The Fright Zone was the Evil Horde base and is one of the main seven Kingdoms of Etheria. It exists right outside of the Whispering Woods, the main force keeping the Horde from invading Bright Moon.


The Fright Zone exists in a barren wasteland. It is full of broken-down machines and pollution. It is comprised mainly of technology and exists in some sort of crater. A large canyon filled with machinery links the Fright Zone to the Flower Field. At the center of the Fright Zone is a tower or ship that looks like a giant insectoid. Based on what Hordak says about being from another planet, this may be part of his ship.

After Adora freed the magic stored in the Heart of Etheria, the land and even the buildings has been covered in vegetation making so beautiful that it's barley recognizable.


Scorpia's people lived in the Fright Zone, presumably for generations. They had the Black Garnet and Horror Hall and it was ruled by Scorpia's parents. Then Hordak's ship crashed there causing massive destruction. Hordak took over and assumed command. It has been the base of operations for The Horde for decades.



  • The Fright Zone is the first kingdom we see in the series.


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