I didn't join the Princess Alliance just to fight. I joined to save people. And the Horde, even after everything they did...they're people, just like us.
— Frosta

Frosta is the princess of the Kingdom of Snows and a member of the Princess Alliance in The Rebellion. She is the youngest of the princesses on Etheria. She is one of the Elemental Princesses.


Frosta has a short cobalt blue bob cut, blunt bangs and two strands of hair that hang in front of her ears. She has almond-shaped black eyes, blue triangular eyebrows and wears a three-pointed ice crown that sits like a hairband. Her round face and short stature lend to her young age of 11 and 3 quarters, a youth she resents amongst the older princesses. She first appeared in "Princess Prom", Episode 8 of the series. In this episode, she wore a long, blue dress with a fur-lined collar and sleeves. Icicles drip from the fur around her collar, adding an element of opulence to her dress akin to a necklace. However, she chooses to forgo the dress in favor of a blue jacket lined with white fur, a dark slate blue belt, light khaki pants and fur-lined boots that are cerulean, light blue, and dark blue.


In her debut, Frosta is emotionally cool, logical and dislikes small talk. She is demanding and insists on a strict rule of law and order.

After joining the rebellion she was shown to a more childish, humorous, if not socially, inept side, using puns like "Ice of you to drop in" and laughing wildly at her own jokes; she has also seen as being very overzealous, hotheaded and reckless, charging into fights without thinking of the consequences to herself and to the rebellion. She constantly puts herself and others at risk, trying to prove her strength and prowess among the older, more accomplished princesses, in particular Glimmer, in an effort to win their friendship.

It's noticeable that after becoming friends with her fellow princesses, she has become much happier than she was in her debut.

Powers and abilities


  • Fractal Flake connection: Frosta is connected to the Fractal Flake, thus making her one of the Elemental Princesses. Her connection grants her a variety of abilities, primarily revolving around ice.
    • Cryokinesis: Frosta is able to create, shape and manipulate ice. She can also transform her hands into Ice weapons like a spike and hammer. In season 4, she transforms them into pincers.
      • Ice constructs: Frosta is seen to be able to create constructs of ice such as hammers. As well as this she is shown to be able to create a suit of armor created from ice.
        • Ice projectiles: Frosta can create shards of ice and fire them at will.
        • Ice sculptures: Frosta decorates Bright Moon with many statues of the hero's for Glimmer's coronation.
        • Ice prisons: Frosta captures several Etherian's, including Sea Hawk by surrounding them in ice.
    • Aura generation: When united with the other princesses, Frosta can generate an aura that greatly amplifies her powers. Her aura manifests in the color 'capri'.


  • Hypothermia: While she may have power of the ice and cold, Frosta herself is not immune to lower temperatures. This is seen when she wears her ice armor.



Although initially a reserved and mature character, in "The Frozen Forest", Frosta is shown to have developed a soft side for Glimmer. Idolizing her, wanting her attention and to constantly be around her, Frosta comes off as more childish and playful when around Glimmer. In comparison to "Princess Prom" and "The Battle of Bright Moon" where she is shown to be more or less indifferent to her. Frosta is quick to show off while defeating Entrapta's bots and making puns after destroying them, similar to Adora's behavior in front of Huntara when around Glimmer, suggesting somewhat of a crush of sorts.

Tumblr messaging pw3cvm9hfl1t0j601 250-1-

A doodle of Glimmer and her sparkle powers made by Frosta in "Roll With It".

Although she means well, Frosta is shown to be a little aggravating to Glimmer, disobeying orders in favor of hanging around the princess, nearly getting herself or others hurt with reckless stunts and making small talk / puns in the middle of battles to win Glimmer's approval. Despite this, Glimmer is shown to quickly save Frosta as well as reprimand her and apologize if she's hurt Frosta's feelings. It appears that Frosta can be honest with Glimmer, as in "The Frozen Forest", she reveals her friendless background and is shown to be slightly sensitive to Glimmer's chasticing.

Humorously, she sees Glimmer as her equal in some ways. Specifically, she feels she can undermine Glimmer's commands, even though she is one of the leaders of The Rebellion. Such as wandering around the Bright Moon Castle in search of Glimmer before the war meeting, and in "The Frozen Forest", ignoring her orders to stay with Spinnerella and Netossa to guard the base. Revealed in "Roll With It", even though her alter ego, Winter's Bane, doesn't care for or want friends, she sees Glimmer as her sidekick.


