• WizardOfLemons

    Just a question

    September 6, 2020 by WizardOfLemons

    If Double Trouble got chipped in s5, would they be able to shapeshift to hide it?

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  • CtheTtheG

    My Blog Post

    September 6, 2020 by CtheTtheG

    6/9/2020 Oof

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  • Worthlessanddumb


    September 5, 2020 by Worthlessanddumb

    Hi, I'm Soph, I'm just doing a lil introductory thing



    Theatre nerd

    Pretty chill about ships but you can pry my non-ship headcanons out of my cold dead hands

    I also make aus

    I'm gonna make a lot of polls

    thats kinda it

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  • M.M. Grayskull

    LGBTQ+ part 2

    September 3, 2020 by M.M. Grayskull

    Mi sento in dovere di fare la parte 2 perchè questo argomento non venga abbandonato -English translation below👇

    Come avevo scritto nel mio post precedente LGBTQ+ in She-ra è una cosa molto importante, tutta via non è una cosa scontata neanche nel mondo reale, Nella mia città,Milano in italia C'è stato il Gay Pride (una manifestazione per celebrare i diritti dei Gay) e molto vie sono dedicate a questo tipo di attrazione sessuale; a Natale le luci sono di colore arcobaleno e molti locali ospitano colori delle bandiere dedicati alle diverse tipologie. Quando passo per quelle vie mi sento in dovere di apprezzare chi a deciso di far sentire a casa queste persone, che, a volte anno dei problemi e non vengono accetate. Io rigrazio Noelle perchè a d…

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  • MangoTheHusky

    I made a post called ¨What is your gender?¨ To see what gender(s) watch she ra, 62% Female 22% Male 0% Non-binary, and 16% other. I found this interesting that there is more other than non-binary.

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  • M.M. Grayskull

    LGBTQ+ in She-ra

    August 29, 2020 by M.M. Grayskull

    Ciao! ecco quì il mio nuovo blog, sotto trovi la traduzione in inglese-below you find the English translation 👇

    LGBTQ+ In She-ra è una cosa che mi è piaciuta molto, nel passato la gente doveva nascondersi perchè era Gay, nella nostra socetà oggi la gente viene accetata, ma c'è ancora gente che pensa che sia sbagliato. Questa serie televisiva invece ci aiuta a capire che se fossimo in un mondo come Heteria l' LGBTQ+ non sarebbe una cosa sbagliata.

    Io spero che voi la pensiate come me e che l' LGBTQ+  non è una cosa sbagliata neanche nel nostro mondo

    Hello! here is my new blog,

    LGBTQ + In She-ra it is something that I liked a lot, in the past people had to hide because he was Gay, in our society today people are accepted, but there are still peo…

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  • Silvermoonlynx

    Entrapdak Fic

    August 26, 2020 by Silvermoonlynx

    This is an Entrapdak fic because I was bored, and because Entrapdak is the best ship ever. FIGHT ME. It's an AU timeline; Entrapta manages to escape from Beast Island, instead of moping around for a season. I'll try to update it weekly or on a somewhat regular basis. 

    My eyes flash open, and my vision is slightly blurry. I ache all over, and my fingertips and nose are numb and tingling weirdly. 

    I try to sit up, and an animal-sounding moan rips itself from my mouth. I've never been in so much pain before, not even when I tried to connect First Ones tech to one of my robots back in Dryl and it blew up in my face, throwing me thirty feet clear.

    I look around with my eyes, trying not to move my head, my eyebrows furrowing. Where am I? It's nowhe…

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  • CtheTtheG

    My Story

    August 14, 2020 by CtheTtheG
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  • TheLastZincBender


    August 13, 2020 by TheLastZincBender

    This is a fanfic of where Catra fell out of the skiff and she became she Ra 

    Chapter 1 - Catra's POV Adora stole a skiff That's right. Goody Two Shoes Adora stole a skiff And of course, i was with her, because we're best friends, and best friends do EVERYTHING together. Alright, back to the present. We're in the Whispering Woods, By the way. "Catra, SLOW DOWN!" Adora yelled. "Nahhh! This is sooo much fun!" I exclaimed. "Catra.." she hissed behind her teeth. Uh oh, that means business. "Okay, I'll slow down!" I said. Suddenly, Adora's eyes widened. "Catra! LOOK OUT!" she screeched. "Huh?" I hardly had time to scream when we crashed into a tree. "Owww..I think I lost a tooth.." I complained. I looked up. Where was Adora? Standing up, I saw so…

