Castaspella is the head sorceress of Mystacor.

She is Queen Glimmer's aunt, Queen Angella's sister-in-law, and King Micah's younger[1] sister. She is a member of The Rebellion.


Castaspella is fairly light skinned and has black hair, similar to her brother, Micah. Her hair is in a bun with two long strands hanging down. She wears a long purple dress with a pink cape, and a circular gold crown with a gold star that appears like the sun in the center. She appears to be the Etherian equivalent of East Asian. We also view the possible young Castaspella in the episode "light spinner" In which she is seen running in the halls of the castle in Mystacor.

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Castaspella is a loving aunt and a benevolent ruler. She can be somewhat insecure and a bit smothering, constantly asking Glimmer if she's eating well and if Angella is caring for her in a sufficient way. Castaspella loves making sweaters and other clothing for people she cares about. According to Glimmer, Castaspella can be "a lot".

Powers and abilities


  • Sorcery: As the current ruler of Mystacor, Castaspella can be assumed to be an incredibly powerful sorceress, though not as powerful as her brother Micah. Her power was not enough to defend herself against Shadow Weaver's Shadow spy nor was she able to cast a working truth spell against the captured Shadow Weaver in Season Three. However, in Season Five she was able to hold on against a Horde-controlled Micah and fight against the robots of Horde Prime.


  • Leadership: Castaspella rules over Mystacor compassionately.
  • Knitting: Castaspella is accomplished enough in knitting to make sweaters and socks.



While not much is known about the relationship between Castaspella and her brother Micah, but it can be assumed that she cared for him deeply, for when he is brought up in conversation she becomes saddened by his memory.

Additionally, in In the Shadows of Mystacor, Castaspella mentions that she and her brother trained together. There also seems to be some tension between her and Queen Angella. It seems to stem from Angella sending Micah, her husband, to battle against the Horde which they thought killed him.

The two were reunited in season five, unfortunately Micah was chipped and the siblings fought several times until Entrapta disengaged Prime's control over the Etherians. Now they have a chance to work together and reacquaint.


Castaspella is shown to be a very overzealous aunt, a woman who wants nothing more than to be appreciated by the family her brother left behind. It was mentioned that she knits sweaters for her niece Glimmer, and socks for Bow, something that the former doesn't seem to enjoy, though she'd never say it to her face. Additionally, she expresses concern about how Glimmer had very few friends in the past, saying that she even dared to believe that Bow was made up before Glimmer finally brought him by. She adores spending time with Glimmer and her friends and elects to show them around Mystacor again just to spend more time with her little niece.

Castaspella was adamant that Glimmer stay away from Shadow Weaver when the sorceress was in custody in Bright Moon. After the loss of Queen Angella, Casta organized the coronation for Glimmer.


Castaspella loves Bow, she even knitted clothing for him.


At first Casta embraced Adora but her feelings changed somewhat when She-Ra blasted some thousand year old lunar lenses with the Sword of Protection. After apologizing Adora seems to be back in Castaspella's good graces. In season 3 after capturing Shadow Weaver Casta forbade Adora from speaking to her old mentor, but relented when Adora insisted. In Season five they worked together to bypass Micah and access the fail-safe at the Heart of Etheria.


Castaspella's relationship with Angella appears to be somewhat strained. When discussing her with Glimmer she assumes Angella hasn't been feeding her properly. She also seems to be somewhat jealous of Angella's powerful magic, sarcastically calling herself a "common sorceress" where Angella is an "angelic being". She also seems annoyed that Angella never responds to her letters. It's possible this strain is as a result of Angella's role in King Micah's supposed death.

The two do team up in Season Three to question the captured Shadow Weaver and both object to letting either Adora or Glimmer speak with the toxic sorceress even though she was imprisoned in Bright Moon's jail.

Castaspella avoided talking about her sister-in-law after the loss of the Queen, though she is visibly saddened when mentioning her.

Shadow Weaver

When Shadow Weaver fled to Bright Moon, Castaspella joined Queen Angella in questioning the sorceress and was extremely hostile towards her. Their relationship remained strained through the entire show even though they worked closely together to find the fail-safe for the Heart of Etheria and together led a group through Mystacor and accessed the fail-safe.

The Rebellion

Castaspella is an ancillary member of The Rebellion, only contributing in Season 3, and later in season five.


Season One

After welcoming the Best Friends Squad to Mystacor she showed Adora the lunarium and the hall that contains the statues of past sorcerers. When she talked about Light Spinner she failed to say that Light Spinner became Shadow Weaver. She also neglected to tell them that Light Spinner taught Micah sorcery when he was young. Later she lost her temper with She-Ra when She-Ra accidentally destroyed several lunar lenses.

When the Shadow Spy attacked Castaspella she was knocked out along with Glimmer, Bow and an unnamed sorcerer.

Season Two

Castaspella joined the Princesses in Bright Moon plan defense from The Horde attacks.

Season Four

Castaspella coordinated Glimmer's coronation, with mixed results.

Season Five

Early in the season Castaspella helped hide the war refugees with protective spells.

Later, when Adora was on her Glimmer rescue mission, at the rebel base Sea Hawk, Swift Wind, Perfuma, Frosta and Netossa encountered Castaspella. Frosta captured her in ice and made sure she wasn't chipped. Shadow Weaver revealed that Mystacor was under Micah's control. They all joined together and went to find a new hiding place. Castaspella and Shadow Weaver quarreled over tactics, Shadow Weaver pointed out that Micah is the strongest sorcerer on Etheria and that she had a plan to defeat him. Shadow Weaver told Castaspella that the First Ones did not enhance Etheria, they depleted its magic, weakening it. And that the magic of Etheria is waiting to be freed. She proposed releasing the magic but bypassing the Heart of Etheria and use the magic to defeat Prime. Castaspella believed that Shadow Weaver wanted the magic for her selfish use. Shadow Weaver asked Castaspella to go with her, and stop her if she tried to steal the magic. Reluctantly, Castaspella agreed.

Shadow Weaver and Castaspella join the rebels in their hidden base and says that they have discovered that if they activate the fail-safe at the Heart of Etheria all the magic that has been stored there will be set free. Glimmer pointed out the dangers of activating the Heart, but Castaspella points out that releasing the magic is not the same thing as activating the Heart and that there are forgotten tunnels and the Crystal of Arxia under Mystacor which in ancient times was called Arxia. Glimmer teleported Shadow Weaver, Catra, Bow, Adora, Castaspella and Melog to Mystacor where they sneaked inside using Melog's stealth. But Micah showed up with two other chipped sorcerers and a fight erupted. Using the fight as a distraction Adora entered and accepted the fail-safe. Micah used dark magic to entrap the heroes and he tried to interrupt Adora's accepting of the fail-safe. Seeing her friends in distress she summoned She-Ra, accepted the fail-safe and bound Micah and the two sorcerers. Everyone fled Mystacor for their base where they could tend to the wounds she sustained fighting her brother.

In the series finale, she is seen with her brother and is happy to see him alive.


  • Castaspella's name is a pun on "cast a spell", reference to her sorcery.


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