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Imperfection is beautiful.
— Entrapta, to Hordak

Entrapta is the princess of Dryl. She is one of the Non-Elemental Princesses and a member of the Rebellion throughout seasons one to three, known for her technology and upbeat comments. The team's brash nature caused her to turn to the Horde, but she reunited with the Rebellion in Season Five, recognizing the consequences of her actions.


Entrapta became a member of the Princess Alliance in the episode System Failure. Soon after, because of an accidental misunderstanding she turned against the Rebellion and joined the Horde. She became a major antagonist in the series, but later in the series her position was put in jeopardy by Catra's actions and she was sent to Beast Island. Entrapta, along with King Micah, were eventually rescued, the Alliance successfully convincing her to rejoin Rebellion. After Horde Prime was defeated and Etheria was saved, she was once again reunited with Hordak, and it was heavily implied that the two formed a romantic relationship.


Entrapta is fairly short and a bit stocky, only about as tall as Glimmer, and has olive skin, rose eyes, and long, lilac-colored hair that she wears in pigtails, which she can move and control at will like a limb (prehensile). She is always wearing her work attire, consisting of heavy gloves, steel-toed boots, arm covers, a welding mask with red lenses, and a pair of overalls worn like pants. The shoulder straps are left loose over a white undershirt, which has been blotted with grease. Entrapta consistently stays in this outfit, even during Princess Prom. She also conceals a number of devices and gadgets on her person, like "any respectable scientist."

During her time on Beast Island, Entrapta's appearance changes due to the dangerous conditions surrounding her. She sports a new mask with bug like eye-holes (what she sees through), which has a cracked lens as a result of possible trauma. It seemed that she hadn't maintained her hair, her fringe grown out and the ends appearing filthy from the environment. She also gains three small scratches on her left cheek. At that point, Entrapta had her overalls fully on, unlike previous times where it was hanging loose.

After returning from Beast Island, the scratches and dirt are gone, and Entrapta's fringe is trimmed again.


Entrapta is incredibly hyperactive, cheerful, intelligent, bubbly, and optimistic. She's kind to everyone she meets, never threatening or harming anyone directly, including robots. She has a very positive outlook on life (even in moments of grave danger), and doesn't seem to mind what's going on around her as long as she can perform her experiments and research. Despite frequent scientific complications, Entrapta finds each failure as an opportunity to learn. She also believes that she herself is a failure but sees the term in positive light. In spite of her kindness, Entrapta is shown to be rather lonely and can be extremely heartbroken. Due to this, she is vulnerable and can be easily manipulated, such as when Catra almost effortlessly convinced her to join the Horde, believing that the other princesses had abandoned her.

Entrapta's most prominent traits are her obliviousness and her one-track mind. While she can recognize danger, her single-mindedness has led her to wander off in the the Fright Zone to the point where Perfuma had to tie her up, disregard her promise to Catra not to enter Hordak's sanctum to find a six-sided hex driver, ignore Hordak's threat to her, work on his project without his consent, and steal food from Catra and Micah. Finally, due to her interest in Horde Prime's spire, she went right towards it, barely noticing the small army of war machines and surveillance drones surrounding it.

Before moving in with Hordak and the Horde itself, Entrapta lived in a building that was only easily navigable by robots. While there, she had a small kitchen staff who cooked her tiny foods and concocted fizzy drinks for her. They were shown to be rather uncomfortable with her robots as they said they could never get used to them.

In the final season, Entrapta finally realized her actions had consequences and felt genuine guilt for the terrible things she did with the Horde, wanting to redeem herself. She also admitted she had poor people skills and thought if she could help people with tech, they would like her. Deep down, she truly cares about her fellow princesses.

Powers and abilities


  • Expert Engineer: Entrapta has a brilliant technical mind and thus is incredibly adept at creating new technology and adapting old technology.


  • Prehensile Hair/Trichokinesis: Entrapta is able to manipulate and use her hair as though it was another appendage, as an extension of her body, like an arm or leg. Entrapta is explicitly said to not have a Runestone, so where this ability derives from is unclear, though given Entrapta's propensity for technology, it is likely some form of technological modification.



Entrapta met Adora, Bow, and Glimmer when the three of them found their way into Dryl. The town was being attacked by the killer robots Entrapta accidentally made in an experiment. Adora recruited her into the Princess Alliance after helping her stop the robots.

During a rescue mission to save Glimmer and Bow from the Horde, Entrapta went back to help her robot friend, Emily. In doing so she was trapped behind a door which was then "purged", and the princesses believed that she had been burned alive, thus never going back for her. The rest of the alliance told Adora that she was gone, and Adora blamed herself as a result. Perfuma made a statue out of vines in Entrapta's honor.

