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The Elemental Princesses of Etheria are the princesses charged, because of their connections to the Runestones, with maintaining the balance of Etheria through the Heart of Etheria. Only the six Elemental Princesses are connected to the Heart of Etheria. The rest of the princesses do not have Runestones and are Non-Elemental Princesses.


The elemental princesses regulate Etheria's weather and seismic activity, they are conduits of the Runestones' power. They are not the only beings or things bound to a runestone; for more information please see the Elemental page. The princesses harness elemental power through the runestone and gain immense control over the natural powers possessed by the runestones.

As of Season Five there are six Elemental Princesses; Glimmer, Perfuma, Frosta, Scorpia, Mermista and She-Ra. They were deceived by Light Hope to be part of the Heart of Etheria Project, designated to channel the magic of the Heart of Etheria through the Runestones and send it to the Sword of Protection in order to manipulate it as a massive weapon.

Elemental princesses

  • She-Ra: She-Ra is unaffiliated with a specific kingdom and known as the 'Princess of Power'. She is connected to the Sword of Protection and its runestone. She has powers through the sword such as transformation and energy blasts.
  • Glimmer: Glimmer is the princess, later queen of Bright Moon. She is connected to the The Moonstone. She has powers over light. When she became queen, her powers increased dramatically as her bond with the runestone became more stable. Before so, though she could access the magic, she had to recharge.
  • Angella(formerly): While she was a queen in earlier seasons, Angella was connected to the The Moonstone making her an elemental. Her ability to connect the Moonstone was severed when Glimmer completed the Quest of Queens. She had powers over light.


  • Should a princesses' connection with her Runestone become disrupted she will suffer damaging consequences, implying that a princesses' connection to her Runestone is a fundamental aspect of their being.
  • Notably, in Light Hope's line-up of elemental princesses there appears to be an empty space between Glimmer and the neon yellow figure. The reasons for this, if there is one at all, is currently unknown.
  • In "Light Hope", Entrapta, whilst explaining her theories regarding the Runestones, refers to the "other elemental princesses." This comment implies that Etheria has many princesses with many powers but not all of them have a Runestone and thus are not all elemental princesses, making many of them a non-elemental princesses.