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  • Shunday


    August 7, 2020 by Shunday

    hello my name is theo . i love the shera and the princesses of power and les legendaires

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  • PedalPie14


    August 1, 2020 by PedalPie14

    if im humiliating myself tell me, and ye

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  • Male Lapis Lazuli

    I went around the pages dedicated to the galleries of the characters and their pages. I noticed that there is a bit of confusion so I propose you to create pages where we will insert galleries dedicated to character design in comics, video games, a gallery to show the evolution of the character's age and another to show the outfits, a gallery for transformations and one for deformations and finally a gallery for color palettes. Now I show you an example of my idea that I took from the Steven Universe wiki​​​​​​

    See, let's take an example: I create a new page for Adora called Adora / Design and here I will put its various designs, outfits, transformation, deformations, renders that show her age throughout the series and her color palettes.


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  • Kaizah02

    The following blog post will be about possible entries for the page "People Groups" and a proposal for a future page. If you have any suggesion, write it down in the comments. If you have any issues with anithing written below, PLEASE TELL.

    Hello, everyone! I worked on a few proposals for the page "People Groups", as someone on the page requested the people from Elberon. I would take the chance to do some extra work. 

    The butterfly people are They have pointy, streaked ears and butterfly wings. They also lack a nose, and in some cases, the ears can point downwards (like the muscular woman who hugs Adora in Elberon) and/or come out from the point of the forehead in a long string (like the mayor of Elberon). Their skin tones are variations of …

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  • Panemsgreatest


    July 23, 2020 by Panemsgreatest

    Hey everyone! I've been binging She-Ra and watching Catra closely. As amazing as Catra is, she does have her bad parts. Like her toxicity, and her temper, but that's not why I'm making this blog. I'm pointing out things that me and Catra have in common! Hehe, a bit of a weird concept, but it should be interesting!~ My life is definitely not as tragic as Catra's, and nor do I have a love life, sadly. So I'm going to list some physical  simalarities we have.

    - Short, brown hair

    - Tan skin (well, mine is tan-ish)

    - Sharp nails (well, she does have claws...)

    That is not a lot, but oh well! Now, personal similarities.


    -G a y 


    -Tsundere 100% (I mean.. I don't like many people though..)

    - Likes being annoying

    - Catlike (I mean..I'm mo…

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  • Kaizah02

    Peoples of Etheria (page title)

    DISCLAIMER: this project is progressing in a different way in another blog post. For the reason, see below in the comments.

    This page contains a full list and description of all the autochthonous communities of the planet of Etheria. There are three groups: x, y and z. There are notes in the text; it is fundamental to read those for clarifications and to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Humans are one of the predominant species on Etheria. They are alike real-life humans, aside the existence of more skin colours outside the usual ones, such as purple (Spinnerella, Madame Razz, Queen Angella and Huntara are an example). There are different subspecies or races of humans, outside the “average ones”.

    Sorcerers are gifted…

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  • W!ki5tarTer

    She Ra Art Contest

    July 22, 2020 by W!ki5tarTer

    Just throwing out an idea but could we have a SheRa art contest, people can make art of SheRa characters, objects and locations, It could be fun, just asking

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  • ThatsMyWildcat

    Hey everyone 👋

    I never thought that a She-Ra reboot would have so much of an impact on my life - but here we are - addicted and hoping for more :)

    Anyway, I thought it would be fun to tell you about my morning tea ceremony that Purfuma inspired me to start (I don't think I'm going to start any drum circles, but please RSVP if I do so I know how many drums to bring).

    Remember when Glimmer brought Perfuma to the Crimson Waste before her morning tea ceremony?

    I had absolutely no idea what that was, but to be honest I thought it sounded interesting, so I started looking up tea ceremonies on YouTube, Instagram, and Google.

    It turns out that tea ceremonies are an ancient form of meditaiton that centers around making tea - and there are all kinds of w…

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  • M.M. Grayskull

    Sono stata molto colpita dalla stagione 5, per molte cose, ma soprattutto come hanno continuato la trama e la personalità di molti personaggi. ad esempio Catra, che alla fine ha voltato pagina, oppure Adora il cui personaggio è stato portato avanti più che con la paura di non riuscire a salvare Heteria, anzi, TUTTO L'UNIVERSO; che con la paura di non essere una She-ra abbastanza brava.

    Mi è piaciuto molto il fatto che abbiano messo in evidenza i personaggi di Spinderella e Netossa, che erano state messe in ombra per un po' tutta la serie, anche se fanno spesso delle apparizioni durante la stagione 4.

