"For the Honor of Grayskull!"

Adora before transforming into She-Ra
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Adora, also known as She-Ra, is the main titular protagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She leaves The Horde to join the Rebellion after she gets her Sword of Protection and turns into the Princess of Power, She-Ra. Adora later co-founds the Princess Alliance with Glimmer.



Adora has blonde hair, bluebell eyes and narrow brown eyebrows. She wears a long-sleeved white turtleneck with pointed sleeves, and red accents (one of which being The Horde symbol on her back, removed after she defects to The Rebellion). Usually worn over her shirt is a red jacket with quarter length sleeves, and a popped beige collar (until she defects, she wears the Force Captain badge). She also wears gray pants and a brown belt with a Horde buckle, which is later replaced with a golden wing, a symbol of her new found Rebellion allegiance.


She Ra has long, wavy platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. She also has a thin golden crown with two wings on each side, and a red jewel in the center, and solid, golden arm cuffs. She wears a white dress with golden, six pointed flower embroidered on the chest, divided by a golden seam that splits the bodice from collar to belt. At the center of the flower sits an oval azure gemstone. Her sleeves are golden, pointed pauldrons that stand of their own accord. The aforementioned seam blends into the gold trim of her uniform collar and ends when it reaches the apex of her thick golden belt, creating a V-shaped belt at her waist. Her white ruffled skirt, which begins under the belt, is open at the front revealing a pair of white, skin-tight shorts striped with a thick golden line on the outside of each thigh. She-Ra also wears knee-high athletic white and aqua boots, with gold soles and accents. She completes her ensemble with a knee-length red cape. She is also about 7 feet tall, taller than many of the other characters.


Adora is a brave and true to her own values type of character. She is shown as more of a leader in every group she becomes apart of. When she realizes what The Horde has done to innocent Etherians, she decides to make a major life decision (leaving The Horde) based on her values of good and evil. She is even willing to lose her lifelong friend -Catra- in order to stick with her values.


Catra Edit

Adora and Catra grew up in The Horde together as best friends. They had a close and intense relationship with one another that stood alongside their subtle rivalry. This rivalry was exacerbated by Shadow Weaver who took an extreme preference to Adora and heavily disliked Catra.


she hates catra

After Adora left The Horde, Catra who become consumed by feelings of betrayal and anger and at future meetings, Catra would behave with bitter cruelty towards Adora.

Glimmer and Bow Edit

Glimmer became her best friend along with Bow when she got lost in the whispering woods. Glimmer and Bow held her captive, but later, they became friends.

Angella Edit

Angella takes great pride in Adora as She-Ra. She was skeptical of her at first, because she was a former Horde soldier. Her trust was gained when helps Glimmer and Bow rescue Plumeria from a Horde invasion.

Lord Hordak Edit

He saw her as a great candidate to be Force Captain. When she defected from The Horde, Lord Hordak wanted to move on from this and find another Force Captain -Catra- to take her place.

Shadow Weaver Edit

Shadow Weaver took her as an orphaned child into The Horde. She saw great promise in her and raised her to become a great soldier to fight against the Rebellion. When Adora defected, Shadow Weaver did everything within her power to try and get her back, even going against Lord Hordak's orders.

Swift Wind Edit

Adora meets Swift Wind as Horsey, a regular brown horse in the town of Thaymor. She instantly took a liking toward him and took him back to Bright Moon. Adora was trying to impress Horsey (Swift Wind) by turning into She-Ra, when a flash from the sword turned him into an alicorn with a rainbow mane and a horn. At first, he doesn't take too kindly to being transformed, but later accepts it, even renaming himself from Horsey to the now known Swift Wind. He and Adora have a close connection to one another. He can sense when she is in distress.

Rogelio, Lonnie and Kyle Edit

They all had a tight bond with one another -despite Catra being her best friend- while in The Horde. Lonnie didn't take it very well when Adora defected and then came back to fight against them in a rescue mission to save Glimmer.

The Princess Alliance Edit

All the princesses have joined under one team to fight against The Horde. They have all followed Adora into battles and rescue missions to save their homeland. The Princess Alliance (including Bow and Seahawk) have all worked together in order to defend Bright Moon from being destroyed.

The Horde Edit

She has become The Horde's number one enemy since she defected and found out about She-Ra. Numerous attempts have been made to capture and kill her.

Powers and Abilities

As She-RaEdit

  • Able to cause animals to turn magical. (Swift Wind)
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Agility
  • Healing Powers


Past Edit

Adora was kidnapped by The Horde when she was a baby, and Shadow Weaver, the second-in-command of The Horde, raised her along with Catra.

Season 1



Season 1 Edit

  • Adora will discover powers that are different than the Original She-Ra's abilities. Powers that are all of her own, unique to her and the version of She-Ra she brings to Etheria.
  • The Origins of She-Ra and the First one's will be explored in depth. The new season could potentially explain where She-Ra came from and how the phrase 'for the Honor of Grayskull' came to be.
  • Adora was brought to the Horde because Shadow Weaver while acting as Light Spinner, became aware of Adora's future as She-Ra and spirited her away in order to avoid such a destiny.



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