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The cantina in Seaworthy

Swift Wind: Greetings comrades. Did someone say Swift Wind?

She-Ra: No one said Swift Wind. Is this what you do on your days off?

Swift Wind: Yes, yes I sing songs and right wrongs. But the talking horse thing usually gets a bigger response. Nothing? Hello? Do you need the help of a noble steed? I can fly, did I mention that? What? I just did... okay. I guess no one needs my...

Sea Hawk (groaning pitifully next to Mermista)

Mermista: There, there

Swift Wind: Mermista, Sea Hawk, may I be of assistance?

Sea Hawk: I can't tell you how long I've waited for someone to hear those words.

Swift Wind: I can't tell you how long I've waited for someone to appreciate hearing those words.

Mermista: Uhhhhhh, please get to the point.

Sea Hawk: You've got to help me Swifty. I've lost my boat in an arm wrestling contest and I need to get it back, to impress my dearest Mermista.

Mermista: Yeah, winning back the boat you lost in front of me is not impressive.

Swift Wind: Of course I'll help you.

She-Ra: Wait, did you say arm wrestle?

Sea Hawk: Onward! To competition!

Swift Wind: I wish to avenge my friend.

turquoise blue creature sitting at table: Hisss!

She-Ra: Uh, Swift Wind?

Swift Wind: So I challenge you.

She-Ra: There's just one little problem with this.

Swift Wind: To an arm wrestling contest.

She-Ra (sighs)

Mermista: He'll figure it out in a second.

Purple bar patron (knocks Sea Hawk off table, speaks in native language, offers her arm)

Swift Wind: Hmmm (fumbles about awkwardly)

Purple bar patron (waits patiently)

Mermista: Aaaaand, there it is.

Swift Wind: Oh, I know. (jumps onto table) Okay, I think we can all agree that this is not going to work. Oh, I totally forgot about these. (offers wing to Purple bar patron)

Purple bar patron (takes Swift Wind's wing, begins to arm wrestle him)

She-Ra: Woo-hoo! Go Swift Wind!

Sea Hawk: Yes! Yes! Avenge me! Avenge me and my terrible arm wrestling decisions.

Mermista: You can probably do it, rah-rah...

Swift Wind (wins contest): Ah-ha!

Sea Hawk: Yes, you won my boat back!

She-Ra: Wooo!

Purple bar patron (speaks in native language)

Mermista: She says the boat goes to the winner, so...

scene shifts to the boat, sailing

Swift Wind: Another day is saved by Swifty. Good job crew, lets fly!

Mermista: Woo! Go captain Swift Wind. You heard him, fly that boat.

Sea Hawk: Oh, so now you cheer.

Swift Wind: For the honor of Grayskull!

credits play