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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 2 days ago

Behind the Scenes with my "Season Six" Fan Fiction!

Okay, Cal, this is for you, and anyone else who may be interested!

For your enjoyment, this is my initial summary for my first episode of Season Six:

1) Sleeping Arrangements

Sea Hawk tries to announce that he and Mermista are to be married, but Mermista shuts him down, dragging him off to their boat for the return trip to Salineas.  She explains that in their relationship they’re “working on it,” but that right now, she wants to be sure her home is okay.

Entrapta talks with Hordak, offering that since he is her friend, he should be with her in Dryl.  She explains that, like him, she doesn’t have a lot of experience with how to have a friendship, but she is working on a theory.

He thanks her for her kindness, for remembering him, and for bringi…

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CallistoArt CallistoArt 4 days ago

My She-Ra Sketch Book!


I've been wanting to a blog post for ages, but couldn't think of content for it. Now I finally have!

Here, I will share a few selected sketches I made that are She-Ra related! Unfortunately I have to upload images in order to put them here, but that's not much of an obstacle.

I'll probably add more sketches as they come. -Either in the comments, or in the original post.

I warn you that you're looking through this at your own risk! When I sketch, it. Gets. Really. Messy! But don't worry, I'm not counting on you to understand any of it, I just thought I'd share it. When I made these, I never really planned to share them, though. Don't expect anything like my polished, finished work.

This should give you a little bit of a peek into how my weird…

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Molly262 Molly262 24 days ago

Heart Of Me *Song*

Hey everyone! I’m creating a song on my guitar and am putting some hints/lyrics on here but if you would like to suggest any lyrics I’ll make them into a song! So, don’t be afraid to message me about lyrics or anything, I will always take suggestions.

My Song Titles:

Our Hearts, My love, Breaks

Your Songs:

(I will put right here your user and song title you suggest or I can make one for you if you want)

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Xaesthetic.emyyX Xaesthetic.emyyX 29 days ago

She Ra!

Hi! I absolutely love She Ra, its simply amazing! So here is a little bit about my interests within the show!:

Fun Fact: I watch She Ra when I'm sad and I need a distraction!

Fave character: Catra

Top 3 [characters]: Catra, Adora, Melog

Fave episode[s]: Roll With It, Destiny Pt. 2, Corridors, Save The Cat, Failsafe, The Heart Pt. 2

Favorite EVER quote: 'Me? All I do is hurt people, there's no-one left in the entire universe that cares about me.' - Catra, Corridors

That's it for now! :D

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Molly262 Molly262 9 April

Drawing 2.0

This blog is for anyone to ask me for drawings and I’d be happy to do so! I will work hard to achieve anything that you ask and am happy just to do my part for the people of this wiki.

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Molly262 Molly262 8 April

For Everyone

Everything that will be put on here like pictures or phrases, is to everyone. Not one person, everyone.

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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 5 April

She-Ra Musical?

Noelle's songs:

Elsie's "Catra Musical"

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Molly262 Molly262 10 March

For My Dearest Friend

This Blog is for my dearest friend PuyoSonicFan and they have helped me through many dark times. I don’t know where I would be without him and his sister.

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S29q9fkn S29q9fkn 9 March

Season 5 Fanfic

Hello here i'll be putting my Worst Case Scenario Fanfic along with updates or early ideas if you have any questions about it please put them here

Horde Prime: Nothing changes until Launch. Moving on

Launch: At the end of the episode Entrapta tries to bring Emily on board the ship but as she goes to get Emily the Horde bots figure out that they’ve been tricked and Adora and Bow have to leave, Entrapta is left on Atheria.

Corridors: Everything that happened on Horde Prime’s ship happens normally. Adora and Bow are able to move along but at a much slower pace without Entrapta and are having trouble getting to Prime’s ship; this causes them to be in a different, smaller quadrant when Prime does a sweep of the of the nearby quadrants and through …

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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 6 March

Fan Fiction Archive

Also: Everyone is welcome to join the She-Ra Fan Fiction Book Club!!!!
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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 18 February

Special Memories

How I got my profile pic:

When Quinn made me their teacher's assistant:

My mod announcement!

My first action as a thread moderator:

Saying what I like about people:

Kay's comment about my fanfic:

Artwork with Cal


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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 6 February

2021 Holiday Creativity Contest Links

Visual Art Entries

Art Awards

Writing Entries

Writing Awards

Meme Entries

Meme Awards

Organizers Award

Original Announcement


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StartouchAssassin StartouchAssassin 23 January

My Thoughts

So, i was thinking, what kinds of powers must the lost princesses have? so far, I've come up with:

  • Mind-Telepathy, Telekinesis, Foretelling The Future.
  • Fire.
  • Chaos-Ability's To Manifest Voids, Black Holes, Etc.
  • Gravity.

and that's all i can think of.

