"Your face right now is almost better than applause. Almost."

Double Trouble to Catra
Destiny Part 2

Double Trouble is a shape-shifter mercenary and later a spy for the Horde. They infiltrate The Rebellion under their Flutterina persona. After being discovered, they decide to ally with Glimmer knowing that they would take the advantage over the Horde with the Heart of Etheria.


Double Trouble has light green skin and a slender build with somewhat broad shoulders, they also have a blue blood and flesh (as it's seen in Double Trouble episode) they are also very tall, roughly a head and a half taller than Catra, though nowhere near Hordak's height. They have a very reptilian appearance, having large, slanted, almond-shaped eyes with dark green scleras, chartreuse irises and slitted pupils, and eyelids which blink horizontally. Double Trouble's nose is small with slits for nostrils, they have claws, jagged teeth and a long tail stemming from the base of their spine. Their ears are very long and pointed, and stick out from either side of their head. Double Trouble has small eyebrows, and long, slicked-back, chartreuse hair which is shaved into an undercut style at the sides, where it is colored light green.

Double Trouble wears a short-sleeved, green and black leotard with pointed shoulders and a high collar. They sport long, black gloves which cover their pinkies and ring fingers. Their outfit has a large cut-out which exposes part of their back and sides, with a strap just above their tail. They wear similarly colored pants underneath with black, high-heeled boots reaching to their ankles.

Being a shapeshifter, Double Trouble is able to appear in many other forms. While transforming back into their true appearance, Double Trouble's body turns entirely black aside from their eyes, and their silhouette distorts until they return to normal.

In Double Trouble's cameo in in Princess Prom, they wore a long-sleeved, pink blouse over a purple, pencil skirt with a lavender belt and a thick necklace. They also wore an ankle-length, fur coat which was worn around their shoulders, stockings, earrings and a pair of short boots. Double Trouble's hair was not slicked back and instead rested over their shoulders. Double Trouble has pierced ears( Princess Prom).

Personality and traits

Double Trouble is extremely confident, often appearing smug towards others. They have enough faith in themselves to be able to approach high-ranking Horde officials such as Catra and Scorpia with little fear, despite the danger they pose. Double Trouble is even unafraid of dealing with Hordak. They are also known to compliment themselves on their work.

Double Trouble is extremely prideful of their acting, stating they do more than just change into their targets, but become them emotionally. They spend quite a lot of time in 'character study', preferring to fully understand their targets inside-out. They are also extremely dramatic, making grandiose gestures and speaking similarly to an actor.

They greatly enjoy causing chaos among others and love watching it play out. While speaking with Catra, they take pleasure at the thought of creating havoc for the rebellion. They also display annoyance whenever they fail to sow dissent. They seem to treat war like it's a pleasure, a play that is unfolding.

Double Trouble, when speaking with others is usually very polite, even when caught sabotaging the Rebellion they remain affable, even complimenting Adora and Glimmer's acting ability. However, while alone, Double Trouble will speak with contempt and even insult others, appearing to perceive themselves as superior. Although, they are very casual while speaking with Catra, referring to her as 'Kitten'.

Double Trouble does not appear to be truly with the Horde, as they state that they planned to bring their business elsewhere if Catra refused their services. They also make it clear they are only sticking around for the money and chaos. They eventually outright turn on the Horde, leaking information to Hordak about Catra's lies to create a diversion for Glimmer. Double Trouble also tells Catra the entire reason for their defection is because the Rebellion has a super weapon which makes them the stronger side, and they intend to end up on the winning side of the war. In the end however, they leave to presumably go after their own pursuits.

Double Trouble is adept at fully analyzing a person's character. They have displayed on a number of occasions the ability to get under people's skin and figure out what makes them tick. Double Trouble uses this to sow descent within the Rebellion and wedge Glimmer and Adora apart. However, the greatest example of this is when they confront Catra for a final time. Double Trouble dissects Catra's personality with great accuracy, brutally taking her motivations apart. They are able to identify Catra's obsession with Adora, how she lies to herself about her need for praise and acknowledgment as well as how she has pushed everyone who has ever cared about her away. Double Trouble does this all with a satisfied smirk, confident in their abilities and enjoying the look on Catra's face. In addition, they are notably sadistic. After her fight with Hordak, Double Trouble came back to both emotionally destroy Catra and tell her of the Rebelions super weapon. There was no need for that, Double Trouble could have simply left Catra without a word.

