end it's magic and so he fled, covering up his failure, Glimmer Realize magic is Horde Prime's weakness. Melog agreed to join Adora and the crew, go to Etheria and defeat Prime. Darla and crew approached Etheria and the blockade, Melog used their magic to render the ship invisible. They successfully ran the blockade undetected. Glimmer kissed Catra on the cheek and declared her the Savior of the day.

Glimmer saves Shop Keeper

Glimmer and crew returned to Etheria and found the rebel base in ruins. They decided to gather intel and so Glimmer teleported everyone to Erelandia which they find out is guarded by bots and clones. Entrapta, Bow, Glimmer, Catra, and Adora followed Wrong Hordak into the village in disguise. The heroes tried to question the village folk but the locals were too scared to answer questions, except for one shopkeeper who tells the hero's that the Rebellion has joined the Horde and that Princesses attacked the town. Just then Spinnerella landed in the village and attacked the heroes. Rather than risking hurting their chipped friend Glimmer teleported everyone away from the fight. Netossa saw Catra and instantly attacked, trapping her in a net. She had the same reaction to Wrong Hordak. She then explained the amount of damage done, all the Princesses and friends who were now under Prime's control. Glimmer and the rest returned to Erelandia, and using Wrong Hordak to draw out two clones defeating them. Next, they began an assault on the enemies inside the village. With the Horde purged from the village, the citizens pledged themselves to the Rebellion. Netossa led everyone to the hideout. And there was a joyous reunion. Unfortunately, Frosta saw Catra and downed her with an ice-haymaker before being told that she'd switched sides. Adora pledged to free all their friends and defeat Prime.

Glimmer and Bow Learn of the fail safe

Glimmer and Bow agreed to check up on his dads as Bow was really worried about them. Glimmer and Bow teleported to the Library, which was trashed and abandoned. Glimmer found a note left by George and Lance telling Bow where they went to hide. Glimmer transported herself and Bow to the ruins where they were hiding. Within some First Ones ruins, George and Lance discovered writings about an ancient rebellion against the First Ones, the Friends of Mara. They found a recording left by Serenia, one of Mara's fellow rebels, that explains about the fail-safe for the Heart of Etheria, that could destroy the Heart. The fail-safe is at the Arxia outpost. While learning this Catra called Bow on a communications pad from within the Fright Zone as she was being drowned by Mermista. Upon hearing this Glimmer teleported to the Fright Zone. Glimmer teleported to Netossa's location and brought Netossa and the unconscious Spinnerella to their base, joining Catra and the rest. Catra and Perfuma bonded while talking about their mutual friend, Scorpia. Bow and Glimmer told the crew about the fail-safe, Shadow Weaver and Castaspella revealed that Arxia is, in fact, Mystacor.

The Rebels sneak into Mystacor

Shadow Weaver and Castaspella join the rebels in their hidden base and say that they have discovered that if they activate the fail-safe at the Heart of Etheria all the magic that has been stored there will be set free. Glimmer pointed out the dangers of activating the Heart, but Castaspella points out that releasing the magic is not the same thing as activating the Heart and that there are forgotten tunnels and the Crystal of Arxia under Mystacor which in ancient times was called Arxia. Shadow Weaver said that she could make her way to the fail-safe device, but she needs help. Glimmer teleported Shadow Weaver, Catra, Bow, Adora, Castaspella, and Melog to Mystacor where they sneaked inside using Melog's stealth. When they reached the Luminarium Catra broke stealth mode alerting the sorcerer's to their presence and a brief fight ensued with one sorcerer. Upon reaching the fail-safe, which was inside a giant crystal tower, Shadow Weaver instructed Adora to open it with the password "Friends of Mara". But Micah showed up with two other chipped sorcerers and a fight erupted. Using the fight as a distraction Adora entered and accepted the fail-safe. Micah used dark magic to entrap the heroes and he tried to interrupt Adora's accepting of the fail-safe. Seeing her friends in distress she summoned She-Ra, accepted the fail-safe and bound Micah and the two sorcerers. Everyone fled Mystacor for their base.

Glimmer to the rescue

Both Bow and Glimmer come after her and assure her that they will accompany her to the Heart, which cheers her enough to be able to recall the She-Ra form once again. Together, they all go to the Crystal Castle, now dilapidated and run by a malfunctioning default hologram without Light Hope to run it. Using the secret phrase "friends of Mara", the default hologram acknowledges them and grants them access deeper into the Castle - to the Heart of Etheria. the Best Friends Squad continues into the earth toward the Heart of Etheria. Adora fears that she will lose She-Ra and die in the process of activating the fail-safe if she cannot control her emotions, and so forges on ahead alone, barely in control of her She-Ra form as it flickers and fades. Bow and Glimmer are left behind despite their protestations, but when the illusion around them dissipates, they see the Horde's green light taking over the corridor they're standing in. Shadow Weaver teleports her and Catra to the Crystal Castle, nearly fainting with weariness and ill health as a consequence. Catra then informs Glimmer and Bow of the situation above the ground following Entrapta's capture, When Catra volunteered to go after Adora, Glimmer gave her a hug putting her trust in her former enemy turned, friend and Catra gave them Melog for assistance. Glimmer, Bow, and Melog arrive at the spire via teleportation, Glimmer hugged Bow, admitting their love for each other. Before departing for the battlefield, Glimmer and Bow leave to support the princesses and activate the jamming signal, respectively. On the battlefield, the princesses are beleaguered by Mermista, Scorpia, and the rest of Prime's forces. Perfuma suggests retreat, but they are totally surrounded by clones powering up their ray guns. Before they can fire and end the battle however, Glimmer arrives with a sorcerers pulse that knocks the clones aside. Mermista takes the opportunity to flood the field with a tidal wave, but Glimmer uses a sigil to keep the waters at bay. Castaspella then joins her, and together they reshape the magic to completely encapsulate the rushing waters in a sorcerers bubble, which they launch at Mermista and the clones, briefly halting the fight once more. Glimmer intends to go help him, but when she turns around she finds all of her allies ensnared in dark magic. Her father, Micah, single-handedly overcame the entire Princess Alliance and holds them motionless with his overpowering magic.