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Molly262 Molly262 14 January


The Memes are labeled under them so you know what ones they go with. *Read full post to see memes.*


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Molly262 Molly262 12 January

Updates On Different Things

This page will go through many different things. For example: My Drawings, which I have finally reached my 100 drawing goal. And hope to get a lot more in the year of 2022. I will keep you updated on my drawings through my Drawing For People page. This update page will also tell you if She-Ra has a new season or information on a characters, (Working On). *TBC*


The theory, “The 6th season of She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power is confirmed to be released on the 15th of May 2022,” is stumbling everyone, wondering if season 6 will come out. Or if season 5 is the last season. We will have to wait and see.

Info on the series,

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a spin off of the original series from back in the 80s. The newly released spino…

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Rxsebxquet Rxsebxquet 5 January

a little bit about me :D

hi! you can call me rose, but might as well call me catra (XD)

I am super obsessed with She - Ra and everything about it. Especially Catra, she's my favorite character

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WFloverblob WFloverblob 16 December 2021

SPOP screenshots

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Molly262 Molly262 12 December 2021

Drawing For People

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share the drawings i've been doing. Lately i've been working on drawings for WellingtonSmith and I wanted to share them with everyone. So, they asked me to do 2 people next to each other so, thats what im working on. But, I also have been working on something else. Rarity from MLP, (My Little Pony.) I'm doing her in human form and if people want i will post pictures of my progress. Here is what I have done so far. If people want me to draw stuff for them, i would be happy to.

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Ahrinn Ahrinn 11 December 2021

profile coding test


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HazelMarcyCatrafan110 HazelMarcyCatrafan110 11 December 2021


I am very happy to be here. I'm quite new to this so I might mess up sometimes. You can call me anything similar to my user. For example, the initials 'HMCf110'. I hope I've made a good first impression. Bye for now- HazelMarcyCatrafan110

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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 12 September 2021

An Episode 54: Just Friends Ship

I started writing my own version of what happens after the final episode of She-Ra, beginning with this episode that overlaps with the last several minutes of Episode 52, in which the heroes gather again, take a deep breath after the battle, and make plans for the future:

The story continues, as Sea Hawk and Mermista make their way back to Salineas, and the the New Best Friends Squad head for home at Bright Moon.

I hope you enjoy it! There will be more to come!

EPISODE 54: Just Friends Ship

On the high seas of Etheria, a sleek and elegant vessel skims over the waters. In the clear mid-morning light, Sea Hawk leaps from sail to sa…

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Indigo-shining Indigo-shining 1 September 2021

My Writing: BadThingsHappenBingo


Catherine Smith crept up to the fancy house with the stained glass windows surrounding the fancy, ornate-looking white door. She took a deep breath, reminding herself that this was all for her friends. For their safety. They might not think it, but she was doing this for them. They just needed to understand that.

She walked up to the front door, and knocked the fancy gold door knocker in a secret code. One soft tap, two sharper taps, one really loud tap.

The door opened, and the person who opened it peered out. She had long straight black hair, cinnamon-brown skin, and reddish-brown eyes. “Yes?” She said.

Catherine shakily replied, “Catherine Smith, ma’am. I assume you are Raven?”

The woman nodded. “Come in.”

Catherine stepped forward int…

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TophPaw TophPaw 23 August 2021

DT appreciation pic

By me :)

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BrianSturgill BrianSturgill 4 August 2021

An Episode 53: On The Plain of Heroes

My first piece of fanfic. This is the entire episode.

(or, if you would like to read this in a more fun way, start here: Then, just follow the trail of links in the comments to jump from part to part.)

This episode takes place during the last few minutes of the final episode of the series.

Hope you enjoy!  I have ideas for an entire season of episodes, which I hope to continue sharing in parts.

EPISODE 53: On The Plain Of Heroes

ETHERIA: A world of deep magic suffusing the water, land, the trees, the fields, bird and beast, flowers, hills, rivers, and mountains. From the skies, to the earth, to its deepest core. It is a world only just reborn, blooming and growing wildl…

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ZRKMRK ZRKMRK 24 July 2021


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3badcats 3badcats 19 July 2021

Scorpia and Catra fanfic (platonic)

This is my first time writing fanfiction EVER so I'm a little shy about sharing it. Anyway, it's about Scorpia and Catra starting to repair their friendship after the war. I wish the show had had time to devle deeper into their dynamic after Catra turned good, but it didn't so now I'm writing it. Enjoy!

“FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!” Adora shouted, summoning the sword and lifting it straight up. There was a blinding flash of light as she transformed into She-ra.

“We all know what She-ra looks like,” Glimmer said wryly to Catra, “You don’t have to stare at her every time she transforms.”

“I wasn’t staring!” Catra protested, blushing. Ok, maybe she was staring, but it was just a little bit.

“Relax Glimmer, we all know Catra’s madly in love…” Bow…

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Skylark898 Skylark898 29 June 2021



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Catrafan16 Catrafan16 11 June 2021

How to reach me

I am on Wattpad under the name @leavesonmyceiling. I have She-Ra and Owl House fanfics.[1]

I'm not losing you is about a catradora space mission on a new planet. I also have an TOH one-shots, as well as a meme story for TOH and SPOP. My instragram is leavesonmyceiling.

Best wishings! (Sidenote, we really need an Etherian greeting. Star Wars fans have: May the force be with you. Maybe we can say, "may you bring honer to etheria?" please suggest your own ideas!)

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Pangolin18 Pangolin18 5 June 2021

Finished Season 5!!!!

So today I finished season five of She-Ra, and it was absolutely epic!!
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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June 2021

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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Galcons Galcons 1 June 2021

For the honor of grayskull

(evil) She-ra arrives to roblox!

Name of the stuff I used:

Pants (and shirt): She-ra 2018: She-Ra's

Hair: Dirty Blonde Updo

Hats: Bigger Ruby Royal Crown and Evil Side

Face mask: Bear Face Mask

Back: 3 RB Battles swords combined together

Waist: Destructive Aura

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JdanJD JdanJD 27 May 2021

i like this font


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JdanJD JdanJD 27 May 2021



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JdanJD JdanJD 27 May 2021



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Camjja Camjja 13 May 2021



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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 9 May 2021

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes

Here are my top 5 favorite episodes of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:

1. Ties That Bind

2. The Beacon

3. Once Upon a Time in the Waste

4. Hero

5. Return to the Fright Zone

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Catra NEEDS a new whip Catra NEEDS a new whip 27 April 2021

How She-ra helped me to discover myself

I'm biologically a girl. And, since 1 year and half ago, I was completely ok with it. But, I never actually felt like a girl. I liked to "dress like a boy", so people could confuse me as one. I liked "feeling like a boy". Then, I thought I was a trans guy, but I never felt like one either. I was a mess. I couldn't figure out who I was, and everytime someone used she/her pronouns with me... it felt so wrong.

I started to watch She-ra, and eventually Double Trouble was there, using they/them pronouns. I liked it. I searched it on Google and found out what's a Non-Binary person. I didn't felt like one tho. At first, I thought I was gender fluid, but then I just realized I was Non-Binary. I asked my friends if they could use it with me, and now they…

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Siannt13 Siannt13 26 April 2021

So quick Question....

Do you have a favorite TV Show?

If so what is it and who or what is your favorite character?

I'll start I absolutely love the She-ra 2018 Reboot because the 1980s She ra all of the princess were more or less the same size and also the character have more expression!

Can't wait to hear!

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AceFantaCola AceFantaCola 18 April 2021

Why would you click this?



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Mtro1903 Mtro1903 14 April 2021

Same Energy.. JUST LOOK!

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Mtro1903 Mtro1903 14 April 2021

Put My Top 5 Favorite She-ra Fanarts!

This is listed from 5th place (TOP), to 1st place (Bottom)

This piece of artwork is so realistic! In a way it seems delicate! The lighting on the headpiece and the wrist bracelet would be complicated to do because of the lighting. So yes SNAPS for Miguel!

It took a while find out the artists of each of them to giver them credit. I enjoy the fan-art though. And yeah cool!

  • (I originally had a different piece of artwork but I wasn't able to find out who the illustrator was... SO, I had to replace it with a different piece of artwork.)
  • (The artist's credits are in the captions of the image)
  • Also to cause less confusion, the artwork by SUPER RISU & PaigeDoesTheArt are both second place because I wasn't able to decide between the two!

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Mtro1903 Mtro1903 13 April 2021

Okay.. I have questions...

How does Glimmer have her wider and curvy-er body type when her mother is thin and her father is big in a muscular way??? If someone has an aswer PLS CONFIRM!