Double Trouble can blink vertically, similar to a reptile, rather than horizontally. Additionally, they can lick their eyeballs. Their tail is prehensile and they've been seen using it to hold Bow's tracker pad. Double Trouble also tends to refer to people as "darlings" and more often use nicknames for people than their real names, such as "Kitten" for Catra.

Ultimately, Double Trouble is a mercenary and a survivor, turning on Catra in season 4 finale informing her that the way to survive was to ally with the greatest strength, and that was the Princess Alliance at the time.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shape-shifting - Double Trouble can take on the form of whoever they choose, though they appear to be limited to humanoid forms and do not appear to gain the powers of whoever they become. They however, create their own, unique forms and are able to transform individual body parts, i.e. changing the tip of their tail into a spade, or making their hair resemble Entrapta's. Their shape-shifting also does not appear to affect/heal injuries as the scratches they sustained as Catra carried over to their original form.
  • Impersonation - They take great pride in being able to perfectly recreate the traits and mannerisms of whoever they are copying. Double Trouble is proficient enough to convince Adora that they are Catra and raise no suspicion. They impersonated nearly every person of importance in both The Horde and The Princess Alliance, and did so well that they fooled everyone they interacted with while practicing their deception. Most notable they utilized the character Flutterina to great advantage. They have even fooled Catra, who was well aware of their power, into believing they were Adora.
  • Combat - Double Trouble is good at hand-to-hand combat, capable of fighting Adora in She-Ra form, not good as Catra but still impressive. They seem to prefer kick-based attacks, though they rarely engage in actual combat.
  • Espionage - They are very capable of infiltration via their shapeshifting, and can easily get ahold of information for their clients.
  • Escapology - Double Trouble has displayed the ability to escape from most traps and restraints, including a metal cage and handcuffs. They also appeared to have been able to escape Glimmer's magical entrapment, though it is possible Glimmer herself let them out.
  • Sorcery - Double Trouble has implied they are capable of sorcery, to what extent is unknown, though their shapeshifting is presumably executed this way. It is possible they used magic to escape Glimmer's trap.
  • Strength - Double Trouble has shown a notable level of strength, lifting a walkway that had fallen on Catra. Though they only just lifted it part way, that's still akin to moving a few tons.
  • Mobility - They are able to move from place to place in very little time, such as going from Bright Moon to the Whispering Woods, the Fright Zone to Elberon and from Bright Moon to the Fright Zone in only a few hours.
  • Character Deduction - Double Trouble excels in analyzing people. They do this in order to improve on their impersonations and manipulate others. Double Trouble uses this skill during the show to drive wedge between Adora and Glimmer and cause general havoc within the Princess Alliance. Most notably, Double Trouble accurately deduces Catra's personality and drives her into a despondent state by giving her a rundown of all her flaws, though they admit it was not easy.


  • Communication pad - Double Trouble utilizes a Horde communication pad. It appeared to have been confiscated by the Rebellion when they were captured, though they presumably regained it after defecting to them.



Double Trouble sought out Catra as an opportunity to use their skills and get money operating for the Horde. Initially, Catra was suspicious of them, but after seeing Double Trouble in action, she decided to hire them. Catra seemed to tolerate the shapeshifter far more than she did Scorpia and appeared to be grateful after Double Trouble pulled them out from under debris. Double Trouble spoke to her in a very casual manner, lacking their usual politeness and nicknaming her "Kitten". Catra in return seemed to find them amusing and enjoyed their presence, though seemed dismayed when Double Trouble made it clear they were only there because Catra was paying. Double Trouble did not seem to care much for Catra's personal plights and even seemed to find it entertaining. They did not seemed fazed by the fact that they gave away the Horde's plan to Glimmer, and by doing so betrayed Catra.

