Castaspella is the top sorceress of Mystacor, Queen Angella's sister-in-law, Glimmer's aunt and was King Micah's sister, until his untimely death.


Castaspella is fairly light skinned and has her hair in a bun with two long strands hanging down. She wears a long purple dress with a pink cape, and a circular gold crown with a gold star that appears like the sun in the center.


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Micah Edit

While not much is known about the relationship between Castaspella and her brother Micah, it can be assumed that she cared for him deeply, for when he is brought up in conversation she becomes saddened by his memory. Additionally, In episode 7 In the Shadows of Mystacor, she mentions that she and Micah trained together.

Glimmer Edit

She is shown to be a very overzealous aunt, a woman who wants nothing more than to be appreciated by the family her brother left behind. It was mentioned that she knits sweaters for her niece, and socks for Bow, something that the former doesn't seem to enjoy, though she'd never say it to her face. Additionally, she expresses concern about how Glimmer had very few friends in the past, saying that she even dared to believe that Bow was made up before Glimmer finally brought him by. She adores spending time with Glimmer and her friends and elects to show them around Mysticor again just to spend more time with her little niece.

Angella Edit

Her relationship with Angella is very vague. She briefly mentions during the tour she gave Glimmer and her friends that Angella refuses to write back to her, despite all the letters she's sent to her over the years. But other than that, besides being her niece's mother and her late brother's wife, their relationship remains a mystery.

Powers and Abilities

Castaspella is an accomplished and talented sorceress. Being the ruler of Mystacor, she has the responsibility to protect it with her powers, with the aid of the Lunar Lenses.

She also seems to be good at knitting sweaters and socks.




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Aunt Casta meets Adora and greets her niece and Bow.