Bright Moon is one of the seven Kingdoms of Etheria.


This is also the base of The Rebellion and the Princess Alliance in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Bright Moon is ruled by the elected queen and heir of the The Moonstone. As a matter of fact, the current She-Ra lives there. It first appeared in "The Sword: Part 1". This realm is, together with the Kingdom of Snows, the largest one in Etheria. Bright Moon was ruled over by Queen Angella, later on by her daughter Queen Glimmer. This kingdom runestone is the Moonstone.


This kingdom has been inhabited continually by its royalty, soldiers, and commoners until Horde Prime's invasion caused the citizens to flee from their homeland.

As this domain was chosen as main headquarters for The Rebellion and The Princess Alliance, Bright Moon is a haven for all Princesses. It is a beautiful, tranquil, and harmonious place, with its gigantic levitating Runestone, The Moonstone, decorating the front and gigantic waterfall.

Glimmer ep1 (S4) 1

Queen Glimmer's coronation

The only means that can properly protect Bright Moon from the Horde or any other possible invasion is the magical barrier which comes directly from The Moonstone and the Whispering Woods, thus the goal of the Horde is to take over the woods. Thus, this makes this domain the largest kingdom on all Etheria.

Underneath the realm of Bright Moon, there are underground caverns leading to the Chamber of Queens which is guarded by an elemental guardian. It was Glimmer who stored weapons and armor from the Bright Moon Armory during the events of Season One. It is unknown where exactly it is.


Queen Glimmer
(Queen's consort)
Adora Catra
(future self)
Swift Wind General Juliet Bright Moon's Guardian Bright Moon guards
(former ruler)
Shadow Weaver
Queen Angella
Light Hope


  • Bright Moon is the second kingdom to appear in the Netflix series, just after The Fright Zone. It's one of the main locations of the series. 
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