"Dear mom... I feel like you... don't... respect me."-Glimmer writing something to her mom, which she never sent, in "The Sword: Part 1"

"No! I was going to say, let's use some aggressive fist-sparkles."-"Flowers for She-Ra"

"I was ashamed. I acted without thinking. The exact thing you’re always telling me not to do. I teleported right into their trap. The alliance is over. And I’m to blame."-"The Beacon"

"It doesn't matter. I don't need magic to fight!"-"The Battle of Bright Moon (episode)"

"We can focus on our mission and help all our people. We can handle the Horde. [...] They're no match for us! We'll handle this the way we always do. [...] By sticking together, and never giving up."-"Signals"

"Adora...I was captured by Shadow Weaver, taken to the Fright Zone, and lost my powers. [...] But you know what? We escaped. I fought without my powers...and we won! Bad things are going to happen. That's life. You can let it paralyze you...or you can roll with it. Figure out the things you can...and, trust that your friends have your back for the rest."-"Roll With It"

"I'm Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon, and I sparkle!"-"Huntara (episode)"

"Recharging would mean taking the Moonstone's full power for myself. It would mean... admitting that she's really gone. Everyone is already acting like she doesn't matter. It's like no one remembers her. No one cares. We're having a coronation because she's gone, and everyone is acting like it's a fun party and it's not."-"The Coronation"

"I don't know either. But maybe we can still figure it out. Together."-"The Coronation"

"I'm not going to hide inside the castle while our people are in danger. I'm the queen. You don't give me orders."-Boys' Night Out

"Well, maybe your best isn't good enough, if it was, my mother would still be here."-Boys' Night Out

"Lost a lot? Elberon, Thaymor, Alwyn, Salineas. We've lost almost everything. This magic is the only thing that can help us save everyone."-Fractures

"Will everyone just stop for one second? You aren't going anywhere. You're our prisoner. And you! We need to talk about this. Now! Stop it. Stop just trying to barrel ahead with your own plans. We have to talk about this. [...] You think I'm wrong? Fine. But I am still queen. And as queen I am ordering you. No one is going to Beast Island. You're not to set foot outside the castle unless I say so. End of discussion."-Fractures

"Let them go. If they don't trust me, I don't trust them. Horde Prime is coming. We need to be ready for him. I'm gonna figure out how to access the magic at the Heart of Etheria, and how to use it. And I'll do it alone if I have to."-Fractures

"The first ones stole the magic of Etheria, the magic of my people. Please, talk to me! That magic is how I stop this war. It's how I save everyone. That magic, the magic at the heart of Etheria. . . I want to use it."-Beast Island (episode)

"My best friends left me. Even before this, I was the weak princess, the one who had to recharge. Who didn't fit. But that's changed now."-Destiny Part 1

"Please, Catra, do one good thing in your life."-Corridors

"There's so much I want to say, to both of you, about what happened on Etheria. About what I said. What I did. What I mean is I'm really, really. . ." - Stranded

Glimmer: "Bow... I love you... I love you..." Bow: "I love you too." —Bow and Glimmer confessing their love for each other before battle. Heart Part 1


  • She is confirmed to be bisexual.
  • During an interview with the She-Ra: Progressive of Power podcast, ND Stevenson said that Glimmer's DnD class would be a sorceress.[7]
  • When asked, "Which princess do you think has the best powers and why?", Stevenson responded that Glimmer powers' were, as they were not only cool but useful as well[8].
    • Marcus Scribner also agreed that Glimmer's powers were useful.
  • In that same Tumblr Q+A, the crew, specifically Carrero and Stevenson, jokingly mention that one of their favorite fanships would be Scorpia and Glimmer, as they would be referred to as "Glorpia".[9]
  • Glimmer's astrological sign is Sagittarius, also known as the "archer".
  • She wears Angella's earrings in Seasons Four and Five, later in Adora's future, she gives one to Bow, hinting that they are married.
  • She has some resemblance to Starfire from the original Teen Titans 2003 TV series. Both have a similar appearance, similar powers, similar personalities, and both sound nearly the same.
  • Stevenson even draws upon comparisons to the two girls in several interviews.
  • Stevenson created a playlist called "Glimmer" on Spotify, along with a few other of the main characters. These playlists seem to have songs that Stevenson identifies with the characters, or about their feelings throughout the show.


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