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George and Lance are supporting characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, their main role being Bow's parental figures.


George and Lance are both historians, specialized in the First Ones. They first appeared in "Reunion", the seventh episode of Season Two of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


George, due to his previous role as a soldier in the First Princess Alliance, is protective and did not want Bow to enter into the wars against the Horde. His initial stern parental nature led to an insistence on having Bow take over as Lance's and his heir to the Library and their historical research. In Bow's eyes, his parents wouldn't accept who he really was, making him lie about his life with The Rebellion and replacing it with life at a fake boarding school (the Academy of Historic enterprises), studying alongside Glimmer and Adora.

Lance is very energetic and kind. His personality is somewhat similar to Bow's, in that he is sentimental, optimistic, and compassionate, though in a slightly more eccentric manner. He can be flustered in the face of unexpected encounters and is easily distracted.

It is clear that the pair love each other deeply.


George is the shorter of the two, with close-cropped, graying hair, side-parted fringe, and a neatly groomed handlebar mustache. He has a First Ones tattoo on his left arm, which Adora claims reads 'Lunch', which he believed to spell out 'Love'. His tunic features a heart motif on it.

Lance is tall and slim, with long, neat dreadlocks, a hint of beard shadow, and trapezoidal pince-nez. He wears a lavender tunic and a white robe, a red sash, and socks with sandals.



Family hug.png

Bow has loving and accepting parents who have supported him and given him unconditional love. Bow tried repeatedly to tell his dads who he really is; a craftsman, a warrior, an ally of the Princesses. However, George and Lance wouldn't listen, and so Bow gave up being honest. Now that everything is out in the open their family bond is honest and, most importantly, stronger.


Glimmer never knew about George and Lance until meeting them by accident while trying to rescue Bow from what was thought to be unknown enemy, which turned out to be Bow's fear that the Princesses and his dads would find out about each other. Bow had never told them about each other, and hadn't wanted to disclose Bow's dishonesty. But now, with the truth laid bare, Glimmer is now friends with Lance and George who return their support to the princess. Glimmer encouraged Bow to tell the truth from earlier on, and reciprocates the friendly terms towards Bow's fathers.

George and Lance attended Queen Glimmer's coronation and are briefly seen at the celebration.


They first met Adora in "Reunion", where they were exceedingly absorbed in her ‘studies’. When Adora revealed herself to be the legendary warrior She-Ra, George and Lance were shocked; eventually, after Bow told them the truth about his friends and occupation, any misgivings they had about her were put behind them.



George and Lance have lived in the Library taking care of Bow and his twelve siblings, working as researchers and historians. George still remembers the first failed Princess Alliance for which enlisted, fighting for what he thought was right. When he came home, there was nothing left of his village but ash. He vowed then that his family would never get mixed up in fighting or the Princesses again.

Season Two

In "Reunion", they make their first appearance in the show, meeting Bow's friends for the first time and discovering his work in the Rebellion. They met She-Ra who fought the First Ones creature who they accidentally released. Bow had lied to them about his whereabouts, from the fear that they would reject it, however, they support him nonetheless.

Season Five

In "Return to the Fright Zone", they located a First Ones ruin and learned it's secrets. They then taught the Rebellion about the failsafe.



"We love you the way you are, Bow. And, we're proud of you, no matter what path you take in life."-Reunion

"We unearthed an ancient secret, long forgotten. A rebellion from the time of the First Ones, fighting against a powerful tyrant, just like we are." Return to the Fright Zone


"We had no idea you felt that way. We, we were just trying to encourage you to pursue your dreams. We thought we were being supportive when we really were being terrible. (weeps)."-Reunion

"Our tracker pad's been on the fritz. And you know we're useless with that kind of thing. We left a note." Return to the Fright Zone


  • Originally, Lance’s name was going to be Dirk, as stated by writer Josie Campbell [1]. George is named after the voice actor of Bow from the original 1980s She-Ra, George DiCenzo. George even bears a resemblance to Bow’s 80s incarnation, albeit with a racebend.
  • George has the word "lunch" tattooed on his left arm in the First One's language.

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