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Gimmer's room, Bright Moon

Adora: You have to help me I, just got invited to Frosta's birthday.

Bow: That's great.

Adora: No. It's terrible, the invitation says "bring a gift". I don't even know what a birthday gift is. We never had birthdays in the Horde. And what am I supposed to do now?

Swift Wind: Did someone say "Swift Wind"?

Glimmer: How long have you been standing there?

Swift Wind: A while. Don't worry, your noble steed is here to help you come up with a perfect gift.

Adora: Swift Wind, have you ever been to a birthday party before?

Swift Wind: Never! Ta-da, oats. It's the perfect gift because it's oats.

Glimmer: Why would Frosta want oats?

Swift Wind: Because she doesn't have oats, and these are oats. (laughs) I don't understand the question.

All: (groan)

Swift Wind: (holding a stun baton) Ta-da, gift.

Bow: Is that a stun baton?

Adora: Yeah, I mean cadets are given a lot of these in the Horde, so that's like, a present. Right?

Swift Wind: I got it. How about this? (holding a stick)

Glimmer: A stick?

Swift Wind: It's a food separator. You put it on your plate and then your food doesn't touch.

Bow: It really looks like a stick.

Swift Wind: Apples, everybody loves apples.

All: Nahh.

Swift Wind: This cute doll mm-hmmm?

Glimmer: (whimpers)

Bow and Adora: (whimper)

Swift Wind: Lasso, ye ha!

Adora: (grunts)

Swift Wind: Horseshoes.

All: (shake their heads 'no')

Swift Wind: Stun-baton-doll.

Adora: (winces)

Swift Wind: (blows whistle)

All: (cover their ears and groan)

In the Kingdom of Snows

Swift Wind: Why did we go with the stick?

Adora: We panicked and ran out of time. Oh no, she's gunna hate this.

Swift Wind: I failed to save the day. Oh for the dishonor of Grayskull.

Adora: Happy birthday Princess Frosta, um we didn't quite know what to get you so um, the best we could come up with was...

Frosta: eeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You're letting me ride Swift Wind for my birthday? Awesome! Can we go right now?

Adora: Sure.

Frosta: eeeeeEEEEEEEEEE HA HA HA OH woooo (laughing) Yea! This is the best birthday, EVER!

Credits roll