Adora trying to reason with Entrapta.

After reuniting with Adora in Season Three, Adora apologized to Entrapta and explained what really happened during the mission to the The Fright Zone. Entrapta, who had been working closely with Hordak for some time, defended her work with the Horde. She also defended Catra, saying that, according to the data, Catra was her friend. Adora warned Entrapta that opening the portal for Hordak would result in the planet's destruction. Entrapta was hesitant about trusting Adora, but ran some extra tests on the portal device and found Adora's words to be true. Before she could warn Hordak, Catra tased her and told Horned Goon Girl to send her to Beast Island.

After the portal is opened in Season Three, Entrapta was automatically aware of the altered timeline and memories of her previous life were lost. When Adora reached out to her she regained her all her memories. Before fading from the timeline she thanked Adora for being her friend, forgiving her. In Season Four, Adora came to rescue her friend and presented Entrapta with Mara's Ship, which she was overjoyed to receive and named Darla.


Glimmer got to know Entrapta while Adora was infected by the First Ones' Data disk, which Entrapta had been experimenting on. Glimmer was very upset about her supposed death during the mission to the Fright Zone. As a result, Glimmer couldn't keep the Princess Alliance together. She soon found out that Entrapta was still alive and tried to rescue her, only to learn of her betrayal and new allegiance to the Horde. However, Entrapta is still kind and friendly towards Glimmer and the other members of The Rebellion. Although Glimmer and Entrapta have had multiple interactions, in Season Five, Entrapta briefly forgets who Glimmer is in Launch.


Bow and Entrapta reconcile.

Bow liked Entrapta because of her inventions, explaining to Glimmer and Adora that they're alike in that aspect. When they first met she seemed almost embarrassed by him complimenting her work and gave him her hair for him to kiss instead of her hand. It was Bow who realized that Entrapta was alive; he recognized her genius work while studying a Horde bot that he had captured. He was devastated by her betrayal, especially after learning that it was Entrapta who hacked the Black Garnet. However, just like Glimmer, Entrapta seems to still view Bow as a friend. After Bow and Adora came to rescue her from Beast Island she was hesitant to leave because of everything that happened before but after Bow's encouragement (and the fact that they brought a working First Ones' spaceship) she decided to go with them.


Perfuma's vine statue of Entrapta

Perfuma's vine statue of Entrapta

Perfuma had a hard time keeping her on track during Glimmer's rescue, and would often lose her. Entrapta would run off, finding robots or wires, and become distracted from the mission. Perfuma was annoyed. After she saw Entrapta go back for Emily and the door shut behind her, she felt it was best to break away from the Alliance, in fear that remaining together would result in vulnerability. Despite their short time together, Perfuma was devastated by her "death" and created a statue made of vines for her in her honor. When it was completed, Perfuma broke down crying as she mourned her friend. She was very angry at Entrapta for siding with the Horde, but after helping them track down Glimmer, she eventually forgave her.


Mermista and Entrapta never really bonded until the rescue mission where they worked as a team to get rid of Rogelio. They did a triumphant high-five after their victory. Mermista made sure that she stayed on track when the Horde spotted them and began to attack. There were times when Mermista was annoyed of Entrapta because she acted different, at one point telling her to speak "normally." She, along with Perfuma, also disrespected Entrapta when Entrapta had her own ideas and they were never taken seriously. When she revealed that Entrapta was likely dead, she turned her head away in sorrow. She temporally split from the Alliance, saying it was being together that caused Entrapta's supposed death. When they were reunited Mermista showed resentment for her betrayal, but was willing to give Entrapta a second chance, and after a successful mission, despite a bad first view to the idea of Entrapta's return, Mermista welcomed her back to the rebellion. Mermista was also the first princess from the Rebellion to question Entrapta's relationship with Hordak after witnessing the two together and asked if everyone was okay with their relationship, for which there is no reply from the others.


Frosta was sad when she thought Entrapta was dead, but she was even more hurt by Entrapta's disloyalty and her helping the Horde. Entrapta successfully made amends with her and the other princesses.

In Season Five, after Entrapta had ran off obliviously towards the spire, endangering the other princesses, she had never realized how much her actions affected other people. Frosta reminded Entrapta angrily of when she was with the Horde and the consequences of her helping them, such as the bots she created to attack the rebellion. Entrapta feels bad for what she had done, and decides to make up for them by helping her friends and getting the signal. Frosta covers for Entrapta, and fondly smiles at her later that episode, seeming to have forgiven her.


Entrapta and Catra first met at "Princess Prom". Entrapta stole Catra's food, then struck up a conversation. This caused a lot of concern on the part of Adora, when Catra teased her about her newfound friendship with the Princess of Dryl.

