Horde Clone Army in Heart part 2


The Clone Army is an army that is comprised of genetic copies of Horde Prime. They are telepathically connected to Horde Prime via the Hive Mind. The Horde empire and its armada are staffed almost entirely by clone soldiers.

After Horde Prime is destroyed by Adora, the hive mind ceases to exist, allowing the clones to become free individuals.


Clone soldiers are tall clones with a slim build, white mohawks, green sclera, white faces, and blue-grey skin. All wear a white and dark gray uniform bearing the Galactic Horde symbol with a white poncho-style cloak that has the said Horde symbol on the back. Clones are created en masse in vitrines and decanted in adult form.


The clones have been heavily indoctrinated to revere Horde Prime, whom they speak of with an almost religious reverence. The clone captured by the Rebellion in "Horde Prime" refers to Horde Prime as "emperor of the Galactic Horde, ruler of the known universe, regent of the seven skies", and many other honorifics. However, their fanaticism can be overcome through the intervention of kind people. Wrong Hordak eventually rejects Horde Prime thanks to his new friendships with Rebellion members, especially Entrapta. Hordak's love for Entrapta allows him to overcome his clone indoctrination and rebel against Horde Prime in "Heart, Part 2".

While Horde Prime insists on uniformity among his clones and forbids any display of individuality, they do exhibit subtle personality differences. After his reconditioning, Hordak is somber. The clone captured by the Rebellion is talkative and fanatical. One of the clones who guards Glimmer is smug and hostile.

Clones are telepathically connected to Horde Prime via the hive mind, and experience distress if separated from the hive mind. In "Save the Cat" a clone attacks Entrapta, and Bow subdues him with an electric arrow while the clone is attached to a rejuvenation pod. This causes the clone, later known as Wrong Hordak, to lose his connection to the hive mind. He weeps, horrified that he cannot sense Horde Prime's presence and worried that Horde Prime will not know of his loyalty.

Horde Prime can possess his clones at will, and inhabits a new clone body whenever his old body becomes old or injured. In "An Ill Wind", Horde Prime and Hordak visit a room in which Horde Prime's old clone bodies are stored in vitrines. In "Heart, Part 2", Horde Prime possesses Hordak's body, but is exorcised by She-Ra.

Clone bodies contain a life force liquid that Horde Prime harvests and uses to rejuvenate his vessel. The green liquid used in the purification ritual in "Corridors" is strongly implied to be clone life force.

Each clone has a port on the back of his neck, which Horde Prime can use to erase memories, as he does with Hordak in "Destiny, Part 2". The neck port is also a weak spot. Striking or digging fingers into the neck port will render a clone unconscious. In battle, they have a white and neon green cannon mounted on their right arm.



In order to bring the universe under his rule, Horde Prime cloned himself, creating an army that allowed him to conquer galaxy after galaxy. At some point in the past, Prime found out that his best general's, body had a "defect" so he sent him to die on the front lines were the clone fell trough a portal that led to Etheria.

Season 4

When Prime arrived at Etheria he erased his "brother's" mind he ordered two other clones to take him away to be "reconditioned".

Season 5



  • Hordak is the first known clone that has a (self) given name.
  • The clones address each other as "brother", much like the Clone Troopers from the Star Wars franchise.
    • Wrong Hordak addresses his new Etherian friends (including the women) as "brother" as well.
  • Wrong Hordak revealed that the clones use "nutrient-rich amniotic fluid" as a from of sustenance.

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