    La tagione 5 mi risulta (in maniera non eccesiva)  più seria delle altre, fatta eccezione per la stagione 4 dove la ribellone è in una situazio…

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  • She-ra for life


    July 4, 2020 by She-ra for life

    Hey people, how are ya’ll?

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  • CatraScarlemagne345

    Should there be a 6 season of She ra please leave comments below

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  • RedArcher


    July 1, 2020 by RedArcher

    According to the creator of the show, Noelle, said that if the fans want to see this show continue then the petition with that purpose in mind needs to spread like wildfire, which means this needs to be signed, shared, and spread. If you also wish to see the series continued please sign this petition:

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  • DrawingKAt


    June 29, 2020 by DrawingKAt

    I'm curious, if a sequel to Season 5 is realeased, how likely do you think Finn would be in the sequel? Finn is Adora and Catra's non-binary child created by Noelle on a livestream.

    I'm curious to hear what you all will think if you respond, thanks!

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  • Catrathefangirl

    A small opinion

    June 22, 2020 by Catrathefangirl

    This small opinion is if Frosta, Perfuma and Scorpia should be a family or not? I say they should they do make a good couple.

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  • Colour Me Ren

    I’ve just finished watching the final season of She-Ra and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! (Along with one of the best romantic relationship arcs I have ever seen. Guess what pairing I’m going to be drawing She-Ra Fan Art of for ages now haha.) 

    Thank you Noelle Stevenson for giving us such a wonderful show!

    Decided to create some She-Ra Fan Art of my favourite girl Adora’s alter ego

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  • Bree2805

    she ra

    June 14, 2020 by Bree2805

    she ra is my fav show i really love it

    even thou i'm only in seson 1..............sorry i coulden't

    write much i'm still watching it right now

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  • Brian Dodd

    This is my Fan Fic

    June 12, 2020 by Brian Dodd

    In the Future Adora and Catra are married with 3 kids 1, boy ,1 girl and 1 non-binary You can also see this Fan Fic on as well as some of my artwork

    The girl is Nekobrina (Age=19) Personality wise she is adventurous, feisty, rebellious, somewhat tomboyish, resourceful, sweet, a bit self-centered, impulsive, brave, selfless, mischievous, heroic, at times arrogant,belligerent, excitable, paranoid, wise, strong-willed, fearless and independent. She loves eating weird exotic food from other worlds, her skill with a blade is greater than any samurai and she acts more like a cat than Catra. She is dating Thorn the son of Scorpia and Perfuma and best friends with Strika the daughter of Scorpia and Perfuma. The S…

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  • DaizyMk


    June 6, 2020 by DaizyMk

    my brother log out of netflix now i cant watch she-ra i was almost done finishing my episode TwT

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  • ImmoVdestroyer

    Catra: Hello princesses. Who do we have here? Ember

    Ember: yes General Catra.

    Catra: good, you remembered my title. Omega?

    Omega squeezes through the pipes, into the sink, then climbs out using her braided hair to climb out.

    Omega: Sorry! I heard that mom did it in the fright zone so I wanted to try. I'm here.

    Catra rolls her eyes

    Catra: Breeze.

    Breeze: Yes General.

    Catra: hello. 

    Entrapta bursts in.

    Entrapta: My tracking device is beeping!

    Catra: what tracking device?

    Entrapta hangs off the bars on the door way using her hair.

    Entrapta: You know, the one that detects anyone ientering the atmosphere.

    Entrapta leaves.

    Catra: Well princesses in training. Looks like your first mission will be a practical!

    Adora bursts in

    Adora: Catra, ready the troops. they'r…

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  • Bloodyhuman

    She-Ra is the best, best, best, best,best,best,best

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  • She-ra fan 1


    June 5, 2020 by She-ra fan 1


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  • Nibbit77

    Has anyone here realised that Catra is just like the characters in the movie cats, but somehow she's  one of the most loveable characters in the whole show (well I guess thats mostly my opinion but you get it nobody dumped on her)? Also I'm sorry that I probably ruined your view of Catra forever now. But seriously, She walks the same, has ears, has a tail... ???

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  • Flutterina
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  • Lou douglas

    Okay so, I noticed some tension as in season 5. Catra saving Queen Glimmer and blushing when Adora laughed. I was like "Wow dude. They have to hold hands or something or something." 

    When it was the series finale. I just prayed to God that this would be good. When Catra said "I Love you" to Adora. My eyes widened and I started to scream. I don't know start to freaked out like me but damn. 

