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[Camera shoes life and zooms out to reveal Bow's face.]

[Location: Bright Moon shown in the background]

Bow: Hi there. I’m Bow, tech master for the Rebellion.

[The Camera zooms into a close up shot of Bow.]

Bow: I’m making videos to inspire people to join The Rebellion. [pause] So, hi potential new recruits.

[The camera then stretches into a shot of Bow further away, then a close up with him holding a picture of Glimmer and followed by another shot of him enthusiastically talking about Adora.]

Bow: You know me and you probably know my fellow Rebels. Glimmer, Princess of Bright Moon, and Adora, aka She-Ra Princess of Power.

[Adora turns the camera around.]

Adora: Hiiiiiii.

[Bow whispers something to Adora.]

Bow: Adora, do the thing.

Adora: Oh right. For the Honor of Grayskull.

[The Camera then goes to Adora Transforming into She-Ra quickly with different tone in the beginning but same music in the rest of her transformation theme.]

[Then the camera goes to She-Ra holding up the camera and Bow stepping in the shot beside her.]

She-Ra: Um. hi.

Bow: Adora and Glimmer are my best friends, and we do everything together. Kicking Horde BUTT!

[The camera becomes static and shows clips of Season 1 Episode 13, and Season 2 Episode 4.]

She-Ra: Oh yeah, and saving people.

[The static camera and Shows Clips of Season 1, Episode 4, Season 1, Episode 2, and Season 1, Episode 6]

[The static camera goes back to She-Ra and Bow standing in front of the Camera.]

Bow: And we even have our own nickname.

[The static camera zooms to a close up of She-Ra and Bow.]

Bow: The Best Friends Squad.

[The camera wavers and shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 4.]

[The camera continues faltering gray static, back to a close up of Bow but with a slant angle.]

Bow: Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not She-Ra. How can I help?”. Well, I’ve been there before.

[The camera blurs and Shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 6]

[The camera goes back to Bow, who holds up his bow and points to his quiver.]

Bow: And while the Princesses have their powers, I have my trick arrows.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 5, Season 1 Episode 6, Season 1 Episode 1 and Season 1 Episode 2.]

[The camera goes back to She-Ra snorting and chortling.]

Adora: I still can’t believe you made a loud arrow.

[Bow turns the camera to the left to bring his face in the shot before he steps back and unveils his new arrow.]

Bow: Hey. That came in handy. Just like my newest invention, the goo arrow.

[Bow starts to whirl the goo arrow in his fingers.]

Bow: Yeah, does a lot of cool stuff, but mainly…

[Bow stops whirling it and it blows goo on Bow’s face as was speaking, Adora then laughs.]

Bow: …It has goo.

[While Adora laughs, Bow puts his hand on his face and attempts to pull out the goo, but it’s too sticky and now his hand is also stuck.

Bow: Okay, well. Hope you’re inspired. Join the Rebellion, and I’m going to edit this last part out.

Adora: Oh, I am definitely making sure Glimmer sees this.

[Bow’s eyes widen as he tried to reach for the camera.]

Bow: What? No way. Gimme that!

[She-Ra and The Princesses of Power logo comes in.]

[As for Credits Place, clips of Season 1 Episode 2.]

[A preview of the next short episode]

[Then the static camera turns back to Glimmer then switches to the left as Glimmer presents She-Ra beside her.]

Glimmer: She-Ra!

[No one is here besides Glimmer. The camera is static and now She-Ra stands besides Glimmer.]

[Glimmer then winks and elbows She-Ra in the side to signal her to speak.]

She-Ra: Oh, right. [Clears throat] Join the Rebellion.

[Glimmer then looks at She-Ra and waits.]

She-Ra: [Gasps] Wait no, I’m supposed to say that last.