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Eternia was a planet whose inhabitants had extended contact with Etheria and is the birthplace of Adora. Eternia is the home of the citizens that Etherians call "First Ones". It is also the password to function many things created by them.


Over a thousand years ago, the First Ones colonized Etheria and constructed the Heart of Etheria, making the whole planet a weapon. The core of the globe possessed powerful magic that they had planned to make use of. It is connected and its magic channeled through the Sword of Protection, wielded by the She-Ra. The power would bring great destruction.

Grayskull member Mara, a First One herself, was supposed to lead the project as She-Ra, but she didn't know how terrible the results would be until it was too late. Wanting to end the project, she rescued Etheria by sending it through a portal to the dimension of Despondos, where a shrouding layer around them in space would keep the planet protected from the rest of the universe.

At some point, approximately sixteen to eighteen years ago on Etheria, Light Hope, a robot who was built to work for the First Ones, opened a portal to Eternia and brought Adora, also a First One, through. Her intention was to continue the Heart of Etheria project by training another She-Ra. Light Hope let Hordak find the baby First One. He then took the infant Adora back with him to the the Fright Zone of Etheria, where Shadow Weaver raised her.


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  • Eternia is referenced in the following episodes of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:
    • S1E2: when Adora opens Light Hope's place, Adora says, "Eternia."
    • S1E11: A similar thing happens.
    • S3E1: both Shadow Weaver and Light Hope refer to Adora being initially from another planet.
    • S4E11: The signal broadcasting from the heart of Beast Island is a "backmasked" (backwards audio) message. When played reversed to create normal speech, it states, "Planetwide evacuation required. All units return to Eternia." This is one of the more explicit pieces of evidence that the First Ones hail from Eternia.
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