New She-ra female too dainty and girly!

She just looks too girly and feminine. If she was facing a big, dominating creature like a Xenomorph, she'd barely have time to soil herself before the Xenomorph's robotising tentacle was around her delicate ickle neck, and suddenly her pretty little female body is lifted up into the air, twitchy and spastic, her nostrils deflowered by the thick, wet bodily filth of her new master, making her sniff and sniff his fit, smelly dominance as he pumps her soft ickle brain full of obedience.

As her eyes roll and her lips become moist and slack and pout, her Xenomorphs master brings her pretty little girly-bod closer, closer to him as she jiggles and spacks softly from the last spurts of brain-wash as they enter her body through the horrid, filthy little tentacle that squeezes round her neck in wet, smelly dominance. Her brain has been cooked, and washed, and purified.

His moist, smelly fingers would gently slip those silly little shorts off her nice, fit, smooth ickle girly-legs so that her body is totally unclothed beneith the little skirt upon her hips.

His stiff, wet, filth-soiled Xenomorph sex-pole defiles her fit, pure ickle underage body. It thrusts and twitches and stinks and de-virginizes. The fit ickle female gurgles and twitches like an obedient little Robo-Girl.