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Absolutely not! Friends? Heh. We were friends. But I've had to rebuild my last three ships because you set them on fire. Honestly, who does that?!
— Skeptical attitude of affection showing in "Boys' Night Out", to Sea Hawk

Admiral Scurvy is a pirate on Etheria and former comrade of Sea Hawk.


Admiral Scurvy is a person who displays little in the way of ethics and morality, does not care for friendship and has limited respect for others. He dwells on events that happened in the past, at least as far as in his relationship with Sea Hawk, and doesn’t seem to want to let them go.


Admiral Scurvy is a well-built man with tan skin. He has chestnut-coloured hair that is styled similarly to a mullet, with a short beard and moustache, black eyes and sleeveless turquoise pirate vest below a beige collar. He has a scar on his right cheek (though how he received it is unknown) and two scars on his right arm. On his right wrist, he wears a golden bracelet.


Sea Hawk

In "Boy's Night Out" Admiral Scurvy forces Sea Hawk to walk the plank to satisfy his revenge for the loss of his ships, which Sea Hawk had set on fire. He ultimately spared Sea Hawk to obtain ransom for him from the Horde.


Admiral Scurvy had at least four ships. He mentioned that Sea Hawk set his last three on fire, which could very possibly be the reason they are no longer on friendly terms.



Admiral Scurvy was a comrade of Sea Hawk in his past, but the friendship was ended after Sea Hawk set three of Scurvy’s ships on fire.

Season Three

In Boys' Night Out, he makes an appearance attempting to punish Sea Hawk as revenge.

Season Five

Admiral Scurvy appears briefly in the episode “Heart Part 2”, where he and his crew are shown to have been released from Horde Prime’s control.


"Friendship? Whoo, boy... [points sword back at Sea Hawk] Listen up, kid. Friendship [through clenched teeth] is overrated. [Sea Hawk yelps] There's only one thing in this world that And lucky for you, the three of you have some value to me yet."-Boys' Night Out

"Your friends aren't coming, kid. I don't think they've even noticed you're gone [chuckles]"-Boys' Night Out

"Good news, boys! Someone cared enough about you three to pay a hefty ransom! [Bow, Swift Wind and Sea Hawk cheer and shout, "Yes! The princesses!] [Scurvy laughs] All that very loud, very public singing about the Rebellion, and you think your ransom was paid by the princesses? [Foghorn blows and Horde ship appears] The Horde controls the seas now, and they're playing top dollar for high-ranking rebel prisoners."-Boys' Night Out


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