    Then in a few seconds, Adora is okay. (Thank you, lord) then they kissed. I had either a mental breakdown or as I call "a ship breakdown" 

    I feel really embarrassed to write this so let me know if you did the same or couldn't think straight for a week.

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  • Hypsoline

    Celebrate the amazing cast of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! In this exclusive featurette, Noelle Stevenson (Executive Producer / Show Creator), Aimee Carrero ("She-Ra" / "Adora"), AJ Michalka ("Catra"), Lauren Ash ("Scorpia"), Vella Lovell ("Mermista"), Marcus Scribner ("Bow"), and Karen Fukuhara ("Glimmer") all share their love for She-Ra's diverse characters and inclusive themes.

    "Stories can be the most powerful thing in the world," Stevenson says. "I want these stories to stick with people and for it to bring the knowledge that they’re loved and that they’re precious." Watch the video below for more on what Noelle and the cast have to say.

    The fifth and final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is now streaming on Netflix.

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  • SamSam2412

    I'm new :3

    May 21, 2020 by SamSam2412

    Hello! I'm Sammy, I first got into She-Ra after hearing how good it was and I became a fan of it!! It's such a good show, I really wish there was more, but nothing can last forever :,D

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  • Andrew20480

    -Catradora kiss?

    -catradora holding hands?

    -my current one?

    -future bow?


    -BFS chilling in the grass?

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  • Andrew20480

    -I really dislike Swift Wind. I get WHY he's there, but I don't like him.

    -I don't think it was totally necessary, (even though I love them) to have Double Trouble to show up in S5.

    -I didn't like Glimmer that much in Season 1, but I gradually warmed up to her. In season four, she's understandably un-likeable.

    -I LOVE THE WRITING, (not particularly the character) of Shadow Weaver. It's brilliant, and Lorraine Toussaint is fantastic in that role.

    -Most of Bow's history doesn't make much sense. Where are his brothers? Were they all adopted? How does biology work in Etheria? HOW WOULD HIS PARENTS NEVER HAD CHECKED OUT THAT THE SCHOOL HE MADE UP EXISTS? Where would his tuition go? Huh?

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  • Andrew20480

    -Visiting Glimmer

    -Saving Glimmer

    -Apologizing to Adora and Entrapta

    -Joining the group for dinner (seriously, this was a huge moment for her)

    -Befriending Melog and working through her emotions

    -Taking the group's light banter not that seriously

    -Making Adora question what she wanted

    -Finally admitting her feelings for Adora

    -Becoming an official member of the Best Friends Squad.

    pls add more from S5 if you want or can, I'm kinda tired right now and not thinking at full capacity.

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  • Andrew20480

    IS THAT A MOUSE?!?!?!
    Absolute scream of terror after transforming for the first time. 
    "Whooosh, I'M IN A TIARA!"
    Meeting Swift Wind's horsey form
    "For the honor of grayskull blah blah blah"
    *whispering* Glimmer?! Glimmer?! I think I killed the bed! 
    "Ma'am! I mean your Majesty. Sir!" *bows incredibly awkwardly*
    *sits in Micah's chair unknowingly*
    every time she arm wrestles Sea Hawk 
    charging the sea monster
    *not knowing what an aunt, birthday, and parties are*
    loopy Adora, 'nuff said
    (loopy Adora gives off more of a Korra vibe than usual)
    "I made an obstacle course!"
    shoving the tiny food into her mouth
    THAT DIIIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    "Am I dead? There was a fall..."
    Season 2 Episode 7 "Reunio…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Tales of the Children Raised in Hell, is a fanfiction concept I've been toying around with for over a year now. It focuses on a group of original characters from the Horde The series is slightly AU due to her existence of some extra characters and the fact that the Horde is homophobic in this universe so Scorpia doesn't have lesbian mommies.

    The perspective shifts between charactes each chapter and the chapters won't necessarily be given in chronological order. The two main characters are Penny Dreadful and Amity Shine. The chapters told from other characters perspectives sometimes tie into the main plot between Penny and Amity, sometimes are episodic side-stories, and sometimes are a little of both.

    Penny grew up in the Fright Zone and was r…

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  • Sorondil

    If previous Adora/She-Ra design was greatly inspired by Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena), I would like to comment how much the new incarnation of She-Ra really shows such an inspiration from this shoujo surrealist anime from the late 1990s.

