Dryl is one of the seven known Kingdoms of Etheria.


The kingdom of Dryl is ruled by princess Entrapta, and its castle-fortress is known as the Crypto Castle.

It was taken over by the Horde after Entrapta joined them and began living in The Fright Zone. After having defeated Horde Prime, it is implied that Entrapta has been able to regain control of Dryl.  


Dryl is a small mining and technology development kingdom full of traps and First Ones' Technology. It is located close to Bright Moon.

Season One

In "System Failure", GlimmerAdora, and Bow venture to Dryl in order to convince Entrapta to join the Princess Alliance. After saving this kingdom from their infected robots, Entrapta is eager to join The Rebellion.

Season Two

In "Ties That Bind", Dryl is officially under the control of the Horde after Catra convinces Entrapta to join them. Bow and Glimmer infiltrated Dryl to try to rescue Entrapta from the Horde, not knowing she had defected to the Horde and that she was in The Fright Zone.

Bow and Glimmer fled with Catra in tow.

Season Four

In "Mer-Mysteries", The Rebellion directs an infiltration mission to recover this kingdom from The Horde. However, their plan is foiled by Double Trouble.


Entrapta (ruler) Baker, Soda Pop and Busgirl Entrapta's robots The Horde (formerly)



  • This is the first kingdom not to have any runestone seen in the series.
  • The name of this kingdom seems to be derived from a drill, one of the many engineer tools with which Entrapta is often seen while doing her technical works and scientific research studies.
  • The name of the castle was not revealed until the Season Two episode: "Ties That Bind".
  • The name of the castle could be derived from a Krypto (game), a mathematical strategy card game or after cryptography.
  • It looks like a maze, even Entrapta can get lost in the Dryl.
  • It's the fourth kingdom first seen in the series.
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