Later on, they more blatantly betray Catra by sending information to the Rebellion and telling Hordak all about Catra's deception. They then confront Catra, explaining they have finally figured her out, and transform into everyone she has had any relationship with to emphasize their point. Double Trouble analyzes Catra's entire character and gives her a rundown of her faults, including her obsession with Adora, her desire to be acknowledged and how she has pushed others away. Double Trouble goes on to state it is for Catra's own good that she knows, before explaining it was a diversion and they have sided with the Rebellion as they have a higher chance of winning the war. Double Trouble then leaves, satisfied with Catra's horrified reaction.


Glimmer is the only character who Double Trouble does not treat with any politeness. Before being properly acquainted, Double Trouble repeatedly mocked Glimmer while speaking to Catra, demonstrating a low opinion of her. They often took jabs at Glimmer's powers and ability to lead, usually doing this by shapeshifting into her and emphasizing her anger and referring to her powers as 'sparkles'. Double Trouble also seemed to both look down upon and unable to comprehend, her friendship with Adora and Bow.

During Glimmer's interrogation attempts, Double Trouble was rude and insulted Glimmer's attempts at truth spells, and very obviously had little respect for her. While under the guise of Flutterina, they often insulted Glimmer while alone, and took a particularly active role in manipulating her. Double Trouble even stated they found causing chaos between Glimmer and Adora enjoyable and was thrilled by how much damage they were doing. After Glimmer was finally able to execute a truth spell, Double Trouble gleefully told her the Horde's plans, with a clear motivation to rile her up even more. Despite this, Double Trouble decides to switch sides and betray the Horde, having realized with the power of the Heart of Etheria, the Rebellion is clearly the stronger side. As such, they provide Glimmer with the information necessary for her to infiltrate the Fright Zone, and intentionally trick Catra into setting her troops up for an ambush, getting them wiped out in the process.

Double Trouble has admitted to having some respect for the queen after Glimmer uses Adora as bait. They explain to Catra that they had seen Glimmer as someone incapable of doing anything herself with no ability to get her hands dirty. Double Trouble seemed pleasantly surprised after seeing Glimmer's underhanded tactics against Catra, though this did not stop them from using the very thing that impressed them to manipulate Glimmer against Catra.


Double Trouble does not think highly of Bow. While reporting to Catra, they mocked Bow over his constant exposure of his stomach, saying he doesn't own 'real' shirts. They seemed amused that Bow got injured in a fight against the Horde, but disappointed that Adora healed him. Double Trouble seemed to find Bow mostly annoying as he constantly subverted their attempts at ruining the Best Friend Squad. They also both stole and destroyed his tracker pad, demonstrating a strong lack of respect.


Double Trouble first met Adora while under the guise of Catra and fought her, with the warrior never learning who she was fighting. In their second meeting, Double Trouble pretended to be Flutterina and played the part of the starstruck fangirl, fawning over Adora's exploits. They then lured Adora into a trap set by Catra, and joined the Rebellion to act as a spy against them. Double Trouble took great pleasure in causing Adora grief and wedging her and Glimmer apart. In private, they made fun of her, though not to the extent of Glimmer and Bow and mainly for Catra's entertainment.

They analyzed Adora's personality well enough to understand her need to protect Glimmer and used that to wreck her relationship with Glimmer. When verbally sowing discord between the two didn't work, they amped up their tactics and forced Glimmer and Adora into a situation where Glimmer ended up going against Adora's orders. Double Trouble was apparently confident enough in their work to fall for Glimmer and Adora's fake fighting, immediately leading to them being discovered as the mole. While surrounded by the princesses, they opted to kick Adora extremely hard in the shins and bolt. Afterwards, they riled Glimmer up by transforming into a caricature of Adora.

While they rarely manipulated Adora directly, they apparently understood her relationship to Catra well enough to deduce Catra was obsessed with her.


Double Trouble is polite and courteous while speaking with Hordak, though this contrasts their casual and almost insulting behavior towards him. In their first meeting, Double Trouble disguises themself as Catra and has the Horde leader they are her until Catra herself appears. This is one of the few times they ever seem uneasy around him after Hordak gets visibly upset with them, even hiding behind Catra.

