Entrapta is the princess of Dryl and a member of the Princess Alliance in the Rebellion. Cheerful and manic, Entrapta has a love of technology and robots. She has long, prehensile, flowing hair. Entrapta often sacrifices her social life to focus on scientific research. Rather than creating relationships, she tends to study them and is bothered that her peers often misunderstand her. She joined the rebellion however, during a rescue mission in the Fright Zone. Entrapta is left behind after the others believe her to be dead. Believing her friends abandoned her, Catra is able to persuade her to defect to The Horde with the promise of access to its advanced technology. Succumbing to that temptation, Entrapta becomes an inventor in whom Catra's faith in her immense potential soon bears fruit with powerful technology enabling a grand scheme of conquest.


Entrapta is short and stocky with magenta eyes and long, lilac-colored hair that she can move and control at will. Even at the Princess Prom, Entrapta is always in her work attire consisting of heavy gloves, boots, arm covers, a welding mask with red lenses, and a pair of overalls worn like pants with the shoulder straps left loose over a white undershirt that has been blotted with grease. Her outfit also conceals a number of devices and gadgets which she keeps on her like "any respectable scientist" would.


Entrapta is a superintelligent princess. She lives in a building that only robots are capable of easily navigating. It's unclear exactly why she had it built like they are, but it could be due to her curious nature. She has a very positive outlook on life (even in moments of grave danger). She doesn't to mind what's going on in the world as long as she can do experiments and research. She's kind to everyone she meets, never threatening or harming anyone directly (this includes robots).


Adora Edit

Entrapta met Adora along with Bow and Glimmer when the three of them found their way into Dryl, when the town was being attacked by killer robots that Entrapta accidently made from an experiment. Adora recruited her into the Princess Alliance after helping her stop the killer robots. Later, during a rescue mission to save Glimmer and Bow, Entrapta went back to help her robot friend, Emily, and as a result got left behind when a door shut on her. The rest of the alliance told Adora that she was gone -implying that she was dead- and Adora blamed herself as a result of her supposed death.

Glimmer Edit

Glimmer got to know Entrapta during the killer robot attack in Dryl, when Adora was infected by the runestone. Entrapta had to help navigate them both back to her lab in order to stop the robots from attacking. Glimmer was upset and her supposed death and couldn't keep the Princess Alliance together directly following the mission.

Bow Edit

Bow liked Entrapta because of her inventions. He explains to Glimmer and Adora that he and her are a lot alike in that aspect.

Perfuma Edit

Perfuma had a hard time keeping her on track with the rescue mission and would lose her often. Entrapta would run off finding robots or wires and lose track of the mission at hand. Perfuma got annoyed throughout the whole mission. After she saw Entrapta go back for Emily and the door shut behind her, she felt it was best to break away from the alliance to assure that no one else gets taken out.

Mermista Edit

Mermista made sure that she stayed on track when The Horde spotted them and began to attack. She wanted to split from the Princess Alliance when she believed Entrapta to be dead, saying it was being together that caused it.

Catra Edit

Catra finds Entrapta in a pipeline and immediately chains her up. Entrapta explains to both Catra and Scorpia that she was hiding in the pipelines and building Emily (a Horde robot) while waiting for her friends to come find her, because she thought it would help to stay in the same place, so they could find her more easily. Catra threateningly tells her that they need information and that they'll get it from her any way possible. She willingly gives them the information that they need without hesitation. Catra makes her realize that her friends aren't coming back for her and says that the same happened to both her and Scorpia. She later gives Entrapta the freedom to do her scientific experiments freely.

Scorpia Edit

Scorpia views Catra, Entrapta and her as best friends. She instantly takes a liking to Entrapta and doesn't mind that the chains aren't actually able to hold her back, when she starts out as a prisoner. She creates art of the three of them all holding hands.

Lord Hordak Edit

Lord Hordak found out about Entrapta and Catra's plans with the Imp. He approved of their plans and welcomed her into The Horde by allowing them to continue with their plans.

Powers and Abilities


Entrapta using her hair instead of her hands in order to hold her tracking device

Since Entrapta is a princess, she does have enhanced abilities. For example, her hair is prehensile, meaning she can simply move and control it at will. This power often leads to her using her hair more often than her hands and legs, using it to sit on or wave throughout the series. She is also depicted as an intelligent genius when it comes to technology, which leads her to know much about the First Ones and gives her a drive to research more about her tech. She is able to run complex experiments (often with differing results) and is able to remember several technological histories that may are not. She uses this extreme intelligence to give herself a staff of voice activated robots, help the Princess Alliance, and eventually be manipulated into helping The Horde.


Past Edit

Not known.

Season 1 Edit


  • She was mistaken to be dead by the rest of the Princess Alliance when she never returned from The Horde.
  • She only eats tiny food and fizzy drinks.
  • Her actions and personality in the show suggest that she has ADHD or autism.
  • Although in the original animated version of Entrapta she was depicted with bright red hair, this redesign lavender color, which seems to be more loyal to the two colors that the original Mattel art and doll had instead, with the other color being pink.
  • She is the only princess who hasn't directly harmed anyone.


Since the conclusion of season 1, the She-Ra community has unearthed a multitude of theories about the direction and future of this character. While they cannot be confirmed nor denied, these theories and ideas are integral to the design of this character and how they are perceived in the series.

  • Entrapta will become a bigger villain that Catra. Entrapta has a looser moral compass than the other characters. She's involved in things primarily for the scientific angle. Yes, she joined the Rebellion, but she had no qualms about handing over information to the Horde simply because she was fascinated by their technology. She is shown to be very naive and will do almost anything for something she believes is particularly intriguing. She's also pretty obsessed with her experiments, going so far as to continue working on something that infected She-Ra and endangered her life.
  • She is pretending to join the Horde to stay alive, as she is a very smart princess who also wants to use their technology and resources for her own agenda.