    It's curious to notice that also the golden tiara and armbands have great inspiration from the empowered Wonder Woman from DC comics. Mr. Marston depicted the original Amazon concept as Greek women who were bound by the wrists by men, and at some point noticed their own power and were broken free of such oppresion, moving to Themiscira and reclaim it as a "Women-Only" island. Such metal armor on their arms called the "Bracelets of Submission" were worn as a reminder: to forfeit one's independence by allo…

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  • FreeTheFable

    Thank you

    May 16, 2020 by FreeTheFable

    I wanted to say thank you for being an uplifting and supportive fandom. On Twitter I literally cried at Noelle earlier thanking the crew for making the show. For its message, for its diversity, for its queer rep and never giving in and making them have a lesbian as the main/title characters and not killing them. There's so much to be thankful for. I'm not out of tears, but I am out of words in a unique format to say that I love each and every one person that has put effort and time into making this show, this fandom, this wiki an amazing place to belong. I can, however, tell you my story.

    The tl;dr is literally the beginning of this, so spare yourself if you don't care. (Also, curse word warning? Just thought I'd throw that in there.)

    I did …

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  • Andrew20480

    BUT, they really didn't have to cut Catra's hair in a very gay haircut to let us know she was gay. We didn't need it, but I'm not complaining. It's just so gay on top of more gay. Anyway, pls no spoilers, but yeah that's what I gathered

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  • NeptuneID13

    When I was younger, I had a phase where I was obsessed with 80s cartoons and toys. While my main interest was in Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony I also remember coming across a little show known as She-Ra: Princess of Power. I saw a commercial for the show’s crystal castle playset. Despite this, I never watched an episode of the show. However, my dad told me he watched He-Man, She-Ra’s companion show, when he was younger.

    Years later, and Dreamworks would acquire Classic Media, and in December 2017, they announced, to my surprise, that they would reboot She-Ra. I later forgot about it until July 2018, when the first few images were released. I remember angry neckbeard dudebros throwing a hissy fit because of the new design, saying t…

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  • WellingtonSmith
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  • Andrew20480

    Hey Adora,

    It’s me, you know, your EX-BEST FRIEND.

    Why? Why did you leave? We could’ve have been happy. We could’ve been together. But no.

    You left the Fright Zone. You left Shadow Weaver. You left me!!! All for your stupid sword and your stupid friends and your stupid princesses. Why wasn’t I good enough for you?! 

    I hate you


    Hey Adora,

    I can’t go on. I am stuck in a hole and I just keep falling. Life is completely meaningless. All I wanted was for us to be happy but I can’t see that ever happening. Give me one, ONE reason why I should stay.


    Hey Adora,

    Life isn’t worth living. I might as well jump off of that stupid cliff we played around when we were kids. Maybe not our best idea or whatever. You should have pushed me off that way none o…

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  • WellingtonSmith

    What if Hordak landed in Plumeria?

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  • Aoife123

    Scorpia bursts into Catra's room on Hoard Prime's ship. "C'mon Wildcat  we're leaving." "Scorpia, you came," exclaims Catra, astonished. "How did you get here?" "It turns out princesses are pretty useful," Scorpia replies with a laugh. Catra then rushes in and gives Scorpia a hug. After a brief moment of shock Scorpia returns the hug. "You give great hugs, Scorpia." With a smile, she replies," I know." "I'm sor..." Catra started but a Horde bot smashes through the wall. Taking Catra by the hand, the two run to regroup with the escape party and leave Horde Prime's ship.

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  • WellingtonSmith

    Deep inside the Fright Zone. In the not too distant future.

    A loud clang as a pipe falls, one side attached near the top of the wall, the other half on a partially crushed bench.

    Catra looks up at the attempted repair. “Great. I bet the Princesses don't have these problems.” She kicked at a piece of debris.

    Scorpia put down a large beam she'd been carrying. “Uhh, actually when I was in Plumeria...” She stopped. Catra shot her a look. Scorpia continued “Never mind. Anyway you've done really well here. If only we could get the bots to help with repairs.”

    “Battle bots. Repairing? What are they gonna do, blast the drain pipes into submission?” Catra fought back a smile.

    “Yea.” The big princesses laughed out loud. “They'd be like BOOM zap. All fixed…

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  • Post-punkExplosion

    Today marks the beginning of a social networks dynamic for the She-Ra fandoms across the internet titled We Must Be Brave: 14 Days of SPOP.

    As a preparation to the premiere of the Season 5 of She-Ra on Netflix, the news website Princesses of Power has created a calendarized schedule of activities for the fans of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to participate in them and share their love for the show. it features different dynamics for the two week marathon.

    The Princesses of Power website team took suggestions off of Twitter to create the event leading up to the Season 5 premiere on May 15th, each day celebrating something different about the show and its wonderful fandom on the internet. "We invite the entire She-Ra community to participa…

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