Frosta was initially cold to Adora at first when they first met at Princess Prom. Frosta went as far as insulting Adora for not knowing any better to be respectful, just because she's an honorary princess. She continues to neglect Adora in that episode, but in the end, Frosta apologizes to Adora and joins the Rebellion. Even though they had a rocky start at first, they ended being good friends. Frosta respects Adora's leadership.


Frosta likes Scorpia's Pincers

Frosta takes an interest in Scorpia's pincers.

Frosta was angry at her for her role in ruining the event in "Princess Prom", but after she was assigned to guard her, the two started to bond over both not fitting in. She also thinks Scorpia's pincers are really cool. It was likely she recently formed attachment to Scorpia, that Frosta begins to show sympathy towards the Horde and allows Adora, Bow and Swift Wind to sneak out of Bright Moon.

King Micah



Frosta always had negative interactions with Catra, who used to be with the Horde.

In Season 5, when Catra makes a return but as Rebellion fighter, Frosta punches Catra with her fists covered in ice, thinking that Catra was still with the Horde. Adora explains to Frosta she's now with the Rebellion. Frosta responded with "I still don't like her face".

After Horde Prime's defeat, Catra shared a hug with Frosta, along with Scorpia and Perfuma.



She was eight years old when she took over the throne in the Kingdom of Snows, and therefore never had the chance to experience a normal childhood with actual friends. Her lack of friends only made her more distant and impaired her social skills with people of her own age. This is why she doesn't know how to act around the Princesses, why she may come off as awkward and standoffish and tries harder to seem more impressive.

Season One

Princess Frosta hosted the Princess Prom in the Kingdom of Snows. At the Prom Adora and Glimmer tried to recruit her to The Alliance. Adora was thinking that if they can convince Frosta to join their Rebellion then all the other princesses are sure to follow. But in her shock at seeing the young princesses she blurts out that she can't possibly be the ruler of the Kingdom of Snows, she's only like "TEN!" Frosta responded angrily, "I'm 11 and three quarters". Later Adora went to speak to Frosta alone, but the conversation didn't go exactly as planned. Princess Frosta claimed that the Kingdom of Snows has been and always will be perfectly capable of taking care of itself. They will not join the Rebellion ― they are not threatened by the Horde. They will stay as they've always been ― neutral.

Glimmer and Adora try to get Frosta to remove Catra and Scorpia, but Frosta is adamant. She will not break the rules of Princess Prom on the word of a girl who's only an honorary princess. Frosta tells her that she has worked too long to gain the respect she is due, and she's not about to throw it away on a hunch. She lets them in. During the dance, Catra baits Adora by asking her where Bow is, as if she already knows, causing Adora to push her to the ground. Frosta, angry, traps Adora in a cage of Ice, telling her that she has broken the rules of Princess Prom and she hereby revokes her invitation. But during her speech, the building shakes and each of the heat bombs explodes. Frosta then runs to her Rune crystal and uses its energy to prevent her castle from collapsing.

Frosta joined The Battle of Bright Moon. Horde tanks got covered in frost and ice eruptions threw Horde bots. She then braced the damaged Moonstone structure with ice. Then Frosta slid into the battle on a path of ice.

Season Two

Frosta joined the rest of the Princesses on the battlefield, destroying bots with ice attacks and cracking jokes in her unique way. Back in Bright Moon she joined The Princess Alliance during a planning session. After the planning session she proposed some ideas to improve efficiency. Glimmer tasked her with guarding Bright Moon but she ignored the commander's orders and followed the hero's on their mission to capture an intact bot. Glimmer chastised Frosta and later apologized. Then the hero's joined their powers and captured the bot. During the battle Frosta was injured and later we see Adora bandaging her wound while Glimmer brushed Frosta's hair.

Frosta helped plan an attack on a Horde held fortress. She used her powers to create ice armor and weapons to defeat the enemy and sent them packing.

