Emily is a Horde robot reprogrammed by Entrapta.


Although she started out like any of the other other Horde robots, Entrapta equipped Emily with various improvements such as powerful lasers that can melt through walls, as demonstrated in The Beacon. She has a scratch from Catra's claws/nails on her right side. Her pink “eye“ was changed to purple.


Emily is an AI (artificial intelligence) and has a very clumsy personality, similar to her creator. She's also very noisy and loud. Emily has feelings which is unusual for a robot. She is also pretty intelligent (When Catra needed Entrapta's recordings stored inside Emily).



Entrapta is Emily’s creator, and therefore she has a very close relationship to her. Emily is shown to care for Entrapta, following her everywhere, as Entrapta has programmed her to be affectionate. Entrapta is very fond of Emily; so much so that, when the Princess Alliance invaded the Fright Zone to rescue Glimmer from the Horde, Entrapta stayed behind in the Fright Zone rather than leave Emily behind. She once told Scorpia that she an Emily were such good of friends; the type that clicked immediately.


Scorpia was the only one who cared for Emily once Entrapta is banished. Emily follows Scorpia around, even at risk of discovery by Catra. In Princess Scorpia, it is shown that Emily and Scorpia have a close enough relationship that Scorpia directly disobeys Catra’s orders to dismantle the bot, saving Emily. She joins Scorpia when she left The Horde.


To Catra, Emily was just a piece of scrap metal. Catra was so frustrated after she learned Scorpia was keeping Emily with her, she had threatened to dispose of Emily for good. It is possible that a reformed Catra has now changed her view on how she viewed the sentient machine.

Wrong Hordak

Wrong Hordak was frightened of Emily at first, but after he got over his fear, they became great friends.


Despite being a machine and created by Entrapta, the character is considered of a female gender, probably due to Entrapta's influence when she was reprogrammed.

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