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524DancingKitten 524DancingKitten 8 April 2021

Princess Prom / Future Image!

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524DancingKitten 524DancingKitten 8 April 2021


[[File:Slide 2!.png|alt=again, all clean- this section was harder >o

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Magic shera Magic shera 7 April 2021

Catradora and toxicity

Okay, so, some people have been discussing Catradora (specifically Catra) and if it's a toxic relationship, so I thought I'd share what I think.

I've never really been in to Catradora, as my main ship is Entrapdak, but I do find it pretty cute. However, I think it's a bit toxic. If Catradora was set in season 1-4, it would be 100% frowned upon and hated, because it would've been veeeery toxic. So what changed in season 5? Well, Catra learned her lesson. There, I said it. She realized what she was doing was horrible and wrong, thanks to Horde Prime, but that really doesn't change anything or what she did. She was still horrible. Some people need to realize that. And just because Catradora is LGBTQ+ rep and "gay uwuwuwu my bbies" doesn't auto…

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ToastedBreadStick ToastedBreadStick 15 March 2021

perfuma doesn’t always have to be happy

Perfuma was always the one who followed with all the tales and did what was told. She always wanted to be kind and respectful in every way. When someone was hurt she would help. Her parents were concerned about her defense because they believed and was always told “men be strong, women be calm.” Perfuma always felt something wrong about her, the dresses always looked so pretty on other girls but not them. She said “But mom and dad said to marry a woman, but what if they were the women.” She continued to look at the dress seeing that it was so pretty while her mom in the corner was putting on makeup. Than whispered Perfuma “It’s ok to break the rules sometimes right!” Later that night, Perfuma told her parents that she was not a boy anymore…

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Kizibe Kizibe 10 March 2021

Big Bean Bug

Heyo! Night here. I wanted to share my opinions on Scorpia.

Scorpia is a great friend. At first, she was really determined to help Catra and be her friend, that she ignored the fact Catra was really rude to her. She created the Super Pal Duo (Later Trio) to cheer Catra up and welcome Entrapta to The Fright Zone. But she slowly realized that Catra didn't care about friends when she sent Entrapta to Beast Island and kept being rude to Scorpia and Emily. She left the Horde and joined The Rebellion, taking her place as a Princess. She was chipped by Horde Prime, in the end, she was saved by Bow. She becomes Perfuma's girlfriend.

I think (and everyone will agree) she is a Big Bean Bug, as Drunk Adora The Wise said. There should be a profile tag …

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KodeVillainHoax6 KodeVillainHoax6 27 February 2021

Queen Glimmer

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Catra28 Catra28 26 January 2021

Ships of the She-Ra Universe

  • 1 Ships of the She-Ra Universe
  • 2 The Relationships of Each Ship
    • 2.1 Catradora:
    • 2.2 Glimmbow:
  • 3 Entrapdak:

  • Catradora (Catra+Adora)
  • Glimmbow (Glimmer+Bow)
  • Entrapdak (Entrapta+Hordak)
  • Spinnetossa (Spinnerella+Netossa)
  • Scorfuma (Scorpia+Perfuma)
  • Glimmadora (Glimmer+Adora)
  • Scorpta (Scorpia+Catra)
  • Repkyle (Rogelio+Kyle)
  • Seamista (Mermista+Sea Hawk)
  • Seabow (Sea Hawk+Bow)
  • Merfuma (Mermista+Perfuma)

Catra and Adora were friends their whole childhood, but when Adora see's the sword of protection in the woods, she can't stop thinking about it and later leaves the fright zone to go and see if she can find the sword again. She spends the day with Glimmer and Bow, who tell her about the horrible things the Horde has done. When Catra goes to find Adora, Adora tells her she's…

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All I Wanted Was Love (A Hurt/Comfort Double Trouble oneshot)

The role of aloof, lone wolf mercenary seemed easy. That's what they thought at first. But then Double Trouble met Catra in the Crimson Waste. She was fun to be around. She was like a friend. A friend Trouble never had before. However, Catra had multiple things eating her alive; her not wanting to be the villain, her having an obsession of Adora. They scoped her out and gave her the ultimate vibe check. They thought they were happy . . .

But they weren't. They felt miserable, surprisingly. Every time someone brings up Catra, or She Ra, or anything of the sort, they remember the heartbroken expression plastered on her face. They liked it at first. Now they regret betraying her. So they finally went to Bright Moon, just to clear the air . . . …

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