Season Three

Frosta joined Shadow Weaver, Glimmer, Mermista, Perfuma and Bow on a rescue mission. They teleported to the Fright Zone to rescue Adora. Shadow Weaver urged quiet so they can sneak there, but they were immediately found out when someone walked in the room. Perfuma stayed behind to hold them off while the rest pressed on, but they ran into Lonnie and Rogelio. Seeing themselves outnumbered, they quickly raised the alarm even as Mermista and Frosta held them off while Shadow Weaver, Bow, and Glimmer moved on.

Season Four

Horde Armada finally arrived 2

The princesses witness the true might of the Horde.

At Glimmer's coronation Frosta created ice sculptures for the event. She also volunteered to be a bouncer; she encased several people in ice, including Sea Hawk.

She participated in the attempt to retake Dryl and the spy investigation afterward. Later, after the Heart of Etheria was activated across Etheria as they ambushed the Horde army, the Princesses all surged with newfound power. Mermista easily battered entire fleets with tidal waves while Frosta and Perfuma laid waste to legions of Horde Robots around themselves with blasts of ice and vegetation. Then princesses all across Etheria came under the Heart of Etheria's control. First Ones' writing appeared on each princess and runestone. Mermista fell from her vortex, Frosta and Perfuma collapsed, and Scorpia collapsed just a few feet from Frosta. While this happened, light and power surged up from the planet into the skies. Then watched as Etheria was pulled into regular space, right into a fleet of Horde Prime's ships.

Season Five

Frosta along with others evacuated villagers to safety, fought bots and created a hidden base. When Shadow Weaver suggested using the Heart of Etheria she told the sorceress that she didn't like her and wouldn't listen to her ideas. When the bots attacked their base she helped relocate the refugees to the deepest part of the Whispering Woods on Adora's orders.

Micah and Frosta on good terms now S5E6

Micah and Frosta on good terms now

With Mermista being in charge, Entrapta led Scorpia and Frosta to one of Prime's spires where she believed that they could discover Glimmer's location by hacking into the spire's computer. The four Princesses sneaked past many of the bots but Entrapta wondered off and walked into a bot which activated the spires defenses. This created a heated exchange where Entrapta realized that people were mad at her for joining the Horde and her perceived lack of empathy. Entrpta apologized and with reckless abandon rushed toward the spire to get the signal and find Glimmer's location. Mermista blessed her plan and sent Scorpia and Frosta as Entrapta's back-up while she and Perfuma distracted the rest of the bots. Entrapta hacked the spire, discovered Glimmer's whereabouts and found out that Prime was sending reinforcements to Etheria. They then informed Adora and told her to leave immediately.
Fine but I still don't like her face S5E9

"Fine but I still don't like her face"

Frosta played ice-ball with Spinnerella and Netossa. Micah tried to befriend Frosta but called her "kiddo" which offended the ruler of the Kingdom of Snows. Upon learning that the Horde had been spotted near Elberon Frosta, Micah, Swift Wind, Netossa and Spinnerella went to check things out. When they arrived all the villagers were inside and acting really weird. Netossa chided Spinnerella for leaving her alone at the "party" and Spinnerella complained that "something weird" just happened to her. The villagers then closed the doors and strongly suggested the hero's stay and wait for the honored guest, Horde Prime. Then the villagers attacked their eyes turning green, revealing that they've been chipped in the same way Catra was. Frosta built an ice shield to protect everyone but the villagers broke through eventually. Only when Swift Wind felt his sacred connection to She-Ra could they escape.

When Netossa confronted Spinnerella about her strange behaviour and Spinny responded by telling her beloved that she was under Prime's control as was everyone else in the village. Spinnerella attacked Netossa and was joined by a chipped Micah who attacked Frosta and Swift Wind. Netossa threw a net over her attackers and fled with Frosta on Swift Wind.


  • Frosta is the youngest princess in the series, at almost 12 years old in the series debut. She's thirteen by the end of the series.
  • (also known in Spain as "Escarcha")
  • The only things this Frosta has in common with the original character are bangs, the Kingdom of Snows, and the ability to control ice.
    • This might be done in purpose to avoid comparisons with the character Elsa from Disney's Frozen movie franchise, since she has plenty of similarities with Frosta from the original show, while this new redesigned version avoided many of those similar traits.
  • Frosta's astrological sign is Taurus, also known as the bull.
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