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From Adora to She-Ra

[Camera shows life in background and focuses to a close up of Adora’s face with Bow’s voice behind the camera.]

[Location: A Rebel camp presumably somewhere at the edges of the Whispering Woods.]

Bow: Adora. We’re recording.

[The Camera Zooms out and shows Bow standing in front of Adora a little bit aside to unveil her.]

Bow: Hey Guys. I’m excited to introduce you to someone very important to The Rebellion and to us. Adora.

[Bow backs out of the shot to let Adora speak and coughs to signal Adora to speak.]

Adora: Oh, right. I’m also sometimes a 8ft tall warrior named She-Ra.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1-4 She-Ra transformation.]

[The camera returns back to Adora swinging down The Sword of Protection to the ground in demonstration.]

Adora: Ok, Uh, what else can I say about myself. Oh, um, I fight for The Rebellion but I was actually raised by The Horde.

[The Camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 1 and Season 1 Episode 11]

Glimmer: [teleports into view next to Adora] Remember when you first got here?

[Glimmer then laughs. The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 3]

[The returns back to Adora who admits and agrees.]

Adora: I still don’t get the waterfalls. Oh but I do know who all the Princesses are now cause I-I studied them.

[Camera statics and shows clips of season 1 episode 8.]

[The camera then returns back to below Adora who looks at her sword.]

Adora: But it's not all parties in The Rebellion. Although, there are a lot of those.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 2.]

[The camera then goes back to Adora while Glimmer teleports around her.]

Glimmer: Uh, there is plenty of fighting too.

[Adora then transforms into She-Ra.]

Adora: Good thing She-Ra has powers. Which I have totally mastered.

[The camera shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 4]

Adora: Ok maybe not totally mastered, but I’m learning new things all the time.

[The camera shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 7, Season 1 Episode 1 and Season 1 Episode 13.]

Adora: Besides, I know when things get rough my friends have my back and when we work together there’s nothing we can’t handle.

[The Camera Statics and Shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 3.]

[The Camera Then Statics back to the best friend squad hugging with Glimmer and Bow saying.]

Glimmer: Adora.

Bow: That’s so sweet.

Adora: Oh also when things get really rough, I can transform my sword.

[Adora then transforms her sword into a bow staff which hits the camera and knocks it to the ground. Glimmer makes a sound of dogging the staff.]

Bow: My tracker Pad!

Glimmer: (Breathes Out in Relief) Gotta get a better stand for that thing.

[Adora Comes to the camera and picks it up.]

Adora: Bow! I think I can turn my sword into that.

[Bow comes into the shot behind Adora.]

Bow: No, no, no…

[She-Ra and the Princesses of Power logo comes in.]

[As for Credits Place, clips from Season 1 Episode 5 and Season 1 Episode 2 appear on the background then goes to Glimmer waving her arms to present She-Ra as the preview of the Glimmer Wants YOU to Join Short.]

Glimmer: She-Ra.

[No one is beside Glimmer. The camera moves and now She-Ra stands besides Glimmer.]

[Glimmer then elbows She-Ra in the side to signal her to speak.]

She-Ra: Oh right. (Clears throat) Join The Rebellion.

[Glimmer then looks at She-Ra and waits.]

She-Ra: (Gasps) Wait no, I’m suppose to say that last.