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Bright Moon is one of the seven kingdoms of Etheria and the residence of the royal Bright Moon family, which consists of Glimmer, Micah, and, formerly, Angella.


Bright Moon is the central rendezvous point of the Rebellion and the Princess Alliance in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Bright Moon Castle is where most battle meetings are held, and for this reason it appears quite frequently in the series.

Bright Moon was ruled by the queen and keeper of the the Moonstone, Queen Angella, who was later succeeded by her daughter, Queen Glimmer. It first appeared in "The Sword: Part 1" and is one of the largest kingdoms in Etheria.


This kingdom is inhabited by the royalty of Bright Moon, the soldiers who guard its castle, and the subjects of the realm.

As this domain was chosen as main headquarters for the Rebellion and the Princess Alliance, Bright Moon is a haven for all Princesses. It is a beautiful, tranquil, and harmonious place. The Moonstone is in prominent view in-front of the castle and a gigantic waterfall behind it.

Queen Glimmer's coronation in Bright Moon.

Bright Moon is protected from the Horde by a magical barrier which is powered directly from Moonstone, and by the Whispering Woods. The Horde often attempts to invade the woods to have a better chance at capturing Bright Moon.

Underneath Bright Moon, there are underground caverns leading to the Chamber of Queens which is guarded by an elemental guardian.

Glimmer stored weapons and armor from the Bright Moon Armory in Season One, although the name of the location where they were stored was never revealed.


Name Description
Queen Glimmer (ruler)
Bow (Queen's consort)
Adora Alliance member and Horde runaway
Catra (post-series)
Swift Wind She-Ra's noble steed
General Juliet General of Bright Moon
Bright Moon's Guardian Guardian of Bright Moon
Bright Moon Guards Guarding Bright Moon
Micah (former ruler, current rank unknown)
Shadow Weaver (formerly)
Queen Angella (former ruler)
Double Trouble (formerly, as a prisoner)


  • Bright Moon is the second kingdom to appear in the Netflix series, just after the Fright Zone.
  • Bright Moon was temporarily abandoned by the heroes during Horde Prime's assault on Etheria, but was recaptured after his downfall.