After Entrapta was accidentally left behind in The Fright Zone, Catra found her in a pipe and immediately chained her up. Catra demanded information, and implied that Entrapta could be hurt or tortured until she spoke up. Entrapta willingly gives them the information that they need without hesitation, including the knowledge that First Ones' Technology emits a signal that can be traced. Catra manipulates her into thinking that her friends aren't coming back for her, and says that the same happened to both her and Scorpia. She later gives Entrapta the freedom to do her scientific experiments as she pleases. Even after Adora told her the truth Entrapta still believed Catra was her friend, citing "the data", however when she learned the portal experiment was unsafe, Entrapta wanted to stop it, but Catra betrayed her, paralyzed her, and sent her to Beast Island. At first Catra appeared visibly disturbed by what she had done, but then quickly covered it up and moved on (although she would later have nightmares about what she had done). When Entrapta remembered this in the alternate reality, she was visibly saddened.

Entrapta removes Catra's Horde Chip

The two met again during the events of Season Five. As Catra's chip was sending a signal, Adora argued that Entrapta should look at it and attempt to remove it. Catra was against it and said Entrapta would kill her; Entrapta was confused as to why Catra would think that, until she realizes it was because of Catra sending her to Beast Island. However, once the chip was removed, Catra thanked her, and tearfully apologized to Entrapta for her actions. Entrapta patted her on the head with her hair, and forgave her.


Scorpia views Catra and Entrapta as best buddies. She instantly takes a liking to Entrapta, and creates art of the three of them all holding hands. Similar to Bow, Scorpia dubbed their group the "Super Pal Trio." In Season Three, Scorpia is witness to Catra attacking and banishing Entrapta to Beast Island, and is visibly upset. She questions Catra's actions, before Catra threatens her. Scorpia's desire to save Entrapta is what led Scorpia to leave the Horde and ask the other princess for help.

In the alternate reality created by the portal, among Entrapta's robot friends were robots resembling Scorpia and Hordak.


During Season One, Hordak found out about Entrapta and Catra's plans from his Imp. To the surprise of all involved he approved of their plans, and welcomed her into the Horde despite her being a princess.

Entrapta telling Hordak what the portal could do for the Horde.

In Season Two, after failing an experiment, Hordak finds Entrapta has invaded his sanctum to try and help him. He demands for her to leave, but she continues to work. This surprises him, as it seems he was trying to scare her away. He tells her that there will be dire consequences for invading his privacy but he soon sees that she was right in fixing his experiment. Entrapta sneaks back in immediately after she was told to leave and demands Hordak tell her everything about his experiment, especially after he states she wouldn't understand due to the fact she's from a backwater planet. When Hordak reveals that there are countless galaxies and sees Entrapta's excitement, he grins.

Entrapta excited to have a lab partner.

He allows her to help him and angrily dismisses Catra when she comes in to escort Entrapta out of his sanctum under the impression that Entrapta was disturbing him. After telling Catra he'll be using Entrapta for assistance, Entrapta excitedly tells Emily that she has never had a lab partner before. Catra is shocked by this as Shadow Weaver had previously told her that Hordak would never trust her with his plans just like he never trusted her. This shows that while he knows very little about Entrapta, and the fact that she's a princess, he trusts her with his work far more than Catra and Shadow Weaver, who have been loyal to the Horde for years.

Entrapta talking to Hordak on his throne.

Some time later, Entrapta unintentionally interrupts a meeting between Catra and Hordak after causing the power grid to go off when working. When realizing she interrupted them she decides to leave but Hordak wishes for her to stay and instead dismisses Catra. As Catra leaves, she turns back to see Hordak sitting on his throne with Entrapta sitting on the arm rest as she tells him when they can start experimenting again.

Hordak hiding his injury.

Hordak and Entrapta become closer during the events of Season Three and it is hinted that they have begun developing romantic feelings for one another. While Hordak works, he starts to feel pain but hides it from Entrapta when she pops into the room. After discovering Hordak wishes to get rid of Catra, Entrapta argues back with facts and states Catra has improved the Horde though he angrily dismisses her. Instead of arguing back, Entrapta leaves though she is visibly discouraged by the outcome. Hordak decides to spare Catra from being sent to Beast Island and sends her to The Crimson Waste instead. Even though Hordak intended for Catra to never come back from The Crimson Waste, and had previously dismissed Entrapta earlier, this not only shows that Entrapta was able to change his mind, but shows that he listens to her whether he acts like it or not.

Hordak protecting Entrapta.

