• Bow decides to be called "The Best Friends Squad"
  • The Best Friends Squad at work
  • She-Ra and the Squad (now with Swift Wind)
  • The Squad after winning the battle at Bright Moon
  • The Best Friend Squad (now with Catra) in the finale
  • best friends squad
The Best Friends Squad is a group that portrays the friendship between Adora, Glimmer, Bow and eventually Catra, which is the core group of the series. After Horde Prime was defeated they decide to go on a "Road Trip" to return magic to the universe.


The name creation

The Best Friends Squad is the name given to describe the core protagonists of Glimmer, Bow, and Adora early in the series. It was first mentioned by Bow in "The Sword: Part 2". He came up with the name after the battle of Thaymor to celebrate the addition of Adora into Bow and Glimmer's close knit friendship. At the time neither Adora or Glimmer took much notice of the name until Bow refers to themselves again as the Best Friends Squad in "Flowers for She-Ra".

Adora and Glimmer weren't too fond of the name at first with Glimmer suggesting that they call themselves "The Glimmer Group".

Bow stood firm - "Nah... We're the Best Friends Squad."

Name in action

After this, the name continues to be used throughout the series to describe the three friends and the additional comrades they make in their mission to reform the Princess Alliance. In "The Sea Gate", Bow and Sea Hawk are heard singing:

"The Best Friend squad on the seas
We subdued the threat
The threat with ease
We sail the world come near or far,
We're best friends

Additionally, the term is used in episode 8, "Princess Prom", by Glimmer, as she reassures Adora that the prom will be fun. She tells Adora that with the three of them there, they'll be "The Best Friends Squad in action!"

New name

Best Friend Quad

Best Friend Quad

In Season Two episode "Signals", Bow suggests a new name to Best Friends Squad, as he says, "Yeah. Best Friend Quad to the rescue!" The new name, Best Friend Quad, removes the S to turn the group name similar to "quartet", as creating the new word "Quad". This is made as Swift Wind enters at the group. Sadly, Adora and Glimmer "took that one off the list" and they have continued to refer to themselves as the "Best Friends Squad".

Catra joining

Best Friend Quad ep12 (S5) 2
In Season Five after Catra redeemed herself by saving Glimmer from Horde Prime's ship then rescued Adora, she teams up with them and slowly warms up to them. Glimmer and Bow took great pleasure in teasing her over her first mission and in the end when she saved the day the group hugged her, much to her chagrin. The more time she spent with them, the more she considers them her friends. During the final battle she was officially welcomed into the Best Friends Squad.

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