Later on, they intentionally infuriate Hordak by transforming their hair to resemble Entrapta's and use their shapeshifting to annoy him. However, they show the Horde leader very little respect as they begin to casually drop facts about Catra's involvement in exiling Entrapta, pretending to believe Hordak was aware of the whole thing. They show next to no fear as they purposely antagonize Hordak, despite the risks. This makes Double Trouble one of the few characters to be unafraid of Hordak, with any moments of fear being extremely brief.



Double Trouble lived in the Crimson Waste as a mercenary who would transform into others for money.

Season one

Double Trouble attended Princess Prom. How and why are unknown.

Season four

Double Trouble witnesses Adora, Bow, Huntara and Perfuma enter the Valley of the Lost. However they decide to approach Catra to offer their services. They convince Catra of their usefulness by fooling Adora into believing they are Catra. Following their 'audition' Catra welcomes them into the fold.

Double Trouble alter infiltrates the Rebellion under the guise of 'Flutterina', and successfully thwarts a number of their missions against the Horde by leaking intel to Catra. This string of losses causes much anxiety for Glimmer, which Double Trouble delights in. Catra appears to take a liking to them after Double Trouble rescues her from debris, but they explain they only want her money.

They are instructed to use Glimmer and Adora's friction against them and do so to great effect, causing the two to fight each constantly. Eventually, the Rebellion grows suspicious that there is a spy in their midst, and Double Trouble takes advantage of it to keep them distracted while the Horde takes Salineas. Even though they end up captured, Double Trouble succeeds in buying the Horde enough time to conquer the seas. They become an uncooperative prisoner, mocking all attempts to get information out of them. However, after Glimmer succeeds with a truth spell, they happily give it to her, telling the queen about Horde Prime's imminent invasion.

Sometime offscreen, Double Trouble makes a deal to sabotage the Horde and Glimmer lets them go free. They tell Catra that Bright Moon is undefended without She-Ra and advise her to attack it and win the war, before going to Hordak and exposing Catra's treachery. It turns out they set up Catra's armies for an ambush by the Princess Alliance, wiping them out. They go to Catra and brutally lay bare her flaws and insecurities: her obsession with Adora, her need to be acknowledged and how she drives everyone away and blames everyone but herself. Double Trouble explains to her that they defected as The Rebellion is stronger than the Horde with the Heart of Etheria at their disposal, and that all her work will be torn down, bringing Catra to a despondent state. They then leave, having completed their work.


  • This is the first time Double Trouble has appeared outside the toyline and a single comic, as they never appeared in the original She-Ra cartoon.
  • Double Trouble made a cameo appearance in Princess Prom.
  • Double Trouble is the first known non-binary[3] character in the series.
  • Their voice actor, Jacob Tobia, is known for their LGBT+ advocacy, and like their character, is non-binary.
  • Double Trouble has admitted to being unable to cry on cue. According to them, the only thing that works is imagining children falling, though it's usually tears of laughter rather than of sadness.
  • Despite the clear intent to make this character non-binary, they are referred to as female in the french dub of the series, most likely because gender-neutral pronouns such as "iel" have yet to be fully recognized in this language.
  • In Poland, Double Trouble was portrayed as a man.
  • Double Trouble is the only character to be a part of both the Horde and the Rebellion's group shots in the same opening. They stand behind Scorpia in the Horde's shot and take Entrapta's place in the Rebellion's shot as Flutterina.
  • Due to their shapeshifting, Double Trouble has been voiced by a good portion of the major voice actors for the series.
  • In a Twitter Q&A, Noelle Stevenson and Jacob Tobia, in response to a question as to what Double Trouble's 'true form' is, they stated that no one knows what Double Trouble really looks like, but it doesn't matter. They are always themself no matter what form they take.
    • In the same Q&A, Jacob explained they believe Double Trouble is a stage name, though Noelle replied that in the world of She-Ra, there are some very odd names, so only Double Trouble knows.


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