During a trial to open the portal, Hordak is seen smiling at Entrapta rather than the seemingly successful portal before them. However, the trial fails and results in a explosion. Hordak pulls Entrapta towards him, as she had gotten too close, and shields her with his body, resulting in his own injuries. In anger, he tells Entrapta to get out and states their work on the portal is finished despite her wanting to continue. She only leaves when Imp tugs her hair and gently pulls her away. But as the doors close, she looks back at Hordak with concern.

Entrapta worrying about Hordak.

After coming back to convince Hordak to work on the portal again, she sees Hordak without his armor and tries to leave before accidentally drawing attention to herself. He orders her to leave, only to end up collapsing, Entrapta ran over to help him. When he wakes up, he sees that Entrapta has wrapped him up in a blanket and made him soup, though she made little cups of soup instead of one large one. When getting up and almost collapsing again, Entrapta learns about Hordak's physical limitations, as well as his reliance on his cybernetic parts to be physically stable. He previously tried to tell her it's none of her concern but argues that as a scientist she won't stop until she knows what's happening to him. In frustration, he tells her that he is a defected clone of Horde Prime, how he arrived in Etheria, and the purpose of the portal.

Entrapta preparing a stunned Hordak for his new armor.

After hearing his story, she instantly builds him a new suit while attempting to boost his self-esteem. She states he shouldn't be hard on himself for not being perfect and goes to explain that imperfection not only makes scientific experimentation possible but she finds imperfection to be beautiful. This left Hordak speechless and stunned. She tells him that he shouldn't be obsessed with failure and that she is a failure herself, he was quick to disagree, but before he could refute her statement she gently shushes him with her hair and continues speaking.

Entrapta and Hordak are now friends.

After finishing his armor, Hordak is pleased with her work and states he feels powerful. The suit contains a crystal with First Ones writing, which spells "LUVD" on it, though Hordak and possibly Entrapta may not be able to read it. He struggles to thank her and says he acknowledges the work she put into his suit, he says she is not a failure to him and those who believe she is are fools. Entrapta then calls him her friend, and he replies with a smile. After this, the two start working on the portal again.

Entrapta and Hordak smiling at each other as she states there's no rush in finishing the portal.

When trying out his new suit, Entrapta watches him and sees he is pleased by her work. She goes to fix his arm after he slightly damages it when testing it out too much and states it won't work perfectly overnight. Entrapta is noticeably sad at the thought of Hordak leaving to go back to Horde Prime when the portal is working but then quickly mentions there is no rush and the two could keep working on the portal together while collecting a lot data. Hordak smiles at her in response.

Entrapta and Hordak realizing the portal can be completed now.

Catra returns from The Crimson Waste and gives them She-Ra's sword and Entrapta realizes it's the key to getting the portal to work. Hordak and Entrapta glance at each other and both seem to be slightly disappointed that the portal could be completed. When talking to Adora, Hordak falls to his knees in pain and Entrapta drops the sword to go to his side. When he's back on his feet, she places her hair on his shoulder though he angrily pushes her hair away and yells at her to finish the portal. Unlike most times he's yelled at her, this is the first time she is visibly saddened and even hurt by his outburst. Despite this, she continues to work and waits for Hordak to return so the two could open the portal together.

Entrapta attempting to comfort Hordak.

After Adora warns her about the dangers of opening the portal, Entrapta does more testing before coming to the conclusion that the portal is too dangerous. However when Catra comes in and orders her to open the portal, Entrapta argues back and states she needs to find Hordak to warn him. Catra stuns her before sending her to Beast Island and goes to Hordak to open the portal. It's possible Catra knew that if Entrapta were to tell Hordak, he would not have opened the portal. When Hordak requests for Catra to bring Entrapta to him, she lies and tells Hordak that Entrapta betrayed him, which hurt him deeply.

Entrapta remembering Hordak smiling.

In the alternate reality created by the portal, among Entrapta's robot friends were robots resembling Scorpia and Hordak. Hearing Hordak's name triggers Entrapta's real memories to come back to her. She recalls the two of them working together, making Hordak his new armor, and him smiling at her. She remembers him fondly and tells Adora, Glimmer, and Bow that Hordak was her lab partner before remembering what Catra has done to her.

After being trapped in Beast Island for an unknown amount of time, Entrapta is sad hearing Hordak's name.

There was very little development in their relationship in Season Four as Entrapta was trapped on Beast Island but Hordak was shown to deeply affected by her "betrayal." Earlier in the season, while Scorpia was searching for Entrapta's recordings, she decided the best way to find them was to think like her. While doing this she mentions Hordak as one of the things Entrapta finds most significant in her life. Later on, Entrapta has been on the island for an unknown period of time but it's possible that she decided to stay put not only because of First Ones tech but also for Hordak to find her. Since she had previously stayed put in the Fright Zone after the rescue mission for Bow and Glimmer it's likely she was doing it again. However when Bow mentions how he thought Entrapta was still with Hordak, she frowns and then hides her face behind her mask.

