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"You say you're just ordinary people? I say you're warriors of the Rebellion!"

Bow encouraging the three confectioners at Entrapta's castle to stop the princess's robots.
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Bow is one of the main characters in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. He's an archer and tech master in the Rebellion and is Glimmer's best friend.


His physique can be described as broad shouldered for his apparent age, average height, and slightly muscular from years of mastering the bow. He has a tanned complexion, dark brown hair similar in appearance to a pompadour, and dark almost black eyes. He wears a sleeveless white mid-drift revealing tank top under a small golden cuirass (A form of armor that includes the breastplate and the back piece) embellished with a red heart. On his left arm, he wears a golden spaulder (A metal sleeve) on his shoulder, which is attached to the Cuirass, and a golden forearm guard. Furthermore, the brown strap of his quiver runs across his body and left shoulder, following the curve of his garments. His quiver, which is both brown and gold, then peaks out from behind his right shoulder. He wears blue pants which are assumably jeans, with a brown belt and matching golden buckle. His boots are nearly knee high but dip into a 'v' shape at the front. A similar stylized heart can be found there. At the tail of the heart begins the laces, which are two stitches leading to the toe. The heels are golden, along with the soles and the toes.


Bow has shown himself to be a very friendly, cheerful and intellectual person. He serves as the voice of reason amongst his friends; constantly warning them about consequences and even trying to keep them leveled. Bow is often in awe with the world around him and has shown to fight to protect it and his friends. He is also somewhat easily impressed with other people; especially the princesses. Bow also serves as the tech genius of the group using his brain rather than raw force to solve a problem.


The Rebellion Edit

Since the beginning of the series, Bow has been a strong member of the Rebellion. He is often lending a helping hand in battles and taking out enemies to keep the other members out of harm's way.

The Princess Alliance Edit

While he isn't a princess himself, he still fights alongside all the other members of the Princess Alliance. He is one of three non princesses, the other two being Seahawk and Swift Wind. He helped reform the alliance along with Glimmer and Adora.

Adora Edit

When Bow meets Adora, he is with Glimmer, who notices that she is a Horde soldier; they try to stop her from reaching the Sword of Protection. Soon after, they capture Adora and a monster attacks them. Adora ends up taking the sword and transforming into She-Ra for the first time, described as a frightening woman with a cape. He believes that this counterpart may be useful after Adora has destransformed. When Adora joins the Rebellion, Bow and Glimmer face new adventures with her.

Glimmer Edit

Glimmer is Bow's best friend. In the 1st episode, Bow invited her to go into the Whispering Woods to find a piece of First Ones tech (later found to be the Sword of Protection), where they meet and capture their soon to be friend Adora. Glimmer and Bow can almost always be seen together, even during most missions. Bow starts hanging out with Perfuma at the princess prom and Glimmer shows great distress toward Bow for having Perfuma as his plus one rather than her.

Perfuma Edit

Perfuma asks Bow to go to the princess prom during their battle against The Horde near Plumeria.

Kyle Edit

Bow and Kyle had a short chat during the Princess Alliance's rescue mission to save him and Glimmer from the Fright Zone. Bow was nice to Kyle despite being a prisoner and had to listen to him complain about not being taken seriously by any of the members of The Horde. They were in the middle of calling one another friends until Seahawk charges in and throws him onto the pile of Horde soldiers.

Seahawk Edit

Bow has been incredibly impressed by Seahawk since they recruited him to go on a mission over the sea. Bow tied a knot on the ship to keep the boat sailing smoothly and was infatuated when he thought that he had impressed him with his 'beginner's luck' as Seahawk put it. He and Seahawk sing a song together about being great friends.

Abilities & equipment

Bow is a master archer, tech master and all-around rebel.

  • Bow & Arrows: Appropriate for his name, Bow uses a bow and arrows for combat; nailing his targets with accurate and precise shots. Bow also has a variety of arrows with different functions:
  • Net Arrows: Theses arrows conceal a net within them, which are able to capture and pin down enemies.
  • Sonic Arrow: This arrow is able to send out sound waves for others to follow.
  • Tracker Pad: Bow carries this trackpad with him wherever he goes, allowing him to track down First Ones tech.
  • Stun Arrow: This arrow presumably stuns the enemy.
  • Emergency Flare: Like a flare gun, allows to send a distress signal or to create light in dark places.
  • Sticky Arrow: Shoots out a green slime-like material to slow an enemy.
  • Rope Arrow: When fired, it sends out a lassoed-rope.

Aside his skills in archery, Bow has also proven to be good in close-combat, having being able to defeat a Horde soldier during the battle of Bright Moon and hold his own against Catra during The Horde's attack on the village of Thaymor. This is especially useful to him when he's out of arrows.


Past  Edit

Not known.

Season 1 Edit



Since the conclusion of season 1, the She-Ra community has unearthed a multitude of theories about the direction and future of this character. While they cannot be confirmed nor denied, these theories and ideas are integral to the design of this character and how they are perceived in the series.

Season 1 Edit

  • Bow is Transgender. Due to his stature and clothing choices, as well as some his tendencies, many people have come to the conclusion that Bow was a princess, but as a male-- can't fully access his original powers. For example, In the hot springs, his clothing choice is called into question as it resembles that of a binder. During the final sequence, when all the princesses glow, the heart on his armor glows alongside them, despite the fact that only the princesses are glowing, (Seahawk is evidence as he is present but isn't glowing) The glow makes us believe that Bow is somehow connected to and is channeling a Runestone through the heartshaped plate on his chest.



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