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Etheria is a planet and the main setting of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It is the home to The Rebellion and was invaded by the Horde. The Rebellion defeated Hordak and then later Horde Prime.


Etheria is the planet where the series mainly takes place, exceptions being some episodes from Season Five. The planet is surrounded by twelve moons, which provide all-natural light and some magical energy for Etheria. There are seven Kingdoms of Etheria, most of them ruled by a Princess of Power, magical beings who draw strength from their respective Runestones. Diverse people groups populate it.

Etheria was a sister planet to Eternia, which was heavily implied to have been in the same solar system. Magically gifted people and animals first inhabited Etheria before the people of Eternia arrived to study Etheria's magic. Eternians, the highly intelligent and technologically innovative people who landed on and built massive structures on Etheria, were named the First Ones by the inhabitants of Etheria. The First Ones left technology and ruins scattered all over the planet, and many pieces of it are used as fundamental blocks for most of the kingdom's societies. The entire world is linked through the many interconnected tech systems, the Heart of Etheria, which was built by the First Ones, as discovered by Princess Entrapta.

A thousand years ago, Etheria was moved to the starless, empty dimension of Despondos by Mara, the previous She-Ra. Mara opened a portal and sent Etheria to Despondos to prevent the Heart of Etheria Project from destroying it. Upon discovering that the First Ones were using the Runestones to store the magic of Etheria in its core to turn the entire planet into an immense weapon, Mara sacrificed herself to prevent this weapon from destroying whole worlds. When Mara sent Etheria to Despondos, the other First Ones were removed from or abandoned Etheria before the planet traveled through the portal.

Centuries later, Hordak, a clone of Horde Prime, fell through a portal, and he and his ship crash-landed on Etheria's province, the Fright Zone. He then started a war between its indigenous peoples, namely the Princesses and their subjects, and his Horde. This hive-like organization raises its recruits brutally and in a rather cult-like fashion. The Horde was attempting to take over all of Etheria. Although the Horde's former leader, Hordak, is from another planet, all of the recruits working for the Horde are native to Etheria.

Some decades later, Light Hope opened a little portal to bring a baby Adora to Etheria to make her someday become the new She-Ra and carry out the Heart of Etheria Project.

Etheria brought back to its original dimension

Etheria was nearly destroyed when Catra activated Hordak's portal machine using the Sword of Protection, which caused all of reality to collapse upon itself. The planet, and all of reality, were saved when Queen Angella sacrificed herself to remove the sword from the portal and return it to Adora who then returned to Etheria with the sword.

A while later Light Hope led Scorpia to connect with her runesone, the Black Garnet, in order to activate the Heart of Etheria. After the activation of the Heart of Etheria, Light Hope managed to bring the planet out of Despondos and back into the wider universe. Adora deactivated the Heart of Etheria by destroying the Sword of Protection, a massive Horde fleet arrived and began circling the globe.

The Horde Armada surrounds Etheria

Then Horde Prime began trying to enslave Etheria by sending his army to the planet and getting the people under his control by chipping them, making them his loyal servants, and connecting them to the hive mind. Whist Adora and her friends were in Space; Prime took over more and more people of Etheria until there were just a small fraction of the rebellion was left, fighting back. But Adora and her friends returned and turned the tide of the war; Entrapta created a program that shut down all the chips freeing all of Prime's slaves while Adora destroyed the galactic tyrant and the Horde by using an ancient fail safe code to free the magic stored in the Heart of Etheria; restoring peace at long last. 




Bright Moon Plumeria Salineas The Kingdom of Snows
Dryl Mystacor The Fright Zone

Villages and towns

Elberon Thaymor Alwyn Erelandia
The Valley of the Lost Seaworthy Sea Elf Village

Horde Locations

Fright Zone (formally) Horror Hall (formally)

Etheria's Moons

  • The Twelve moons orbiting Etheria supply the planet's light, contribute to the princesses' magic, and help balance the planet's magical ecosystem. The Moonstone is linked to the magic of the moons, which may be why Angella was the queen and why Glimmer is now queen.

Other locations

Beast Island Crimson Waste Crystal Castle
The Library Northern Reach The Whispering Woods
The Straits of Serpentine The Watchtower Crimson Waste Cantina


The only confirmed non-Etherians living on the planet are Adora (a First One/Eternian), Hordak, Wrong Hordak (from unknown planet) and Melog (from the planet Krytis).

ND Stevenson explained that Etheria had been lit by its moons, which are all magic [1].