When Beast Island tries to make her a part of it by exposing her vulnerabilities, Entrapta says being involved with the princesses and then Hordak confused her and came to the conclusion she wasn't meant for friendship. She states she's always been misunderstood and everyone leaves her behind. In the end, Adora gets through to her with the promise of riding in a First Ones ship, and she returns to Bright Moon where she rejoins the Rebellion. Adora orders her and Bow to go to the Fright Zone to find Glimmer and though Bow finds Glimmer and Hordak, Entrapta is nowhere to be seen. She would be unaware of Hordak attempting to kill Catra for discovering that she sent her to Beast Island and Horde Prime took him to be reconditioned.

Entrapta hoping the clone is Hordak.

During the events of Season Five, Entrapta goes to space with Adora and Bow to save Glimmer before returning to the ship to save Catra. While she is paired up with Bow, they end up trapped in the wrong room, and as Bow fights off their attackers, she notices a clone and questions if that clone is actually Hordak. Although it was not shown on-screen, it is revealed she had found Hordak's "LUVD" crystal, which was left at the Fright Zone after his battle with Catra. It's possible that she went searching for him when she arrived but could only to find his crystal, which she would keep on her. She holds the crystal up and asks if it was really him, and if he remembers the crystal, or her. The clone attacks her, knocking the crystal out of her hand which prompts Bow to step in and save her. Once the clone is suppressed, Entrapta reveals she has crossed the clone off her list of clones that could possibly be Hordak. Bow is surprised to discover Entrapta had a list to begin with. After the clone is unable to connect to the hive mind, Wrong Hordak, as Bow would name him, would help the two to the server room, leaving the crystal behind.

Entrapta is relieved to know Hordak is remembering her.

After returning to Etheria, Entrapta would leave the Rebellion's hideout to look for a signal with Swift Wind. She would be caught by Hordak, marking the first meeting between the two since the portal. He grabs her wrist and closes in on her, demanding to know why she is there. She stares at him silently before he asks her why he knows her face, confirming her suspicions of his identity. After calling him by his name, he pleads with her not to call him that, as he has forfeited all connections to who he was before. He presents the crystal to her and asks what she did to him, blaming her for the subconscious tendencies leading him to stray from Horde Prime. However distressed he may be, Entrapta is relieved to see Hordak is remembering her.

Entrapta smiling at a computer image of Hordak.

Their moment is ruined when Swift Wind arrives to defend Entrapta, believing Hordak to be a threat to her. As he pulls her away, she is visibly saddened by the thought of being separated from him again, but Hordak tells her to go, hoping his surging memories of her will cease, as they are making him imperfect. She then reminds him that his imperfections are beautiful, which stuns him as much as it did the first time she said it to him. After returning back to camp, Entrapta gets to work, but not before pulling up a picture of Hordak on her monitor, to which she smiles fondly at.

Hordak retaliating against Horde Prime.

During the final battle with Horde Prime, Entrapta is caught and held captive as she watches the war waging on Etheria take place. After she belittles his efforts on more than one occasion, Horde Prime orders Hordak to execute her. Hordak turns his cannon on her hesitantly, but does not fire. She closes her eyes and waits for whatever outcome awaits, but Hordak retaliates against the order and instead fires on Horde Prime. Entrapta watches on as he confronts Horde Prime, establishing himself as an individual, and effectively crediting Entrapta for giving him the foundation he needed to believe in himself. After he seemingly defeats Horde Prime, Entrapta quickly picks the locks to her restraints and goes to run up to Hordak, only to see that Horde Prime has taken possession over his body.

Hordak and Entrapta are happy to be together again.

After Adora frees Hordak from Horde Prime's complete control, Entrapta runs into Hordak's arms. She is visibly excited to have him back and states the two have much to catch up on. The two are last seen walking together with her arms around his, laughing and talking, and with Mermista questioning their relationship. It is implied the two formed a romantic relationship after the battle.


Entrapta meets Emily

Emily is a Horde robot that was modified by Entrapta. Entrapta had risked her life to save Emily when she was leaving after a rescue mission to save Bow and Glimmer. It's because of this Entrapta was thought to be dead but in reality was hiding in the Fright Zone with Emily. The two would be seen together very often and has occasionally been seen sitting on Emily though she does not seem to mean it. Emily is rather protective of Entrapta as seen when her and Imp want Entrapta to leave Hordak alone after a failed experiment caused him to scream at Entrapta. When Entrapta sneaks back in, Emily is trying to push her to leave as though she is scared of Hordak hurting her if she was caught. When Entrapta is building a new suit for Hordak she states how Emily is "glitchy," but Entrapta says that is why she likes her so much.

