The Crimson Waste is a desert land of Etheria. It's full of giant skeletons of long-extinct beasts, one of them is also a major tavern in Crimson Waste. It is full of people who are displaced from the rest of Etherian society for different reasons. It also has a city named The Valley of the Lost.

It was led by two factions, Huntara's and Tung Lashor's. But after Catra took control of Tung Lashor's group and Huntara left to join The Rebellion it appears that the default leader of the Crimson Waste is Catra. After Catra's reform and the Horde no longer active the land's status is unknown.


The Crimson Waste is where Mara placed her portal, and where her ship crashed 1,000 years ago. Mara's ship had been buried for a long time but in recent times a mighty dust storm uncovered it and when it was discovered the people of The Crimson Waste stripped it of all the materials they could get.

After leaving the Horde, Huntara made her way to the Crimson Waste where she fought her way to become their leader, second only to Tung Lashor and his rival band of miscreants.

Season Three

In "Huntara" and "Once Upon a Time in the Waste", Adora, Bow and Glimmer went to the Crimson Waste in search of answers about Mara. Catra and Scorpia also arrive there on an apparent suicide mission from Hordak as punishment for Catra's mistake. However, the two have no problem adapting to the Waste, even being able to take over Tung Lashor's faction with ease.

Adora and her friends meet Huntara who pretended to befriend them. She later led them to a trap where she and her friends attacked and disarmed the hero's before dumping them in a pit. Later when confronted with her treachery by the now escaped heroes, Huntara joined the squad and led them to Mara's ship. Upon reaching Mara's ship, they found a message from her. There, Catra and her new subordinates manage to capture Adora while her friends and Huntara escape.

Season Four


Catra rules the Crimson Waste

In "The Valley of the Lost", Glimmer sends Adora, Perfuma, Bow and Huntara to the Crimson Waste in order to retrieve Mara's ship to Bright Moon. Catra and Scorpia also go there in search of mechanical resources. There, they meet the shape-shifter Double Trouble who becomes their new ally. Catra takes over the Waste by taking down Tung Lashor and becoming their leader before choosing to go back to the Horde.

At the end, The Rebellion recover Mara's ship from the Horde. Then, Huntara decides to stay in the Crimson Waste to recover it for The Rebellion. 


  • In Season Four, Huntara says that the Crimson Wast is not a kingdom.
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