When Entrapta is betrayed by Catra, Emily is taken in by Scorpia but is shown to miss Entrapta very much. Despite seeing Catra betraying Entrapta, Emily would get close to Catra after a nightmare (perhaps picking up Entrapta's lack of fear) and only being scared of her after Catra scratched her. Scorpia discovers Entrapta put her recordings in Emily and it could only be accessible if she was destroyed. Scorpia would lie to Catra to keep Emily safe before the two would join the Rebellion, wanting their help to save Entrapta. Even though Entrapta returned from Beast Island, the two were not reunited as Entrapta would have to leave immediately to the Fright Zone with Bow and Swift Wind. However, they do reunite in Season Five and after returning from space, introduces Emily and Wrong Hordak to each other.

Emily's Kid Sister

EKS was developed using Horde robots mixed with First Ones' Technology. As Entrapta normally would be, she was excited about the robot, and was upset when they got destroyed and even more so when Catra blew one up.


Darla was Mara's spaceship. Entrapta messed with the functions of Darla while using it, and wagged her eyebrows, affectionately saying they would spend some "quality time" together as she fixed it up.



Young Entrapta with her "parents".

Entrapta was seen to have robotic parents which she most likely built since she is holding a wrench proudly and the robot's seem to have first one's tech in the center of their chests. For some time the only other (known) people she had in the castle are the kitchen staff. Otherwise, her past is unknown.

Season One

Entrapta is first introduced in the episode "System Failure", where she is introduced as the leading expert on technology and having discovered a disk that turns robots (and She-Ra) 'evil'. After being rescued, she agrees to build weapons for the Resistance. Later, she is seen attending Princess Frosta's Princess Prom in the episode of the same name, observing people and collecting/eating 'tiny food' (which she is extremely fond of). Later, she is seen assisting the Princess Alliance in rescuing Glimmer and Bow. Though the mission is successful, Entrapta gets distracted by a robot (she is fond of technology) and a door shuts behind her and fire flares out of it, implying she is dead. It's later proven to be untrue when she is found by Catra.

Entrapta then joins the Horde after Catra persuades her she was left behind by the other princesses on purpose, and she helps Catra hack the Black Garnet to power it up and she also talks about how the First Ones tech runs "right through the core of Etheria". Here she seems to be talking about the Heart of Etheria Project. After the freezing of the whispering woods leads to the Battle of Bright Moon, Hordak recognizes Entrapta's work and approves her plans.

Season Two

Entrapta quickly becomes friends with Catra and even more so with Hordak. Entrapta becomes a favorite of Hordak's, loving the opportunity to apply her skills while the other loves the technology she produces for them. She makes several specialized robots with First Ones technology, and accompanies Catra into the northern reaches to acquire more technology for further experimentation. When she learned of Hordak's portal experiment, she said what good it can do but Hordak says she is thinking too small. It was then that he reveals that there are other worlds besides Etheria

Season Three

In the first episode, Entrapta receives the same transmission that Bow received but was only able to translate the word "portal". She told Hordak about the location of the transmission and he sends Catra there to find the First Ones tech.


While helping Hordak build a portal, she discovers that his armor is ineffective and that he is in pain. She builds a new exoskeletal armor for him that supports his alien body and is considerably more effective. He reveals his past to her, and they become genuine friends (hinting to the possibility of seeing each other more than that) rather than simple lab partners. At the thought of him leaving, Entrapta wants to go slow about building the portal so they could have more time together. However, the key they need to complete it is brought by Catra, forcing them to continue.

Entrapta's diagnostic representation of Etheria following the opening of a portal.

Entrapta then continues to help with the portal until Adora tells her to check into anomalies, of which Entrapta finds some that would completely break space-time should the portal be opened. She recognizes the dangers of the experiment and that they should not follow through with their plans to open the portal. Catra however arrives and demands it be opened, despite Entrapta describing the risks. Catra demands it be made no matter what, and Entrapta hotly refuses, saying that Hordak would understand. She turns to go tell him, but is electrocuted from behind by Catra and passes out. Catra then orders Entrapta to be taken to Beast Island and lies to Hordak saying that Entrapta was the one that let the princesses into the Fright Zone. This deeply hurts Hordak.

Season Four

Entrapta states she gets left behind by everyone.

At the beginning of the season, Entrapta is on Beast Island and is still alive. Although she was sent there as a punishment, she ends up enjoying it because of all the new technology and information she has acquired. Bow then mentions that he thought she was still with Hordak, and Entrapta is visibly saddened when hearing his name but hides her emotions behind her mask. She proceeds to take the rescue party to the First Ones temple where she set up shop. There, it was revealed that Beast Island is where the First Ones hid their secrets and Entrapta tells her friends about the Heart of Etheria Project. When Adora, Bow, Swift Wind and Micah try to escape the island, she protests. She wants stay on Beast Island because she feels she doesn't fit in anywhere and that no one understands her, and that Beast Island is where she belongs. As she says this, mysterious vines begin to cover her body and she is clearly in some sort of trance. She feels that everyone she knows or starts to see as a friend abandons her such as Adora, whom she still believes abandoned her at the Fright Zone after their rescue mission. In her mind, she had a similar situation with Catra and even Hordak. However, the offer of studying a First Ones ship convinces her to return and then she turns to Bow and tells him that she is happy that they're friends.

Entrapta and Bow realize they are not in Despondos anymore.

After returning to Bright Moon, Adora orders Bow, Swift Wind and Entrapta to go to The Fright Zone but they were stopped because Swift Wind felt the negative effects of the Heart and collapsed. When Etheria was brought out of Despondos to its original dimension, she and Bow were awestruck by seeing stars for the first time. Entrapta was not seen with Bow when he tried to rescue Queen Glimmer.

Season Five

Entrapta accepted back by the other princesses

Entrapta plays a significant role in Season Five and is forced to come to terms with her own priorities. When accused of caring about nothing but technology and not appreciating her friends, she admits she has poor people skills, but thought that if she proved what she could do with technology, people would like her better. After a successful mission with the other princesses, she is effectively forgiven and able to feel accepted.


Entrapta is then sent on the rescue mission to space with Adora and Bow where her technological assets are put to the test due to several encounters with clones, ship failures, and other correlated events. On the mission, she mistakes a random Galactic Horde clone, or Wrong Hordak, for Hordak, leading him to be stunned by Bow, which ultimately rewired him. She insists they keep him around, as he is harmless now that he has been separated from the hive mind. Throughout the season, she is seen teaching him about mundane things outside of his knowledge, such as facial expressions and hand gestures.

Entrapta forgives Catra

When sent to find a way to disable the chips, Entrapta explains to Swift Wind that she wants to help her friends. Reflecting back on the encounter from earlier in the season where she struggled with such a priority. She runs into Hordak, relieved to see that despite Horde Prime reconditioning him, he remembers her, especially when he shows her that he has the "LUVD" crystal that she gave him in Season Three with his upgraded armor. Their reunion is cut short when Swift Wind comes in to protect her, thinking she was in danger. Despite being visibly sadden by being separated from him once more, she leaves and reminds Hordak, who wishes his memories of her would leave him, that his imperfections are beautiful and leaves him stun, just as he was the first time she told him.

In the attempt to infiltrate the system, she is captured by Horde Prime, but luckily Bow is able to finish her work and rapidly disables the chips. Horde Prime then orders Hordak to kill her but he turns on Horde Prime, stating he was more then what Horde Prime created him to be and even made a friend, Entrapta. Horde Prime then possesses Hordak's body and takes Entrapta as a hostage to the battlefield. At the end of the season, Entrapta is shown to be happily reunited with Hordak, where it's heavily implied that the two form a romantic relationship soon afterwards.


"Me and Darla are going to spend some quality time together." -Taking Control

"I'm sorry I'm bad at listening! I'm sorry I mess everything up! But you need this signal, and I'm gonna get it for you. Glimmer needs us."-Launch

"You can't control us. You don't understand what makes us strong. And that's why you'll never win!"-Heart Part 2

"Me? Why would I want to hurt you? Ooh, you mean because you sent me to Beast Island, stole my work, and used it to rip a hole in the fabric of space and time? I get it." [Puts on scary-looking mask and brandishes six scary-looking surgical tools with her hair-tendrils.] "Hold still!" - Taking Control

"Different groups are forced to mingle. Hierarchies form and break. It's the perfect place to observe behavior. And they have tiny food! Where's Bow? I wanna show him my new recorder."-Princess Prom

"Wait, do I need to explain what math is?"

"Well, there’s no reason to get huffy because an experiment fails. Failure is a vital part of scientific endeavor. [She goes to the table and grabs the hex driver, continuing her conversation with Emily.] What if I have given up on you after the first explosion? Or the fiftieth?! I know, I should leave. But I have to stay, for science!!!"-Signals

"[using her hair to adjust things out of frame] Everybody needs help sometimes. And you shouldn't be upset that your're not perfect--take Emily! [Emily rolls on her belly and beeps] Her programming is glitchy, the left leg sticks, and she's loud. [Emily spins in place and beeps louder] Emily's got quirks, but that's why I like her. [a hair tendril reaches over and pats Emily with a couple metallic thumps] Imperfection is what makes scientific experimentation possible."-Huntara (episode)

"This is amazing! [lowers head as danger approaches.] And also very bad."

"Wow the door is infected too, that is so smart! And bad we're all gonna die."-System Failure

"[half scoldingly] A scientist never returns empty-handed. [excitedly flourishes with her hair and arms] There's always data!"-White Out

"This is going to be fun."

"Come on, we should go check it out."

"Hordak is going to be so thrilled!"-White Out

"What an unexpected twist!"

"Woah. Fascinating."

"[continues working on things out of frame] I don't fit in. [pulls her welding mask down over her face] I became friends with Adora, but she abandoned me... Then, I became friends with Catra, but she doesn't talk to me anymore... [pulls her mask back up and turns to smile at Hordak, pressing a button on a remote with her hair causing an alarm to go off and machines to begin welding the armor onto Hordak's body] But that doesn't mean I give up."-Huntara (episode)

"He calls his lab a sanctum. Oh, that is so classy!"-Signals

"Ethical dilemma number, ah... sixty-three. I told Catra I wouldn’t go into Hordak’s lab. But, if she never finds out, does it count? I could just pop in, grab the tool, and then pop out. No one would ever know. But I would know. Ah, I shouldn’t do it. Or should I? No, I shouldn’t."-Signals

"This isn't about tech. It's about our chipped friends. If I can get this to work, I can save them."- failsafe


  • Entrapta exclusively consumes tiny food and fizzy drinks.
  • Her actions and personality in the show follows the "bumbling genius" trope.
  • Entrapta's astrological sign is Aquarius, also known as the water bearer.
  • Entrapta is the only princess who hasn't directly harmed anyone.
  • She is a princess who does not have a Runestone, which makes her a non-elemental princess, and is one of the only central princesses who are so.
  • Entrapta is the only known princess to not use magic.
  • Although Entrapta does not hold a Runestone, she is able to manipulate and use her hair for anything she wants. It's unclear as to how she is able to do this and as of now is the only person to have this ability.
  • Entrapta was shown to have a family portrait with two robotic parents. It's unknown if they are alive now. It's also possible that Entrapta was born as a princess but the King and Queen passed away and she created two guardians, possibly based on her birth parents, as she was shown holding a tool in the portrait. It could also be Dryl was run by her parents and she was adopted as a child, becoming a princess. As there is very little information about her past, there are many possibilities.
  • Entrapta seems to know how to cook as she made Hordak soup after he collapsed. However as he refused to eat and Imp smelled it before screeching and covering his nose, it's possible she may not be a great chef.
  • Entrapta used to have freckles, shown in the portrait depicting her when she was younger.
Entrapta autistic.jpg
  • In a tweet, Stevenson confirmed Entrapta to be on the autism spectrum: "Yes, we wrote her that way. One of our crewmembers [Samuel Szymanski] was on the spectrum and related to her specifically, and had a huge part in shaping her story and character!"
  • In Season Four, when Scorpia is searching for Entrapta's recordings she states that she needs to think like her in order to find them. She states that robots, Hordak, tiny foods, First Ones' tech, and Runestones are things Entrapta thinks about the most.
  • In Season Five, Entrapta reveals to have found the "LUVD" crystal after Catra removed it during her battle with Hordak but it's never said when or how she found it.
  • On Twitter and Vimeo, storyboard artist Emily Hu posted a storyboard for the Season Five finale which included a longer scene of Hordak turning against Horde Prime and coming to the realization of his actions and Entrapta comforting him by saying he's finally free. [1]
    Storyboard (2).jpg
  • On Instagram, ND Stevenson has stated Entrapta would follow Hordak to Beast Island as his community services for his crimes. During this process, the two could develop a romantic relationship and reunite with the bot she left behind in Season Four, keeping her promise to return. [2]
  • Entrapta is possibly one of the oldest of the main cast of princesses. According to Ray Geiger, who was a character designer for the show, Entrapta is roughly "their age." Geiger was twenty-nine at the time they made the statement, making Entrapta possibly somewhere in the twenty-five to thirty age range.[3]
  • According to ND on a BLM Livestream at 3:55:40, Entrapta is implied to be in the bisexual (possibly biromantic) spectrum: "Entrapdak is definitely canon... I do think Entrapta has had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends." She has been implied to show attraction to both fem and masc presenting characters. She flirted with a robot in "Launch", had "quality time" with Darla, and dates Hordak, a cyborg.
  • Originally, Entrapta was going to be a bit more of a darker edgier character. However the decision was later made to give her the lighter, more cheerful personality of her final version,


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